Setting Up YouTube Ads Instream – Profitable Remarketing Campaign Sequences

Yo yo yo it’s your boy mp in the hood
Today we’re setting up a youtube ads and
Stream remarketing campaign so we’re
Gonna do it sequential this is the first
Remarketing that is actually for
Remarketing so we’re gonna go first
Creator audience and then create a
Campaign to trigger once that audience
Has viewed that video or that’s the
Audience who’s going to video so first
We’re gonna get the video link from our
Current ad so all have you been
Following me
You may notice one of my clients selling
The book this is the in-stream ad so
Then we just go make an audience I’m
Pretty sure he made one but I just want
To show you as well so you go back to
Your campaigns here and it’s gonna go to
Audience if you’re on the new ui it’s
Gonna be up here and here it’s shared
Library audiences then plus a
Remarketing list based on youtube users
And this is really cool because you can
Do a user that watched any certain video
So viewed as an ad we can do let me just
Put that link right in there pops up so
All those 150,000 people that viewed
This we want to now show them another
Video and always be sequential from when
They see it so viewed in-stream book
Funnel ad number one as an ad in oldest
A 540 membership because once they see
It then we won’t show it to them again
But we want to just capture every one so
It creates that list okay so now we’re
Just gonna capture that so we can make
Sure remember the name just a blank area
Here okay so then go to all campaigns
We’re actually gonna use our new type of
Cta options so we’re actually are gonna
Switch to the newer adwords editor so
You just right click up there hit up top
Will switch right to the new version
Lest all new adwords ui 2018 more
Options cpa targeting campaigns
Plus new campaign video goal is leads or
Sales but same thing continue then we’re
Gonna want to name it very specifically
Specifically okay campaign name so
Remarketing and retargeting whenever you
Want to call it this is ad number two
The name you forgot the audience is
Viewed number one and we’re gonna do
Desktop first desktop day we I mean I
Want to spend 30 bucks man test it out
Delivery method accelerated just go as
Fast as possible networks youtube videos
Locations united states target cpa man I
Want $10 per sale hook me up with that
Frequency capping yeah man just show
People one I’m gonna use one per month I
Don’t know I just don’t like to show the
Ads all over you know don’t want him to
Get you know annoyed of it I like to do
Multiple different ads for my experience
That’s why I do ad group this name it ad
Group one demographics to me any think
It’s based on seen that first video but
Just to make sure we just want males
Okay so how is your video ad triggered
Its buying audience what type of
Well it’s remarketing they’ve done
Something what they do they watch that
First video bra
Search it then suite at it it’s not the
List is populating still so this ad will
Trigger it based on butte the extreme
Book funnel at number once they see
Number one then they’ll see at number
Two now we’re setting up our video so
I’m actually gonna edit this name real
Quick but does it matter really what you
Call them so this is book funnel
In-stream and number two save changes
Large if you want to calm you june okay
So paste it in their industry man get a
Living large calm make sure that’s in
There and display three book call to
Action get more muscle I can fit much
More muscle man can’t fit anything in
These things have mine all this one you
Can do get more muscle free book get
That free book upload an image right now
Are working companion banner is actually
It’s already uploaded in the account
You could try that one this one is
Testing best right now the number one so
Yeah I gotta show you that split test I
Gotta show you that split test man
That’s gonna be really profitable for
Okay so original these are totally do
Difference only change the side
Companion manner and man don’t look at
The answers yeah okay can you tell okay
So this one’s cta this one’s social
Proof some more like this one says your
Custom plan for packing on pylons of
Rock hard muscle and getting chiseled
Ripped six-pack abs
Hard to give you the answer but this
One’s social proof I thought this one’s
Gonna convert better but really the cost
Per conversion the cost per conversion
The book sale was $10 on this one and
$18 on this one so this one performed a
Lot better uh-oh
Excuse me sorry about that okay so yeah
I just did not to change it there
So cool at number two got it
Now we’re going to make sure we’re doing
This one a desktop so drive conversions
Yes budget go to additional settings
Devices we got to go to the ad group I
Mean the campaign
Overview start back up top
Okay campaigns and remarketing one the
Settings on campaign level devices
Mmm okay so now it’s our devices than
The old ones it was under settings now
With senators devices over here
Okay so computers leave it blank mobile
Phones decrease by 100 tablets to
Decrease by 100 okay so now it’s just
Gonna show on computers in that campaign
And then go back to our campaigns and
Then we take that remarketing 1.D4
Desktop take it edit copy cuz behaviour
Can be different on these things you
Always want to split over and hit your
Three little things here or paste paste
And make sure recordings this is dope
Stop recording good okay so paste
Pasting your campaigns pasting your
Campaigns pasting your campaigns now we
Want to take away the two there’s always
The number two when you copy them so
You’ll see it put the mobile on there
And then obviously that’s just changing
The name you actually need to change the
Thing so we’ve got to go to devices and
Then flip it so instead of so remove the
Mold devices keep that so that just
Shows normal but then for the computers
This time then decrease by a hundred
That way we’ll just show on the you can
Test tablets we’ve tested it didn’t work
As well so we’re just testing mobile
Starting there so now I got the two
Campaigns now I got remarketing and yeah
So up here yeah as where you go to your
Audiences yeah and you can keep doing it
Based on so I had one see add to saw add
To then see at three you can just
Sequence it like that for maximum profit
And remarketing I’ll keep you updated so
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Because we talking about youtube ads
In-stream ads youtube advertising making
It profitable very profitable 10x
Putting that money in your bank account
Each and every day again make sure you
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Gonna update the client that I did these
Things and yeah let’s go on from there
So it’s great talking to you great
Chatting with you as always talks
Like by piece