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See the two examples (for my seo agency and Vince DelMonte Book funnel, etc. view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FiufUkilgI)


Auto Generated Captions

hey how’s it going it’s Mike Piatt and
Sara paya and we just filmed a video on
this webcam here I just carry a a mirror
around with me just in case and now
we’re gonna set up the YouTube ads we’re
just gonna chill relax and set it up
profitably and go into exactly how to
set it up so this is for 2019 and
recording 1120 2018 but basically say
you set up account 2018 profitably and
correctly so yeah and which is sweet you
can just film a video right with the
webcam and then get it going so here’s
how we’re gonna do it so enjoy enjoy
okay so we want to keep everything
organized so we want to use a formula so
we have a formula like this you can just
put in a notepad and a naming formula
for the campaign yes you can decipher an
adwords what’s working what’s yaks we’re
gonna use a few different you’ll see
what I mean okay triggering method
keywords equals clickfunnels most likely
our offer is our booktube ads profit
playbook ad type I want to start with
search inside we’ll just put them in one
mm-hmm and then add identify err this is
just an authentic put the day like SPM P
I’m gonna like dates because I can I
know I don’t associate dates with this
I’d like autumn take what’s our video
title gonna be no idea I think it’s
gonna be like
it’s like 10k a month plus 101 ad
revealed I don’t know that makes much
sense 10k plus bono with one and reveal
okay yeah with one funnel from making
from one ad from one video ad yeah why
do we have the word funnel can it just
be 10k per month from one video ad yeah
profit consistent profit yeah consistent
okay so we got our title description
here’s two proven 10k per month revenue
funnel bulls using one ad all revealed
in this video cheers for description oh
yeah description yeah yeah yeah then you
also want to do a first comment first
comment enjoyed this step-by-step
YouTube as toriel well actually this
one’s the tutorial I got it kind of
confused this wants the tutorial so this
video that you’re watching right now
that one was like a reveal one enjoy
this video reviewing real profitable
live examples like no one else will
plus proven system to replicate are you
leave a like and comment below what you
thought okay couple days plus proven
system to replicate yourself for massive
profit yes maybe put it back fit real
profitable live examples like no one
else plus proven system wrote to
or the income impact income consistently
then I think it should I hope you
enjoyed this video I think it says how
yep I guess I don’t understand though
like no one else will see this is
feedbacking on the spot
well like scarcity and like increasing
the value because no one else showed
it’s like rare diamond okay like no one
else has shown before maybe I guess it
was just think we thought like no one
else will what real profitable live
examples like no one else shared before
right yeah like no one else showed
before shared hey has shared before
shared yeah guys get feedback classroom
says nothing right hey are you really
yeah good consistently will spellcheck
when we put it in there yeah tutorial
YouTube marketing like balls I think we
should put clickfunnels in the thing to
get a keyword mm-hmm
with one video and don’t you to say yeah
are using yeah using out okay here’s to
proven 10 K per month yeah click file
should go there revenue and then get rid
of funnels after there’s to proven time
came from um click funnel revenue
revenue examples yes yeah good drew
maybe then yeah
tags will put like YouTube video ad yeah
but I haven’t been able to rank for
those but yeah yeah like 12 tags you
Borden you know true you know what I’m
not really probably too concerned with
organics so I’m gonna kind of gloss over
it but for anyone watching you could do
more keyword research this I’m thinking
Google ads for people logging into click
phone olds it’s gonna come out that’s
what I’m thinking also people watching
videos about clickfunnels
so my targeting is going to be yeah like
so this one’s keywords clickfunnels if I
brainstorm keywords clickfunnels also do
something called a custom content click
funnels and then and I would do side
search in-stream so you guys think that
like this is yeah this is gonna be a you
know technical implementation of putting
it but as you can see there’s a lot more
to it than just going to throwing and
setting it up it’s kind of like well
what do you setup so I think that’s what
a lot of people probably share is like
exactly how to set up the campaigns like
I can show you that cool go through this
you know set up the new campaigns etc
but there’s more to it I mean just this
part alone of having a goal without a
goal is an interesting topic to go with
too and really you got to start one
without a goal then we want to do video
so of course you click that just do
standard video this one it’s a different
way to get through I haven’t run that ad
sequence on other videos if you watch
and you’ll just set up your own goal too
though yeah you gotta track convergence
for sure yes exactly so keywords were
selling this book that I wrote on
YouTube ads search inside authentic just
call it authentic right video mm-hmm
device we always split these so first
we’re gonna go desktop then go to mobile
so that would be another like something
that you want to brainstorm actually we
don’t we’re not gonna do mobile that’s
not mobile optimized yet true I need to
get that done that’s gonna be a whole
nother yeah project so yeah if you’re
watching this on mobile hopefully we got
it optimized or else go to
go to it on desktop because quick
funnels sometimes does that you know
that’s how you’re seen that I’ve seen
that with people’s click Falls comment
below if you’ve seen that before to let
it come up like that I mean that’s not
cool at all click funnels and now it’s
being slow to load too just because
people leave if they see a broken line
TRO plus if you don’t like to read you
can also get this in audio version as
well so that’s up to you
maybe we’ll explain more details later
about that back to this setting this up
yeah so without a bowl at first then you
can go back to a goal because this way
you can do cost per cost per bid so this
is gonna be this we also put that in the
formula and yeah this is also why we
organized it into this book this is the
word document of it that I was using
before is because there is a lot to it
and we may be all over the place that’s
not even the right boat this is version
2 guys it will not come with gum
underneath fries you alright this is a
serious technical tutorial the ultimate
guide this video right here you guys
look how many titles I’m making a title
for a title as I’m doing the video title
this is the ultimate guide to YouTube
are you serious I can’t even spell
serious that’s a hard word okay but also
we need thumbnails so guys if you’re
doing search or side you’re gonna want
thumbnails because so get rid of acne
let’s see if any ads come up have acne
pimples and blackness aren’t fun here’s
how to get rid of them look at that add
such fake acne I love how it shows stuff
though stop acne fast that’s exactly
what I want I typed in get rid of acne
yeah so we’re gonna be typing in
clickfunnels he’s why use clickfunnels
I’m like you’re already in clickfunnels
and watch our template that you’ll get
also with this book there’s a bonus
section our template for four videos is
number one around the industry of the
three people that I showed okay no pen
what any of that meant
okay companion banner is another
template we got to this is our YouTube
template let me go to the bonus page no
good release too many links
you know what you can have this free
just take it
here’s the link up here I don’t think
anyone really knows from what you’re
saying they get free this is not what I
wanted to use is that I have no good way
make up thumbnail second one down guys
okay sorry what was this one this was
our start of another training why does
it say make copy to use that’s so we
thought we were doing the training guys
don’t this one no this one’s not shared
this one’s shared
whoa look at that thumbnail guys you
want to know a big secret cuz this is
the ultimate guide to YouTube ads that
was for the robot to know that I said
YouTube ads ultimate guy 2019 right put
that into the title 2019 ultimate guide
to YouTube ads okay yeah of course you
write your description your tags as you
can see there’s patterns here but okay
this is a big secret when you’re making
thumbnails put it to here can you even
read that no that one sucks so you got
to put it in like perspective can you
read that one yeah I kind of like that
one you mm-hmm
I can’t read that style look what you do
basically is no okay
I got a provide value to the viewers at
home watching this for the ultimate
guide to YouTube ads that wasn’t for
that robot thumbnails usually take
forever but watch this boom boom Bing
he’s bought to jest Shh watch oh that’s
a good one though three or 30,000 nah so
Brasa that’s a broad range of numbers no
let’s put ten thousand zero zero people
like zero okay people like zeros 10,000
10,000 a month profit consistently and
we gotta capitalize at em here’s how
consistently needs I think this should
be yellow no no okay yeah the other
color I just don’t like it but I’m green
in a row green green green sacrifice
quality assistance II don’t
this is the process of how thumbnails
are created you gotta be good my plus we
may be hiring someone someone new for
our thumbnails make something move into
us let me try said okay let’s Sarah do
it she’s good mmm-hmm oops okay where
does that one mine right here 23
whoa okay here’s how nice and curiosity
okay what in the blue home attack my god
let’s do a we’re doing a custom guys no
you know green we’re gonna do just one
right here guys
no color pickers key guys you’ve got a
color pick two main consistent with your
branding and just do whatever you want
this is gonna be green font – money
money green guys love it this will be
green – oh wait I like in the bun format
I don’t know you do I don’t think so I
like just okay yeah three things it was
no any of it no oh OOP sorry guys
huh is that gonna be okay Mike yeah I
mean like I accidentally swore oh no no
cool guys I really appreciate it
wait wait a minute guys we gotta just
move this on down the center and there’s
some thumbs up below if you’re liking
this thumbnail she can design them for
you fifty dollars a thumbnail ah guys I
got other things I got going on maybe
Mike can okay guys I’ll give you this
template and you apply your creativity
it’s gonna sing and soar it’s this do a
little bit clicks okay love it
cool okay now let me take over oh is
this the newest this is the newest one
okay so you basically file download as
you’re gonna make a copy
make a copy for yourself you copy so
download as PNG I think ten thousand
should be bigger wait guys I have one
change in me this is everything guys the
design world you know okay just be a
little bit bigger let’s make that eighty
good well we say ten thousand a month
profit but really those were revenue
let’s just get rid of profit there okay
right yeah
wait let’s just make this a little bit
oops sixty four and then I want it all
on one if possible you know yeah we’re
better used to space probably go down to
let’s see sixty and then this can be
bigger because I want that to stand out
you know like ten thousand ooh you know
yeah and then this will be 62 this might
be even a little smaller 48 what do you
think I love it
cool okay so guys you may be saying well
I already have a thumbnail you may want
to check it to make sure that it’s like
outcome oriented benefit oriented so
even though this isn’t necessarily
technical setting up the YouTube ads
part it’s all part of it that’s why this
is the ultimate guide YouTube ads 2019
because it’s about to be 2019 right the
time you’re watching this project up
well then you want to look in the corner
to can you read that Mike on the left
look at the smaller slide slide 23 on
the left that’s a thumbnail size yes
right here you can use that or oops yeah
I almost forgot the step step that I
said it was so important
now ideally it’s probably more important
if you’re new sometimes like I’ll create
them way to detail all these diagrams
and stuff and then yeah nothing can be
seen when I actually shrink it down so
then you go to one of these okay I got
one copy here basically so you paste in
your thumbnail that shift keep the size
ratio you know it’s pretty nice and
clean I think maybe I should go around
yeah consistently yeah mom and sister I
can do it okay
I got an idea
wait I’m just gonna it should just say
10,000 per on the first line and then
month inconsistently should be on the
second line so no I like the 10000 bit
okay anything that’s gonna be bigger
yeah he’s open this yeah let’s make the
second and third line the same size I
hate different sizes no that can be like
probably 68 always a game guy who just
got a guess probably 60 yeah
okay then hundred 10,000 could probably
be still bigger yeah to fill it up more
that should be the biggest line you know
what I mean if possible my warning yeah
well 130 yeah 140 well it’s like an
auction guys
oops I want to move the highlight part
oh well I like it it looks perfect okay
cool yeah I’m going to then make sure
yeah screenshot it I can to see in
contact as you can see we were so smug
or whatever the word is we thought that
we didn’t even need to do that step even
though we know we do especially for
these your thumbnails search inside both
work so just know that if you’re asking
yeah it’s way better though clearly
easily readable yeah then all right
I think our ad text should be wrong one
from one man from one video ad and
funnel it’s like as you can see I’m
really only show you well maybe two
lines at shows okay so the original
campaign name back to this the naming
guy that we set up here which is here
nope it’s not that one
keywords clickfunnels this one now
before we do that it’s basically a
little crazy but yeah so we’re sending
people to that specific video so
therefore we want to optimize that video
with our stuff that we put in so creator
studio again we just got done doing the
ad so should be rendered by now this
looks like doesn’t look like it
this one does so we’re going to edit it
it just did a default title so we’re
going to grab our title put that in and
we’re going to grab our description put
that in if you want to put keywords in
and then you got to put a comma all
mixed up the last one
yeah girl still goal is one then you can
throw in any else any ones that you want
you can do it unlisted or public there’s
pros and cons of both I’m unlisted get
to them more private field public gives
it more chance to help organic that’s
why we’re just gonna go for some organic
traffic as well yeah this is the first
pin message this will be on top or you
can you can pin it which we do pin it so
I put that on there and then we are
going to do the custom thumbnail not
sure I download the final version so I’m
going to go back to here and go to file
download as PNG YouTube and thumbnail I
know just put it on my desktop
hopefully there’s not too much chunk
there okay custom thumbnail desktop
desktop test load load load okay so we
grab our thumbnail starts with the why
hit why where’s the one that says final
this one that says final upload that
spellcheck if needed this you want to
link description I mean sorry link if
you want to track your sales and Google
Analytics you’re going to need a
tracking UTM so go to Google Analytics
campaign builder then you can just put
in your site put in put in the tracking
parameters that way you can have the
tracking stuff set up
so campaign source is youtube user
basically you just naming conventions
that goes five layers deep campaign
medium we can just call it description
campaign name authentic video this and
they’re like what bag yeah it’s really
easy to use they’ll just plug it in and
anytime else and you can just change
these UTM parameters that way it can be
tracking Google Analytics and we’ll set
up tracking afterwards too so publish
then yeah before you have your video
done you can skip ahead if you already
have it done but you definitely want to
have your conversion tracking setup so
we’re going to set that up real quick
basically you just put code on some
pages right yep then tracks right
correct yep so basically all you do is
so we want to track sales so from your
website so conversion name this is going
to be a tap sale category a purchase
sale value you don’t really have to use
a value re value that we’re going for is
like 180 not 1000 value with their
upsells select how many conversions to
count just one if they would like
reorder or fresh the page I don’t want
to count all those just one unless you
really were looking at how many repeat
rates and things like that conversion
window of 30 days also view through so
even if you see the ad or anyone sees
the ad doesn’t pie that way they still
pie so we’re gonna do 30 days so ya know
we can track that including conversions
last click yes continue and create then
just install the tag yourself now if you
already use Google Analytics and there’s
one route and if you don’t use it then
there’s a different route so we do use
it so we just have to amend that code
it’s the first tracking thing so we’re
gonna go to this is for VIN says let me
sign out so login to WordPress your site
click funnels whatever you know you’re
using and you’re gonna get to the
backend so you’ll need to do this soon –
Sarah you do this already right for you
set up conversion truck I didn’t burn
Sarah is doing a moon lamp
boom website yeah she’s just tracking
like if you’re just like your toe in the
water you don’t need ascetic so you can
kind of see the sale and you’re just
looking for some things like that but in
most cases you want to set it up you
know up here yeah really gonna scale
okay so connect phones they make it
really easy to put these codes on though
I mean I set up analytics so basically
so the global site tag is already
installing all pages but comes from the
Google product such as Google and that’s
our case
so we just have to modify this code so
we’re gonna take the go to I think
Google Analytics code is in the back of
these funnels I believe I did set up
Google Analytics at first I did it and I
got a sale on I was like oh I should
have that so yeah that’s the code right
there so basically you just have that’s
that’s for your Google Analytics account
this is for your AdWords account just so
I can get remarketing and also be able
to track correctly as well so then I’m
going to save and update settings so you
update your thing however you’re using
it then then the second part is putting
the event snippet so on the page load
this is where you want it to fire and
say something happened this isn’t the
conversion we got to this page so you do
it after the page of you know which they
came to so upsells so you do it so in
this case they first go to an upsell so
that’s the page we want to do it on
there’s more fancy ways to do with like
integrated within the form and stuff I
just keep it simple on a page
I know only people that you know bought
the actual book will then go to this
page these aren’t finished yet but so I
think you have to yeah you got to go to
the page guys don’t mind these pages
they’re not finished yet put them up
basically as placeholders so that’s part
of our to-do list is to redo our upsells
now settings tracking code yep so you
put it right in the header also loads
anyone it’s a sale not you got a sale
exit save so I went to that page if you
saw the ad and went to that page of the
fire yes so those two conditions and in
most cases it’s behind a paywall
just behind the specific exact page that
way I can know so you want all your you
have different funnels to have different
like pages and stuff actually then you
put it on there yep so then hit next and
hit done and there’s different ways to
test it and stuff but it should be good
if you get it that way so now you have
the sale go in so now back to our
account campaign total you probably
should want to start off with a low if
you’re more aggressive you start off
higher we’re going to attend a day as
soon as the ads are approved start right
away and date nope if it’s profitable
it’ll keep going forever if it’s not
we’ll cut it we want to do YouTube
search results and YouTube videos but
not the partners one we’re doing search
inside with this one let’s believe we
labeled on here as well all languages
we’re doing the US only but we’ll put
English just in case
maximum cost per view expanded inventory
it’s fine we don’t really care if it
shows on profanity or nudity your
violence do you I mean it’s cuz it’s how
they grade these things you know I think
if it’s something to excessive it’s not
even on YouTube but also if you get
cheap views you know why not but if it’s
something different that’s kids products
or something I wouldn’t want that
devices we’re gonna show exactly
interested cap we’re gonna put a limit
we’re gonna do my CR add three a day if
they view it to get like three times and
three views maybe per week what do you
think yeah let’s just go down to two
well three three strikes you’re out yep
schedule I say all for now kind of want
to save Monday through Friday but that’s
so false I know I’ve seen yeah
son anything right in the beginning
don’t I mean you can if you yeah if you
have tons of campaigns you won’t need to
name your something specific but if you
have if your it’s how you want to use
these layering I just want data to see
yeah so much I wouldn’t segment yet like
you just got to see what okay see what
converts yeah I mean yeah audiences
we’re not doing that way at first we
will later on basically enter some
keywords right you can go to dry I think
I want custom intent right away
I think that’s my top priority okay so I
like to do it by priorities because the
end of the day I know I only have so
much of a budget I only know I have so
much time or energy before I stop so I
think custom intent clickfunnels
basically anyone who searched that to
sign in or something you know yeah so
that’s I’m gonna change this I already
know what clickfunnels is click funnels
okay so basically how you set up that
one is going to custom antennae market
plus new custom intent audience name
like funnels they say do a lot of
keywords but I’m still not convinced
same they say 50 but let’s just try this
one and see I know so it doesn’t go
haywire you know what I mean it’s just
got a grunt keyword to focus on I agree
so we’ll try these other places later
cost per view I say 30 cents you our
video ads within that video link that we
we then video discover video discovery
and yep see our headlines in there we’re
gonna duplicate for desktop in your now
live we decided to do a impromptu video
trucs are things that optimized so it’s
very true okay so ten thousand a month
in a search it does show these ones so
you want to make sure it’s good we
thought of something somewhere right you
got to think in context of this so ten
thousand a month consistently yeah I
think right here from one video ad and
funnel revealed in this video
grooving system okay what your thoughts
I like it save and continue well we want
to be on YouTube yeah okay YouTube
search how come I can click none I never
seen that have you know enter an end
date I want to start as soon as they’re
done I’ve never seen it forced me to put
a date yes put one out for a month or
something right yeah yeah and my ads in
2020 it’s so funny hopefully doesn’t do
my budget know it’s daily hmm weird
okay well 500 two days wait what the
campaign will run for 5 min the campaign
total okay well I think I messed this up
it should be daily sorry guys I never
knew you could do that though that’s
pretty cool yeah if you were gonna go
away from these then you could set it up
like that and come back a little later
day so that is cool but yeah daily now
you can hit none
okay so daily $10 a day sorry I missed
I must have clicked it when I was
setting it up and you guys probably saw
it okay so any questions on it you know
pretty simple organization well then you
want to finish it and then the devices
so we’re not done yet
well you said only desktop oh you’re
right but you can’t do oh wow I always
forget this one good answer so anyways
he gets it up continue to campaign then
we want to go to settings devices
devices okay so then you want to
decrease mobile and tablets by a hundred
percent because decreased by 100% means
yeah well show one those you just click
on the side you can do it all at once or
you can hit right here and do it one by
mm-hmm trying to learn both movements as
much as possible there’s a lot to do
okay so now we have a custom intent so
for the ultimate guide to YouTube ads
2019 maybe even into 2020 in 2021
now there’s a next key step you know
what that is Sarah the Nikes dad mm-hmm
don’t you different targeting yeah I’d
say so
I actually clicked into it so you
basically want to copy the campaign if
it’s gonna be the same type site and
search ad if you want to go in stream ad
you have to start from the beginning
so same ad types so he can just copy
this campaign paste it and then switch
up the targeting to do keywords so from
the custom intent to keyword you want to
make sure they love you that you have a
number take away the custom intent that
you entered it originally yep so this
one’s we can do like keyword can you
were to click funnel but okay so then
you go into the ad group or it’s gonna
make you go in there if you go into this
way go into the ad group so we want to
remove the other audience knows
keywords i was audience oh the custom
intent audience custom intent audience
so we want to remove it from this one
since that’s on another one all we want
to do a keyword so let it remove and go
to got keyword ideas yes I do all right
in a long day stayed up late working on
the video program for the book it’s
pretty sweet let’s stick on track though
in this video gotta have a good practice
so basically you added keywords there
yeah I added keywords and custom yeah
you took away that okay now I also want
to compete in google.com for
search yeah okay and I want to do like
direct match I don’t want to look at
competitors to be swated yeah are you
gonna do two Bad’s profit playbook no
that video oh so this one I want and
without guidance I want to do search ads
so this is for search ads if you also
want to do that the ultimate guide for
google.com search ads why they even ask
me that
I said without guidance but okay um so
that same video I don’t even know you
like I don’t even think about video in
google.com for search this is the video
right yeah that’s just a real great
thumbnail guys yeah all right
so continue what’s gonna so networks we
don’t want to display the United States
English location options this one gives
you more details this is kind of like
the difference from the normal ones
people in who was saw interest in I just
want people in and I want to Skloot
people know it’s funny to screw anyone
budget $10 a day delivery we didn’t do
this the other one we should have done
accelerated did it let us mm-hmm I like
Excel ready to get the budget as fast as
possible what do you want to focus on
just click so I’ll take care of
everything else annual yep I want manual
CPC don’t want hands they try to use all
this stuff which it can be good but not
in the early in the beginning I like to
keep things simple in the beginning it’s
just what seems to work best if it was
different I would do it a different way
but now it does so I’ll put that in
later audiences that’d be interesting
you can do search ads audiences here hmm
how interesting like search customer ten
yeah yeah I think wait in market no you
can’t do custom intent here oh that
would have been crazy you can do
remarketing here how they’ve interacted
and if you could have you have similar
audiences but you can’t do that way so
we’re just gonna go keyword way okay so
audiences so keywords we wanna filters
to Brack get you can do yeah
brackets no call-outs yet let me
probably add those later none of that
stuff yeah save and continue
and then for exact match keywords you
can put them in brackets so you just do
this right it’s your explain this and I
am default bid 30 cents I mean that
would be super good for google.com
keyword start with the exact match too
now YouTube doesn’t honor these
parameters at all but search does which
is good at least some degree they’re
pretty good at it google.com I actually
never not had an exact match so that’s
good yes I have an exact match keyword
campaign it’s never shown to an other
keyword that’s not in there so far okay
so I want those and I’m good right yeah
okay save and continue’ new text ad you
didn’t put the YouTube video yes the
final URL I’m so final URL where is it
oh you have two videos I moved it so
this final URL it’s crazy you can put a
path there I never know what that really
means plus is just like fuller’s you
could this is like that’s pretty sweet
yeah I mean just because it looks you
know how people are yes exactly
not sure yeah you have two slashes I
think did you enter one yeah okay do you
have any ideas um yeah way too long how
to get your clickfunnels profitable
probably just fit yeah get your funnels
profit profit get clickfunnels
profitable get your funnel profitable no
I should do it click funnels profitable
here’s exactly how using one ad
Wow like that right well I would say
here’s exactly here’s exactly how to do
it I wouldn’t even say using one added
funnel because that doesn’t in the
headline is okay so I’m trying to get
something else here’s exactly how to do
this quickly to grow your business or
then quickly to grow to get more sales
income you want yeah this is description
down here too and we’re only doing
desktop right mm-hmm yeah click funnels
profitable here’s exactly how to do this
the description one
you just deleted something I know I
wasn’t even there
I don’t think I need these good it
sometimes they switch it off they’re not
gonna show model once I think it’s like
one okay you know I hate when they do
that you don’t know what exactly they’re
showing this yeah how they got to do
with this format I don’t know they fit
more in Mobile
okay new video does this show up god
they give you lots of text I know
new video quickly to get the income you
want we’ll just have to Google assistant
Lee new video quickly to get income you
want new video revealing all revealing
up here real here how to get your quick
funnels profitable quickly you know
sometimes you only read the description
to your at description should say the
keyword okay new video revealing how to
quickly quickly get your click funnels
yeah door click funnels profitable to
get yeah get your funnels profitable at
scale to make e in okay and this one
will do they make you know yeah
and now I like nine caps here yeah I
would not catch the first line too right
yeah no I like to kiss one the first
line cabs well I read it is all ones
okay okay okay it’s so weird how they
lay it out like what you can’t do in
this program it’s like explanation mark
dollar signs I don’t think they like all
caps words we’ll see if this one gets
approved but sometimes you just got to
look out number two
– this should be no period or is that
just automatically do that for us yeah
at a period at the end one Lowell dot
this guy so it’s like tens is cool save
hopefully the let us run it to
youtube.com well let’s try it out one
way to find out save and continue’ now
you guys do devices Thank You Sara
continued devices then once you do this
you got to refine the refining section
is all in this book as well if you want
now you can’t do TVs on search we make
sense added to search – 28 isn’t that
interesting okay mobile and tablet edit
change good adjustments decrease 100%
all right let me know what you thought
was this the ultimate guide to YouTube
ads if we wanted to add some more value
I’d say you know think about the video
have the influence factors actually go
to this video and we’ll show you I look
before sales presentation guys will show
you our video ad dominant a system on
plus an information one Vince domani and
his clickfunnels all objections like we
talked about before many of us in our
potential customers have blast about
using our product all right guys I’m out
but Mike finish up yeah so I’m gonna put
this in the description description we
got so many descriptions I’ll put that
okay so if you want to see the two
examples or my SEO agency and Vince
Monti book funnel etc and you’ll view
that one so I think that’s about it
probably gonna stop streaming about now
but if there’s anything else let me know
hopefully this was the ultimate guide
well then you would just redo it with
in-stream ads so yeah the process we
went through crating it then you want to
make a companion banner again I have
templates in the book for that as well
make sure to LIKE smash that subscribe
button leave a comment what you thought
what you liked what you learned from
this your biggest takeaway how you’re
gonna use this to grow your business
side-by-side setting up those campaigns
anything else and get the full story
within two Bad’s profit playbook ciao
guys ciao gotta do some stretching so
guys let me know what your biggest
takeaway was again how you’re gonna use
it etc etc and yeah I’m gonna do a
workout because I’ve been sitting too
long hopefully you know you haven’t been
sent too long either but I know what
it’s like working out growing a business
you got to put in a lot of work you got
to do a lot of stuff etc etc woops Sarah
what’s your final words for this one I
love final words make something big take
I’m gonna go duel on that take action as
well take care and anything else let me
peace out talk to you later