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we are now live what up its Mike Hyatt
and Saren hiya hey guys want to do a
quick review I was on Jack Maz tips and
I saw this ad come up from looks like
Vanessa Simpkins so I did a little trick
to copy the URL that way I could okay I
always love to give the users like
behind the scenes
mm-hmm right here so let’s go ahead
review this ad we’ll break it down and
see what she says and does
hey this is Vanessa Simpkins and I have
a very important question for you are
you tired of spending countless hours
trying to grow your spiritual coaching
inspirational business but you’re not
actually doing any of the coaching or
the actual delivering of transformation
well if so then listen up because just
over four years ago I was exactly like
you I was in your exact same situation
and I started my business because I had
this really deep desire this big
yearning in my heart that’s big knocking
in my heart to help people but I very
soon realized that in the world of
business it what it’s not as easy as I
had imagined it it would be a very soon
became overwhelmed and I struggled with
probably the biggest obstacle I think
every entrepreneur deals with maybe
you’re dealing with this right now and
that was I didn’t know where to get my
next freaking tired from and I knew I
was good at what I was doing I just
didn’t know what the next thing to do I
didn’t know what I needed to do what
were the next steps to just get in front
of more people to get more clients in my
business so I tried everything you name
it I think I put ads on people’s cars I
went to networking events I did blog
post I wrote books I I was speaking I
did it all and none of it really worked
and I was becoming a little bit
desperate if I’m gonna be honest with
you but what I learned the very next
week totally changed my business forever
and I don’t even think changed is like a
strong enough word transform transform
my business into a six-figure solid
portable profitable coaching business
fast forward until today I run the
seven-figure womens
empowerment business and never have to
worry about this client hassle getting
thing I never worry about money imagined
by the other one that would be like
never have to worry about money ever
and in case you’re wondering who is this
woman you know why should I listen to
you my name is Vanessa Simpkins I run a
women’s empowerment company called take
your power back now I’ve been featured
on FOX ABC CBS television from a
best-selling book been doing this for
about eight years I think I’m pretty
good at what I do
some people call me the bikini business
coach because I live here part of the
time in Hawaii Kauai Hawaii is my fair
place in the world and I’m known for
helping spiritual women really skyrocket
their confidence in their cash flow and
right now today in this exact location
we just finished a four day epic soul
sister mastermind it’s four days of Fun
in the Sun meets business building
imagine women getting together cackling
and laughing and doing fun photoshoots
we do confidence and clarity in mindset
sessions we look at systemising your
business and eating yummy food fitness
we go on hikes and we have a blast and
it’s a lot of fun and I feel really I
feel so blessed to be able to do this
inspirational work with women and I’ve
figured out the best recipe to help my
clients really get the results really
get their income goals and really create
the lifestyle and the business that
they’ve always wanted and I love sharing
what works I love to help you save time
so that’s what I’m doing here today with
you I want to know are you curious do
you want to know what the secret sauce
recipe is well if so then today is your
day my friend you are in the right place
because here’s we’re gonna cover on this
attract high paying clients training I’m
gonna share with you the simple gameplan
that my clients are using to go from an
idea just an idea to a portable
profitable six-figure coaching business
and a lot of these clients they don’t
have an email list this is you don’t
have to have a website or you be any of
these like big fancy-pants gurus I’m
also gonna cover why writing a book and
investing all these fancy pants you know
passive income streams are actually the
wrong thing to focus on and I’m gonna
share with you the exact priorities that
you really need to be focused on in
order to start bringing in sales today
because you’re it’s a business right
it’s not
happy you need to make sales I’m going
to cover that next I’m going to share
with you the secret to attracting
high-paying clients and how to break
through all the overwhelm and itself’s
out in the fear and all those visibility
blocks I know that’s like the number one
thing my clients face is this fear of
being like a fraud and Who am I I’m
going to talk to you about the mindset
behind running a successful coaching
business and I’m gonna share with you
how to stand out in the marketplace
I was totally engaging and authentic
right the kind of coach that people feel
compelled to hire I see that you know
authenticity today authenticity is the
new currency in business it’s more
important now than ever people don’t
care about your certifications they want
a real plus I’m going to show you how to
do all of this while being a hundred
percent inspirational you know authentic
real loving and delivering a real
transformation for your clients but have
to warn you this is not one of these
get-rich-quick doing nothing kind of
ideas that are so often and promoted by
all these big gurus and self-proclaimed
internet millionaires what I’m going to
show you is a real step-by-step process
it’s been time-tested and proven over
eight years with hundreds and hundreds
of my clients just like you so if it
sounds good
and if you’re ready you’re ready then
click the button below join us on this
training I promise you’re gonna get a
ton of value this may be the best 45 46
minutes you spend on your business all
year so hurry up click the button below
and register we have about two hundred
seats and seats fill up fast alright
guys I see you so much love here from
the island Big Love lots of Aloha I’ll
see you on the other side overall pretty
good nullified made it seem cool I could
tell like she did her research and was
like these people want like these
certain things like authenticity but are
overwhelmed but fear but also don’t know
exactly what to do so I feel like her
research and speaking to that was spot
on maybe she could have gone a little
bit faster to get to it but I do the
same thing I get to it pretty slow
pretty solid ad she’s had the ad since
September 20th 2017 so almost
year years a month’s 159 thousand views
she could have maybe different ones but
yeah all I did was like search I think
it was like grow my business or
something like that mastermind and I’m
showing you yes you this video a girl
right now because I know that you’re a
spiritual woman entrepreneur a codemod
really want to launch anyways I gotta
say my okay um so yeah I thought she was
definitely speaking to woman so I’m not
sure why she was well she wasn’t
targeting a man cuz weren’t incognito so
she probably just turned on unknown yeah
um I was gonna say only target woman for
this type of stuff because that’s your
target audience I don’t think any males
I mean if they did great but um I think
she did a good job yet she seemed like
she was really enthusiastic about it
I know that she also seemed like she was
trying a little too hard to get her
words across but I knew it was coming
from a good spot so it’s like good stuff
but so many cuts in the video where it
was like you can be like a little bit
more relaxed and natural you know but I
liked her high energy so that was good
and yeah I definitely see she answered
some objections you know like it’s not a
yeah it’s blah blah again I didn’t have
I think she did a lot of curiosity I
just didn’t get enough of like what is
it you know yeah I felt like when she
said like what are your priorities they
already know my priorities yeah like
where to go I don’t need I don’t need to
know like I mean yeah I would have liked
to know like okay how do you get client
like justice so how about you cuz I
couldn’t really get that how many you
were raised perhaps like how it was it
really she’s enthusiastic about what she
does and I felt a sincerity and
authenticity and yeah good work
yeah so this March 20 1018 174,000 using
this video that was pretty funny though
I just searched girl business again
it gave me a new idea you know I think I
managed to implement my been sent so
maybe want to do that so that was
inspiration yeah
so it was inspirational which is great
oh yeah but then she’s got to get people
to fill out that form get to the point a
little bit quicker I would say cuz yeah
it was like you know I see literally
everyone is doing is crazy mm-hmm
yeah but yeah overall great work – great
work that’s a subset yeah I loved your
energy great scenery and you’re
confident you can tell which was great
for an ad you have nice teeth by the way
yeah but yeah good job
nice work we’re gonna do another ad now
so make sure to stay tuned for other
people’s ad if you’re interested in that
kind of thing you can check out our
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what they’re doing you know exactly who
ads profit playbook guys right here the
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know about getting your ads up Mike does
all the ads himself but I am secrets I
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