YouTube Video Ads Profitable Funnels
Better to A Free Offer Or Sales Page?

Hey what up it’s your boy MP, Mike Piet
A ka make your youtube ads profitable
Today we’re going to be talking about
More specifically the funnels after they
Click the link in your ad how to get
Them to convert into buyers and of
Course making more than you spend to
Make the campaign profitable so let’s go
Ahead and get them that now because it’s
Not profitable you can’t keep the
Campaign going you can’t scale the
Company you just lose money wasted money
Waste of time that sucks so yeah I’ve
Been doing a lot of experiments you know
What type of funnels works after they
Click the ad how it goes what’s the most
Profitable so I’m going to get into that
All that now cuz everyone always asks
You know what should I do should I go to
A sales page right away or should I go
To a free opt-in so we’re gonna get into
That right now so let’s go ahead and get
Started okay so of course it’s maps and
Stuff out so of course we want our end
Goal you know obviously profit let’s
Just say twenty thousand dollars month
Revenue okay then we got our customer
Avatar here you know person most likely
To buy they don’t know you they don’t
Like you they don’t trust you yet so how
Do we bridge this gap where they you
Know buy so of course we have our
Targeting set up you know we have the
Right cost per click so there’s search
Ads their side ads in-stream ads the ads
That play before a video those are
Working the best right now you have the
Most reach the most scale they’re also
Cheap about three to thirty cents
Depending on your market obviously so
You have some in streams good there’s
Obviously different ways to target you
Can put them on custom placements so any
Youtube videos that even your
Competitors channels or competitors
Videos or you can hand pick any videos
Also audiences such as like in-market
Audiences that google custom creates
Based on certain behaviors they took or
Infinity audiences they’re more
Long-term in that subject or remarketing
Based on visited your site watched a
Single video or any video or a single
Page in your site etc so many worth
Around the funnel or certain source you
Can retarget based on that also similar
To lists so based on any of these things
Google will automatically create a
Audience of similar traits or even email
Lists as well or specific you can go
Write targeted email list if you have
That as well so a lot of different ways
To target placements most likely
In-stream I did a whole video on that
You want to check that out if you
Haven’t already then of course you know
Our video ad so l kind of stream into
Into this as well obviously I like a
Quick call to action beginning what
You’re offering first who you are
Obviously you want influence factors
Which we’ll get into you know a well
Communicated ad something simple it
Works and then okay so where do we go
From this you know like I mentioned we
Go to a free offer we go to a sales page
Etc so let’s map out the basic offer
Here I’m gonna have a little more space
Here okay so most people’s most standard
Offer it is up opt-in page put your name
And email put the button and get your
Free report so then it usually goes to
You know download page make it you know
They open the report webinar video
Whatever may be that goes to the sales
Page and the sales page you know if you
Want to buy you know go ahead buy that
Works pretty well it’s pretty good
Because you get there opt-in you get
Their email that way you can have you
Know many emails for a longer term it’s
A little more of longer-term strategy in
A way
Ideally you can get at least like fifty
Percent of people at the end if
Not then you need to probably rethink
Your offer and conversion and design and
Influence factors I’m diggin to the free
Opt-in to the free training and free
Report for you once you get to the free
Training it’s really important that it’s
Really good to leave yeah exactly
So I mean that the most basic example is
If here you know I’m married now but you
Know if I was single going to talk to a
Girl so if this was like by was like
Going on a date with me you know would
You say like get your attention right
Away and say like three minutes says
That’s just one what a date or would you
Say like get their attention then kind
Of go like I experienced conversate talk
About stuff you know
Explain more and then ask for a date
That make sense
No okay can you give an example like say
You were selling and dating products you
Give a free act and a man like right
Okay so yeah so you just exactly because
Okay so you say just say bye you know
Buy my product you’re gonna become the
Best men you’re gonna you know get a
Girlfriend etc or you can give a free
Report that says you know here’s exactly
How to start a conversation with a girl
And some advanced tips how to get a
Girlfriend so you kind of give them
Results in advance leave money tips
Exactly so you get his tips they can
Start a conversation and go use it right
Away plus they know some more advanced
Things about a girlfriend some mindset
Techniques or strategies so they say wow
This is really good of course I want
More versus you’re trying to sell them
That you can produce that so yes you’re
Getting results in advance now you can
Kind of do this if you wanted to because
You kind of think like these are
Elements of the experience but the the
Core thing is that they’re experiencing
And you’re giving value so you could put
A lot of value in the ad right but in
Most cases it’s kind of an ad setting so
They kind of have that taste of you know
Is he actually giving me real value so I
Like to get them off to kind of teach
But you kind of course always teach it
Off to in the ad and you could go right
To the thigh but most cases you’ve
Really built enough trust and like
Experience and value with them
To go to the opt-in
No if you go to the buy come until you
Or the buy yeah so yeah this is better
In most cases yeah but I had our that
One yeah so this one’s really good but I
Have seen I’m working right now we’re
Doing a offer where it’s a free book so
Shipping which is working pretty well
And there’s upsells three up sells for
$50 each so the order can turn into 150
And then you have that customer and
Obviously email as well so that’s like a
Simple thing or you know we’ve seen ja
Their size we almost bought that one
Time it’s like something where you
Crunch down like get a bigger job or to
Find ja maybe he doesn’t need to give a
Whole report I mean maybe that would
Work for him but he is like you know he
Explained my new product really wouldn’t
Right right so at the key principle here
To yeah makes sense you’re always doing
It what’s in you because people always
Want to say you know what do I do what I
Want to copy this guy I want to copy
This guy in my niche this guy this guy
Seems to make a lot of money but you
Understand it’s his fucking product his
Ad his audience his way that may not
Even be the best way it’s in his
Situation you have your own unique
Little right exactly yeah
Whatever makes the most sense now the
Thing with testing is that it takes a
Lot of resources to test right I mean
You’re not just testing headlines or
Testing holy element situations
All right so it’s gonna take a lot of
Resources but yeah once you good this
Process yes you do want to test to get
These things in place so what makes the
Most sense you’ve I mean henry ford says
The hardest thing to do is think that’s
My most people don’t do it most of us
Want to copy what’s this guy doing so
You kind of got to think it through yes
You want to look at you want to be a
Very them into mocking and out as well
Yeah yeah
What you think might be like it might
Not be here yes vice versa yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Feedback is key that’s always the theme
In our videos yeah because this is also
Conceptual so like yeah talking out with
Someone’s always key okay okay so what
Makes the most sense test it yes with
Your avatar your kind of funnel makes
The most sense but obviously there’s
More different different type of opt-ins
What we do for our seo company is so we
Have our video lab the explain we give
The influence factors social proof we’re
Surprised he would give me a quick few
Tips social get social proof we say we
You know frank all his clients etc show
Examples of that authority liking were
Like them etc scarcity will only
Offering this you know get it while you
Can we’re not sure how long we’re
Offering it cetera so make sure you have
All those influence factors in there in
Your ad and in here you know content and
Sales pitches so we go to a opt-in and
Then it just goes to a thank you page
This is and then we email them for a
Meeting and then we meet flies when I
Want and then they you know and then
They buy buy or not buy right mmm-hmm so
Yeah again like I said webinar free
Report trinity can do it that way you
Could test straight to the pie if it was
A really simple offer but either way you
Really want to start like I mentioned
Like we mentioned thinking the best
Route plus adding all the influence
Factors so like I mentioned scarcity I
Mean these are all things proven I mean
Obviously none of these don’t be
Deceiving it would be with you marissa
Prosody are more likely to take an
Action if someone already gave a game of
Something also compare and contrast is a
Huge one I love this one if I said hey
You want to go run five miles together
Right now you may say that’s way too
Long or seems like a lot well if I say
You want to run 50 miles let me say
No let’s kill me and I’ll then I say
Okay well then you wanna run five
Well now five doesn’t sound as bad right
Because you know compared to 50 so
Compare and contrast is a huge one also
Story he was a great one
This one I think it on their level yeah
Like heinous called he calls it liking
Your like them were more influenced by
People like us people that don’t seem
Like whenever so doesn’t seem to have
The same thinking as me same beliefs I’m
Kind of like and you know as much my
Mind does automatically but someone’s
Just like me same experiences same
Challenges same goals it’s like more
Influenced by you what do you have to
Say you know right you never buy a
Weight-loss product from someone that
Didn’t share their story like if they
Were just asking all the time yeah yeah
Just like try this product yep
So yeah social proof big one were more
Influenced by if other people got
Results other people say and of course
The salesperson is biased but if other
People are standing is a great product
They’ve got results then and you know
It’s more likely also I like a clean
Design you know if things are all like
Oh space weird and stuff that’s kind of
Hard with some other ones you got um let
Me know in the comments to make sense to
The point yep not dragged down that’s
Too long but enough to write it so your
Balance between yeah saying exactly
Because you know people are always you
Know aed in a script is a must
Yes script when you’re writing this
Stuff out yeah with your adding stuff so
All these influence factors can be
Integrated into your ad also into your
Opt-in into your download into your
Thank you pages into your report in your
Webinar this kind of stuff is like used
Throughout the funnel right when they
Buy your product make a mistake etc also
Like yeah the sales pages to I like to
Really have the offer and all the key
Points in the beginning and that like a
More info section too
Thanks brian says it likes the shirt too
Bad systems yeah just got these you know
I should have had it higher because I’m
Kind of always like too low but it works
Feedback version one
– thanks for tuning in – okay so yeah so
What what makes sense thinking it out
Obviously having all the influence
Factors in there testing it obviously
Giving them experience of what you have
To offer as well if you can do a free
Trial or free report or free training or
Something like that and then yeah
Tweaking it and getting feedback
Feedback both from customers just from
External people that can go through it
And plus data so google analytics where
Are people dropping off are people not
Happy name if they’re not be new they’re
Not you know reading the reporters we’re
Not reading the poor are they not going
The the page the sales page if they’re
Not buying so you can see the constraint
They’re not clicking the add et cetera
So I have a whole video on that of how
To make the ads profitable so check that
Out – out the whole video I mean on that
How to kind of look at all the data
Points and see where to go from but
Overall for a first conversation on you
Know more into the sales funnel part
This is where to get started
Hope you got tons of value from this let
Me know if you have any other questions
Comments feedback while you learn what’s
Your big takeaway from this and anything
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