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yes hey Sarah how are you yeah I’m fine
very fine very very fine
okay without wasting much time I just
want to say thank you to everybody who’s
here it wasn’t being able to make it I
know a lot of people I see gonna come
and join the meeting what is a very
simple meeting – we’re gonna spend some
time understanding how people you know
able to make fantastic money online and
the passive I am bringing today is gonna
call is Mike and Sarah Mike I said I
just wave your hand to all of them yes
that’s my friend Sarah and I met them
and in a few minutes former on now you
will have my to tell you everything
who know I went to Mike Mike could not
keep quiet Mike was saying everything in
short the way he exposed himself I was
so so afraid and I learned something
from Mike dark Pat holiday that Mike did
something phenomenal there and I became
interested that what is going on here
somebody is sitting in his house and is
making money per second billion and that
is why I said Mike please come and share
about off Mike are you there yes at this
time I will now say now let me hand over
to Mike when Mike is done I will not
come on round up Mike will tell you
about clickfunnels what is done he will
show something and that is what he will
do so Mike please
the floor is yours awesome thank you
everything passion and hard work and
then yeah using funnels to you know sell
stuff solve problems for people you get
paid it the playing field is like super
even right now because everything is
changing with Instagram Facebook you
– all these platforms are changing all
over and you can really get in there and
yet no one stared out everything so
we’re going to share everything you know
that we can but still there’s just so
much going on so you can really you know
from anywhere in the world – it doesn’t
matter what your age is where you’re
from etc if you can help someone solve
someone’s problem I’m gonna give you
money or a certain percent of people
will give you money to help solve that
problem whatever it is okay the shape
getting rid of pain coaching digital
marketing stuff anything and yeah we’ll
show you what we did I think always the
best way of learning as well I was just
seeing it directly because we can sit
here and try to explain it all day but
why not just see it exactly the exact
elements and then you can replicate for
that for yourself you know so let me
share my screen here let me know can you
see my screen yeah it’s coming up go
ahead yes I see a screen wall so we’ve
been making around ten thousand dollars
a month maybe a little bit more for the
past twelve months now a longer one up
lower months now we’re starting to
really grow we just started using
clickfunnels on literally this year
these regular websites and WordPress so
the growth has been pretty amazing so
far so we’ll take you kind of into that
so yeah the basic model is yeah anything
you can spend a little bit of money or
in some time that obviously get more you
know money back Wow you know as you
spend less less than you know you’re
making so you spend you know $100 you’re
gonna make $1,000 or whatever it may be
so we’ll do that so basically I had
other websites where I was experimenting
with all a bunch of different reputable
sources and SEO so ranking in Google was
my number one top source and then I did
it for another person and they got
really good results by being ranked in
the top spots in Google so I said wow a
lot of other businesses want to be in
the top spots so basically our our
biggest traffic source to get leads was
you know just making these simple videos
so I’ll go to one of our channels here
to find SEO clients reoccurring monthly
clients to do to do the service for was
you too yeah these simple videos only
have a few videos well I’m actually
logged in yeah yep report everything so
just as a learner a new incognito window
so you can see it as a regular user but
there’s only a handful of videos maybe a
10 videos 16k view 61k views is organic
so it’s 50% of our sales came from
organic so just ranking normal I think
maybe up sweet if we rank for like SEO
expert and then 50% were paid ads right
here so we rank you know pretty well up
there is SEO expert but then also using
paid ads to get right in front of people
and literally cost maybe 15 cents to 30
cents per view to show up it’s right
before someone else’s videos they’re
called in-stream as I’m sure you’ve seen
them the ads on YouTube you know a
little skip ad button than most people I
skip on but actually most people
actually do watch them like a video you
can actually get a lot of cross your
personality content how you can help
them etc so video is a really great
skill and it doesn’t matter that if you
know I mean we have a thirty dollar
webcam or even right now you can even
use your phone and it’s a skill you can
learn you know at first you’re a
horrible in front of video we’re still
not the best but we’re still always
learning so it’s like these skills of
solving problems building the stuff out
in like things like video or in
communication are always a key skill
that you want to keep developing no
matter you know what career you’re in
you know so that’s that’s pretty key
we’ll go to one of our accounts here and
I’ll show you kind of what what they
look like
so anybody can set up like ads ad camp
instantly as well yeah I mean you
literally need a live stream right right
to YouTube
or you’ve on you know how easy it is for
YouTube right to get started you can
make a video and then put enough landing
pages tons of different website builders
yeah because what we learned at that 10x
event was so like lead generation and
like getting detention yeah also like
sales and like conversion and then like
fulfillment of course you need like
execution you know actually doing this
stuff so attention you know you can use
like YouTube and all these have like
organic you know also paid sources
Instagram Facebook will tell you on a
site called upwork.com
we’ve got clients to four people look
for like virtual people to hire and
stuff so all these are kind of under
like getting attention whatever you can
do your messaging people there’s all
sorts of different ways but basically
you’re gaining attention and then once
you get their attention whether it’s a
direct message Instagram whether upwork
whether it’s YouTube ad and you reach
out to you then like the conversion part
which we’re like clickfunnels would come
in or in a website so we’ll show you
know if this isn’t properly loaded so
basically here’s one of our so we
basically so conversion is when someone
fills out a form on our site so
basically what we spend $38 and we get a
person to fill out the form so I’ll show
you the ad so this is set up we
basically run the ad on placement so you
can actually pick the exact videos you
want your ad to show up on so for us
this was SEO so it’s more business
related so marketing strategy what is
Google AdWords marketing strategies you
know all this different stuff SEO tips
how to grow your business so our ad
control directly right before it that
way they’re on a video about
subject you know there’s some what
motivated interested so it’s probably
gonna be easier conversion than you know
just cold traffic mass marketing yeah
that’s what we use placements yep sure
instantly right away yeah it’s it’s yeah
yeah for us it’s kind of expensive forty
bucks but again a person could turn into
you charge like a thousand dollars per
month on each one on for clients so it’s
a simple ad at seven minutes some are
shorter some are longer but basically
I’m just in the back same room using
this exact same camera and just shot
this and then added some stuff
afterwards but it can be super simple
and then so if someone’s interested they
can click the link in the ad so it takes
them to our website and this is before
we even knew about click funnels we
would have used click funnels to make it
way easier we use like WordPress it has
some not from a technical person to do
is pop but then they fill in their stuff
name email phone number their website
the keywords they want to rank for their
average revenue for sale so we can show
them their ROI and they fill this out
and then we get that information stuff
in here and then this gets this
information right to our gmail account
now so I did this in the beginning but
now another step the stages where you
delegate and you kind of replace
yourself in that role so now Sarah does
this and she does everything wrong
working on the next videos so they
basically get this they can schedule
right away or it comes into our gmail
account and it goes right into our
folder new leads so these are this is
where it comes to and then Sarah will
respond to the leads and set up a time
to meet so these are all reading so
Sarah responds
hey you know I’m just reading you zoom
on basic play it’s the first email we
stand we spend like a kind of like a
qualifying like our monthly plans range
from five hundred to two thousand
basically just to qualify so then at
that time if it’s over their budget you
know they don’t usually will say so
right here on save
you wanted me at $700 2900 per month and
then we meet with them and we show them
our plan so we basically have a template
that we use for our sales for our sales
thing okay yep so we have like a
template and so let me know is this
valuable so far seeing all this stuff
okay yep so yeah we meet with them and
we show them and see if it loads okay
okay I’m gonna do my best to put this in
the order of you know from setting up
the as to the Google ad – to the forum
to us getting it – emailing and
scheduling time to meet there’s tons of
different tools to do all this stuff but
you just got to look at it what’s the
principle okay so I’m getting attention
and then I’m heating her one on one
meeting and then yeah closing then some
so this smart keyword research forum so
let me do value up front so like meeting
with someone give value demonstrate you
know what you’re talking about honey
you’ll know when talking to someone you
know if they’re just biessing you or
like they’re legit so yeah well you show
of our strategy how we rank them in
Google etc etc so we’re sharing our
strategy it’s pretty in-depth stuff but
again we just want them to be clear – on
what they’re getting and then I’ll show
you the pricing is pretty cool – so
there’s always like influence factors
Robert called II wrote a book called
influence what he did likes good studies
where he things and people would
increase the conversion rate one of them
is all of them compare and contrast okay
basically yeah we say everything you
know how much this is worth it’s worth
$5,000 you know you’re gonna get it or
you know and then you’re gonna get it
for you know a lot cheaper maybe force
connecting to the value because remember
all this is about you know solving that
so this person didn’t have enough leads
and sales so if
who all of you who will be on we’re
consultants always but this will have
business yeah we meet with three three
different plans to give them a price
point they can choose whatever is in
their budget then we also explain like
these are the prices for your market
analysis explained like this but then we
lay out three different plans they can
kind of two or three usually I’m so you
can kind of pick and like my setting is
to compare contrast influence like more
expensive one you know they might go for
the least expensive one but the more
expensive one gets results it’s just
kind of a take but that way it’s just
not like one price I’m pitching like
three different plans so we stay okay
we’re in the music the main steps
keyword research compensation patients
what you’re gonna get like this is all
the total cost the value it’s like
$3,500 but your price one thousand four
nine seven I’m going to be less
aggressive most people do okay or maybe
sometimes what they see but six hundred
ninety seven dollars per month yeah so
there’s things like that digital
marketing wants you over yourself and
then you have like little tests like
maybe you have your own website or
friend you’re helping like once you want
to have like a system you can use and
you can go out and get their you know
marketing clients just like that it’s
it’s now when you get instant money
because the service they pay you right
away you used to do over they pay us
after the month but now we do it before
just in case they won’t pay so they pay
regardless we get the results right away
we have like a 30 money-back guarantee
but most people don’t do that so you get
the money right away plus like you’re
learning to on their dime you’re
interacting with a business owner and
you’re like this day off they don’t want
to put the time now you may think
a lot of money like why would they pay
all this money to do it’s like they
don’t want to do it themselves they have
tons going on and you know so specific
people don’t want to do it themselves
can apply this so then what I did was so
like all these like how to use YouTube
ads this is a whole system you know how
do you make this video how do you setup
the targeting how do you get this to
convert etc so there’s like a system
with YouTube ads and then the sales
thing just like this like how do you
determine the pricing how do you you
know make this presentation and you know
do your offer so that was the system I
had to document for myself is there was
a lot going on and then to train others
like Sara to do it – and then like
fulfillment how do we fulfill the orders
how do we keep it all you know organized
on spreadsheets how to make sure it’s
getting done how to make sure you know
we’re doing it all correctly affordably
etc so I built these systems that I get
I use to clarify for myself that I had
to do this anyways I wanted to document
I wanted organized so I could take on
more people and then train Sara and then
what you can do too is you can slow to
the community and say hey like I’ve you
know who’s you’re going to be
interacting with the community on
Facebook Instagram just like this noon
calls all over you’re gonna meet people
so you can say like just in conversation
or so this was a specific funnel for
about saying hey like these are my
systems so that’s what we started doing
now we just started getting into more of
the teaching so like the book to bads
project label yeah because we got SEO so
yeah so we got results so it’s like
basically what you get results in life
that you can just teach that so first we
got SEO so we do that for others and
then we use each ad from YouTube to get
clients and then you taught that so this
is click funnels so basically you can do
this again in a variety of different
ways just look at the principles of what
it is though it’s offer teaching how to
get more you know business leads off
result that we got using YouTube ads so
basically this is click funnel which is
super sweet connected to Amazon using
print-on-demand Technology p OD so when
someone orders this look then it
actually prints it off and shifts it
directly to where they are
it’s like 795 in the US and like 1495
Nigeria are outside of the country and
badness is cool and quick
they can also sister the book but they
can also get the audio version and they
get the video version which tallies up
to be more so 795 just for shipping the
books free but they the audio it’s 11 95
and the video version forty seven
dollars so it totals up to 66 90 this is
how we made the three thousand dollars
last week we did three days of a
thousand dollars because it was from
people are buying our product literally
when we’re sleeping on week because a
upsells so the book is free but then
after they buy the book they go to
another page and it’s all it shows our
sales closing system fulfillment and so
far yeah we haven’t had the funnel up no
no we do it for YouTube so so the book
is only you know seven dollars and
ninety-five cents or 50 dollars outside
the country and the audio in the video
but then our other programs here are yes
so then this one’s like two hundred
dollars the fulfillment ones two hundred
dollars and then we also do a we do it
for you so people that said hey this
book is great but I don’t want to do it
we have $1,000 per month Russell Brunson
calls this like the value letter you
give value at one point and they say wow
this is really great I want more I want
to know what your sales system is well I
know you fulfillment system I know this
and then we afford you then we also have
a coaching to which is just consulting
so I’m not doing it for that I’m just
telling them what to do which is right
now like 500 bucks a month again people
can charge with main board for this for
this services some charge two thousand
six thousand eight thousand twenty
thousand a month for like Facebook ads
management as well social media
management etc so this is kind of like
the intro product route you can even
take like an affiliate route to and sell
other people’s products like we’re
setting up our affiliate program right
now will give people 30 to 50% of our
sales click files does that you get 40
to 50 percent if people in joined click
funnels you can get paid from that as
there’s tons of like offers to you can
sell other stuff or you can sell your
service time or something else you
create an info product software
basically beginning you won’t have much
per se you just have you know passion
and drive and you start building stuff
out as you go you’ll have
or these things where you can offer and
interact work with others you know yeah
clickfunnels makes it super easy because
it’s like you don’t even know anything
about Web Design we made this page
you’re just putting in like text
elements and resizing the text different
colors I mean this we have a very long
landing page but you don’t even need a
super long one right and then it even
sucks up the payment crowd like they’re
not seeing everything it’s super easy to
use yep so yeah it’s super easy all
these things are just terrible you can
you know move it whatever way you want
it’s gonna be kind of slow right now
because I’ll just oh yeah a bunch of
stuff and tabs open but it’s like super
clickfunnels is super easy to to use
it’s literally the most easiest software
you can literally just no move anything
you want all around like however you
want you can move anything you want you
know it had any pictures videos etc it’s
it’s definitely super easy to use click
yeah from russell brunson but also
there’s other things you could use it’s
just basically as you go you’re going to
take some of the money you make and
invest into better tools just like
anything if you were building the house
first year now like a really crappy saw
trying to use it but as you go and
depending where you’re at like you’re
just going to get better and better
tools more people to help you build more
houses etc so in the beginning yeah you
can just try to like piece together
maybe WordPress and other sites or just
seems like a Google document form like
free stuff and try to have together of
that stuff and as you go you know you
can get more integrated to some of these
tools and you keep upgrading and
spending more you’ll get more but on
yeah when you first start out you know
you’re gonna do whatever it takes then
like Sara says it sends it through so
once they put in their credit card then
this page will take them through the
upsells where all I have to do is click
one button and then they can buy the
other upsells then it gives them a
membership site where we have more
offers and you know more bonuses etc
yeah click funnels makes
which is our powerpoint we use jello
suppliant typing audience
yep so then this is like so this is the
page they come after after they die so
once you get incoming leads and
attention from YouTube you know you’re
gonna may have these other problems like
sales it’s overwhelming to get actually
get all these leads and you know all
these people you want something where
you can close them I give a case study
up Sara horrible it sounds when I first
started horrible and then you just get
better as you do it now yep like an
upgrade for 197 or just have no thanks
that they don’t want you know like piece
together problems just like that yeah
you can have your order value way more
so it just starts as a low-end book then
can be you know huge one a lot is the
stats weren’t loading on Sara’s office
right now this gets there’s a there’s so
much that you can offer you know from if
you even if it’s a product like I wanted
to on the side to sell like these moon
lamps before I’m still kind of getting
that together but it’s an extra you know
side income where you can buy things
like wholesale and then sell them and
hey you can have so many different
offers you know whatever service you
service or product affiliate here’s an
example of using Facebook to so let’s
guy just message me this is just today a
few hours ago just chatting and he’s
like what’s your hourly rate I’m like a
hundred bucks
he said amazing we start chatting and
then I said like you know what’s a
challenger pole I’m just looking to help
them and stuff and then you know where
is chatting then I say you know works
the same and then we I said did you get
my YouTube ads book and he’s like not
yeah I’ll do it now you have videos too
and then I’m like you have seen your
order he got all that so he got the
audio he got the book and he got the
also the videos and you know he may you
know do consulting or other things on my
send with screenshot of our stats
I’m not sure where you’ll see this but
um okay we said okay this is like our
first funnel so I mean it’s been yeah so
this isn’t the past like yet two weeks
to math we use six dollars interesting
clickfunnels – this is not our SEO but
this is just info yeah that’s the best
part is yet clients ready
yeah this yeah like contact and leave
away so basically yes for two Bad’s
profit playbook like just a book in the
audio and generated like a thousand
dollars and the different versions we’re
testing but these are the afraid or 8%
took the the upsell to a main or seven
or 88 dollars this past like three weeks
great at 194 no one bought this one one
person bought this one 197 but then here
literally two people okay so done for
you plus 997 per month only got two
sales on this one to the day we got 43
sales and made one thousand two hundred
fifty nine dollars but this one done for
you got only two sales but made two
thousand dollars to make more whose 997
ball reoccurring – yeah it’s reoccurring
so with our SEO model we just started
with the highest end but then we learned
about click funnels and Russell Brunson
what he does is the book there you know
upgrade that way you know so we’re
testing both ways
basically both ways work you could just
say a charge thousand bucks a month
anyway or you can say hey here’s my book
as to how their shelf was you know that
way it’s just a tool and XYZ and then
you’ll upsell on the service but yeah
and they’re pointing to call to people
about the ocean
1,000 bucks per month so basically pull
this up and get people more clients so
you can do it that way or you can sell
other information products you can sense
where you can sell your idea basically
whatever it is from the beginning and I
would recommend always doing it for
plans to reach I’ll give you one of us
and I can help you and you would have
convinced us that all should we pay you
know we would see there’s Facebook roots
about user super video message your
message in a video comes across like a
lot of things really appeal to the
person the YouTube ads are also you know
awesome for like sharing your message on
targeting getting in front of the right
people and then yeah we haven’t we
haven’t tried Instagram ads too much yet
that’s yeah testing yep but Sarah’s got
like three thousand followers you know
you’ve gone slightly 22,000 followers
yeah yep just posting on that’s really
full so you gotta find your niche like
what works for you like we’re always
testing but then we look at the data and
say ok Google is always a really good
source of you know traffic and YouTube
is Instagram like we haven’t seen the
growth yet but we just been on it for
three months so we’re growing that’s
like kind of a good long-term strategy
to so it is kind of a lot of being sore
like oh oh all this stuff but eventually
like this is the new world like this is
how people communicate I mean yes we met
you long at the 10x event person but and
that tons of other
people literally online never met him in
person will pay us thousands of dollars
yeah you just build up slow and you know
you don’t want to get caught like a lot
of people like you see Russell grunts
and he was on stage at 10 acts and you
know he made you know whatever three
million dollars in 90 minutes
which is great but you can’t really
compare yourself to that that’s not you
he’s an unique but he’s like the top of
the top you can’t really compare
yourself to that plus he’s been the game
10 15 years – and you know everyone has
their own unique kind of purpose of what
they serve and where they’re going but
everyone here can definitely learn it if
you just put put in their work you know
there’s nothing that I mean I used to be
a radiographer which is onna takes
x-rays of broken bones so in the
healthcare system I knew nothing about
business nothing about you know anything
about marketing and total introvert
talking that much same with Sara knew
nothing same as Obama we knew nothing
it’s literally all self-taught which is
amazing there’s more and more like great
stuff online yes the flip side is like
yeah there’s a lot more to the
distraction but if you always stay
focused on you know just these core
things giving you attention and closing
to attention and money and fulfilling it
you get raving fan customers like you’re
gonna win and there’s really you know
the problems look for people that are
having problems there’s no problem we’re
not gonna buy they’re not motivated you
know and then solving it you know and
you can give like little solutions up
top and say hey you know I need to you
know the money I need to pay myself you
know their angle I can do this for you
but way more of my time and effort
anyway whatever
ad selling okay Mike before you before
you I don’t want people to get swallowed
with too much information if you if you
have questions which you want to throw
out Mike you can throw the questions at
the chat box and we’ll pick it up and
ask Mike well well that is coming up it
is good for you to understand that it’s
that clickfunnels is is is another any
whereby you are able to you know pass
your message just picture message if a
so it destroys all your talking website
people programmers designers it kills
all of them so from the comfort
of your house you can you know set up
your own account on on your laptop you
know and begin to just throw your hook
you know to everybody that’s within your
target market and there was the entered
a your list and okay like you can see
Mike is showing you is list
how is setting up is list and its
autopilot once they come in every day
they are getting emails from you and
cool we learn from 10x event that you
need to get the attention and do
everything to get the attention as much
as possible when you get the attention
you can always call media attention
like I said to not be fun out there okay
okay that’s a typical follow page setup’
nice template they already have the ho
templates that’s all you need to do is
just tweak it anyhow you want any how
you want and before you know what’s
happening you have your own message out
to the public and people are loaded in
it yeah I’m one of the weird people like
I don’t know why but I think I’m just
more of like an artist creative type and
I’m like I just want to put in what I
want to put in yeah yeah but yeah it’s
so easy to make it yellow to
clickfunnels because yeah all these paid
keeps all your pages organized
throughout your funnel you can send
person anywhere in the final at any time
they all have unique like URLs at the
end so forth slash you know step one
okay Mike before you go for somebody’s
asking one can we purchase the video
training yes you can so I water I want
to text then website is out they said
that I will explain it to you please
shared more light on it I will shed more
light on websites being outdated shortly
now okay so make your own okay yeah yeah
yes to Bad’s profit play
Oh calm yeah
nice so yeah we’ll actually ship this
this cost us 20 bucks to ship but yeah
it’s only its 14.95 that we’re charging
right now we’re plugging to change that
awesome creatures don’t like this
invitation boot camp so 6195 start and
then what it’s going to do is once you
go through that process then you get
instant access to the membership site
and again that is also done by click
funnels as well which is pretty sweet
yes so we the video boot camp is so the
book is like explaining a little bit the
audios the audio of the video boot camp
is awesome doing the steps where we plan
it all out wireframe it and for all the
pieces and then we actually take the
funnel so we actually prayed it through
clickfunnels so you see that and then we
actually create the video ads both Sarah
and I do a video ad for a brand new
offer I mean we actually set those ads
up the targeting how we do it and then
the next day we refine the data with
some of our clients with those ads as
well and that’s on the membership site
if you get the video upgrade
implementation bootcamp that’s the video
yeah Sarah’s like loves design yeah
there’s the link yeah I posted it in the
chat too if anyone who wants to get the
book yeah again yeah a lot of success
using YouTube ads and yeah how do you
make the video what do you say in the
video and sound like what you say but
also how you say it how you speak then
ever you have someone whom you may be
not interested in the subject that much
but they just speak like so passionately
I don’t hear like Gary Vee he could talk
about anything innocent wow it makes it
seem so exciting as he talks with
passion so yeah we had to take a long
time to figure out like what to say so
why will this help the person what’s the
paint if they don’t do anything
what’s the pleasure if they they take
action and why this is different than
everyone’s saying you know this will
make you a million dollars XYZ so like
why is this different called your unique
selling point but then again yeah how do
you say it Paul you loud and quiet
pauses and there’s like your intent
behind it your emotions because emotions
is what’s really good to sell people buy
based off emotions and then they back it
up with logic
so those peaking promotions but yeah
using YouTube ads as yeah been a big
success and you have views are really
cheap especially in different countries
um you can target anywhere over the
world and send it to your funnel which
is again either using click funnels for
the website builder or you’re doing
something we capture that information
are using click funnel that goes right
to our phone when people either felt the
former buy that would follow up with
them right the phone has been working
really well for us to lead the faster
you get to these people on the better
but then yeah like the main components
that you know we talked about again
there’s always so much so I always want
to keep it simple it’s again it’s always
solving problems getting paid for it and
then just three things getting attention
or also known as getting the lead lead
lead generation system and then the
sales closing that lead turning you know
a certain percent of those people that
are interested into paying customers and
then fulfillment actually delivery on
what we promised in the first place
creating lifelong customers lifelong
raving fans then they tell other people
etc so it becomes a whole different you
know like a whole like ecosystem others
doing this stuff over and over again you
can use YouTube ads paid organic okay
thanks good but I can take a long time
to build up I know you long as how many
videos do that on your YouTube channel
the let’s go now yeah probably you know
500 thousand or whatever may be over a
year which is good but then you can use
YouTube ads even show instantly you
don’t need a big channel or subscribers
or anything so that’s why we like the
YouTube ads just pay to play so to speak
they can really work and you know have
the right message again the right video
ad targeting and the funnel look chosen
I’ll I’ll target maybe ad funnel and
then the good thing with YouTube is you
don’t pay unless they watch past 30
seconds just for a nipple that are
interested if they hit skip you’re not
huge yeah and yeah you’re gonna target
and everyone’s gonna connect to someone
different you know there’s always tons
of different styles and makes it all
someone’s already doing this or that but
it’s like your own unique message at
that specific time with that like is
crazy who you connect to the like mom
you know I posted actually messaged him
on Instagram – I believe in just here
and I put up an event and I said hey you
know click finals and Yvonne was the
only one that show and I message like 10
15 people it’s like now look at this you
know whatever we’re having you know
conference calling acting more people’s
lives and keep connecting so you just
keep putting yourself out there in the
attention phase just doing whatever it
takes you know it’s when writing your
own says you know pay the price today to
pay any price in the future and his
models also 10x like do 10x they go
crazy like a lot of times we do
overthink this stuff but it’s like you
just got a kid out there you know
obviously know your to do like create
content and just push it out there a
message people etc and Keith you should
find that craft and then yet turning a
certain percent of those people into
sales and fulfilling it and keep doing
it and just keep getting better it’s
like a skill you know it’s really just
you just learn it and get better and
better and more time and money you can
put in the better you know you’re going
to get the faster just like a sport you
don’t play you know an hour every month
is going to take you years or then if
you better a week and then hour every
day and hours every day you know I know
that people are successful as Grant
Cardone says be obsessed or be average
like you got to go and you don’t learn
something you know just by dialing in
and kind of learn it by just total
immersion and just getting obsessed
about it and it’s sweet like a fields
it’s continually growing it’s like I
used to be the radiographer takes
pictures of broken bones in the hospital
there’s if once you learn everything
there’s nothing really like that
emerging technology versus you know the
digital marketing field this is all
changing literally every day Google
algorithm algorithm all this stuff is
updated constantly so it makes it kind
of fun and makes it more even because an
expert that’s doing well years ago and
then please will change them you’re not
you know throwing well anymore
and a new person comes in with more
enthusiasm time figures it out and then
boom they go so it’s like you know
anyone can actually make it happen it
doesn’t matter where you are it doesn’t
matter your age
as long as you know you can solve these
people problems if I have back pain and
you said you know I can get rid of your
back pain you know here’s this course
$5,100 to coaching for 5,000 like I’m
gonna say yes because I have this lot of
I want the solution you know you got a
bet or whether it’s business stuff
whether it’s relationship stuff like
whatever it may be there’s all these
people that you know you can be have a
client or SEO client which is ranking
organically in Google they sell bongs in
pipes and they went from making seven
thousand dollars in 2017 and last year
what they made four hundred thirty five
thousand dollars just from selling their
bonds on an e-commerce or on a simple
Shopify site from ranking domain Google
okay Mike some people want to ask
questions so please do ground is open
let’s let’s have your questions go ahead
okay one guy said I can’t hear anything
you can hear right no I okay let me let
me do these smell photographer what kind
of looking for you’re always looking for
the middle ground between what you have
person wants you know you gotta find
them okay
akimbo yeah you’re on you have the air
so please ask your question okay boy are
you I said yeah I’m yes yes sir yes sir
I said I’m as a photographer and
cinematographer I’ve been thinking of
yeah to get my in Santa Coloma we’ll get
on that
okay so my idea yes ki yummy yes I hear
hey is there anybody that wants to ask a
question please you can just raise your
hand so that we can see it and plan for
the next month okay from what
okay whatever I don’t have the
particular products how do i benefit
from click for know Aloha there’s what I
call the affiliate program the affiliate
program if you go to click photos on
that link that I’ve said to you once you
get there they invite you to click
photos don’t go to affiliate affiliate
program I feel if program if you even
advertise and sketch anybody to buy any
of their products you’ll get 30 to 40%
of whatever the fence in pays as your
commission so there are people that are
affiliates that’s what they do I feel it
I feel it
they don’t sell click photos and then
they make it there’s also a boot camp
yes is the implementation become enough
resource to start ending after if you
yeah them the boot camp is good for you
and frankly an accident boot camp is
good for you I need to teach you what to
do in short there is it when a program
in the boot camp that if you are able to
raise market well you can even have a
hundred and gets a hundred people to
clue to debts to cliff or they give you
a car is part of the package are
correlated the affiliate boot camp so
all that you can’t say too bad yeah
literally everything you need there’s no
like missing pieces everything to get
leads in – yeah – nerves or yeah
maybe there’s rice products or little
point products but yeah how to set that
all up so yeah you earn enough and
profitable you’re spending less and
you’re earning more or else you can’t
keep paying for those ads and keep doing
that so you has all about profit yep
I’ll teach you
they’ll teach you how to do it for sure
they’ll teach you how to sell they’ll
teach you how to get your plants they’ll
teach you how to pitch they’ll teach
others how to get people and you’ll
teach how to make money and you’ll make
the money literally make the money yeah
attention and say hey they may not know
about clickfunnels you can give them an
extra bonus I’ll teach you how to you
know music sponsors click funnels you
get a 14-day free trial so you can go in
there yourself you just mess around and
then cancel before the 14 you won’t be
charged anything on at least you know
the product you know how easy it is and
where I’m a hundred percent self-taught
on click funnels no one was over my
shoulder teaching with all this videos I
would just go in there figure it out if
I couldn’t figure something out there’s
a Facebook group as 200,000 members
funnels official I recommend join that
you can just see searching the group and
you find solutions or I will just look
it up like how do I make a new page I’ll
just look it up on YouTube of course
there’s like hundred videos how to make
a new page you know how to do this but
yeah it’s all really self explanatory is
go in there learn if you ever need
someone like just giving you how to do
it you just go to youtube or the
Facebook group for specific challenges
we haven’t okay go ahead business wines
okay question yes can you run more than
one business or click one of us this
question correct yes
California has you too depending on the
package you take there’s a package that
allows you to do that’s the big package
you have unlimited you have 9999 phonos
you can create 9999 for now you can
create a photo for shoes you can create
a photo for hair you can create a funnel
for book you can create photo for
training you can create a funnel for
anything anything you want you can
create a funnel for anything so it along
thank you drive all of them to one
account so money can be coming like
recharge card from outside like a ring
tune so that’s that any other question
we have it 18 more minutes before we
round up this session now before you ask
the question how many of you would like
a copy of this video that we have done
how many of you want to watch it again
okay good
see I’m gonna be one to eight I need to
know because I’m how many of you wants a
copy of this video want to listen to
aids want to watch it you want to go
back yes I can see I’m getting motivated
do watch it again and again I want it I
want it I want it I want it I want it if
somebody saying I don’t want it I won’t
be passing out so I don’t want to
someone give anybody but since everybody
said they wanted you want it you want it
oh okay
okay beautiful now now in my way to ask
you to pay for it I’m not gonna pay for
it if I had to ask you to pay for it if
you have to ask you to pay for this
video how much would you pay think about
it yes if I ask you to pay for it how
much would you pay all of you an order
to self pay for it you see you must
learn as an entrepreneur you must learn
to bring something out of your pockets
to pay for for what you are learning
$3,000 what else is somebody saying
3,000 there
3,000 is anybody making an offer offer
going up going up sorry saying $20
saying days okay $20 $20 $15 keep it
coming keep coming keep it coming keep
it coming keep it coming keep it coming
keep it coming
okay Mike you have anything to say I
will tell him how much all I will sell
this thing to them tell them you’re
curious don’t worry I’ll give them an
offer that anybody okay since okay Frank
same $20 $20 $20 I am going to do
something interesting on the there are
two things which are going to do
interesting for me is that I will make
this already on my websites this is
going to be going for 5001 tit what I
intend to do is I’m gonna do it as only
1000 now only one 1000 only 1000 the
reason why I want you to pay 1000 is for
you to commit yourself that you are
going to spend on yourself
$1,000 only and then you commit to me
then you will you will be able to say
you consider by Mike’s book or you go to
my website and look at it I’m fine about
click for now because if you succeed I
have succeeded my commitment is to make
you socks in my book is a must-have for
everybody and that is it so or if you go
to my site very soon you sit for 5,000 I
will send a text to them that issue
cancelled are 5,000 and if you’ll make
sure you’re happy for only 1000 and this
will only last for 48 hours and you can
also what you will have is you will have
my full presentation everything my full
presentation will be sent to you this
video will be sent to you so they can
have it to your system I’m gonna be
wants that you want the book okay you
click on Mike’s link and you have
click on Mike’s leg ru habits that is it
how many of you want my presentation or
that’s Mike’s link so click you can get
my listen on it and you can get you want
the book so please click on Mike’s book
is free you only pay for shipping
that’s all and our policy at 1000 air
which is less than 10 cents I say
everyone that records – we should get
more part 2 bonus
yeah ok ok the beautiful two dollars yes
two dollars now so and what I’ll do is
that if I send this in to you I would
like you to share the video with two
other people
let’s let’s get everybody to understand
it so I’m gonna be on that do me with me
one I’ve a not tried one sounds Inara
only okay and I’m gonna call my
colleague to make it for $1,000 only let
me call him in front of you so you can
tell him that I was there when they told
you to sell it for 1,000
now today for 1,000 they’re only so yes
so so much to say thank you thank you
thank Mike let’s appreciate Mike hello
ok hold on
which are you there okay you’ve got my
instruction I should put the video for
5,000 right this particular one this
this video on Anderson
so what you do they believe the video is
recorded so what you do is you give them
the presentation and then they link to
this video for 1,000 there so you put it
on the place knock on the page is that
okay okay
so let’s cut out the structure on it as
possible so the instruction are they
passed on and I all I want is for you to
become better for it to become
successful make things happen
mics and kill Sara thank you and
everybody that was here thank you very
much for coming and looking forward now
until your action whatever it may be
whatever stage we’re at the wait
learning that’s the first piece and then
put it into action whatever we got to do
whatever it takes
yeah with impact you can’t see that but
like that yeah for sure we’re all in
this together so it was honor yeah
talking with you guys anything else yeah
any stuff we’re happy to help
we’ll be here we’ll be around you know
yeah yeah thank you very much and see
you guys very very very soon okay bye
guys later