See some “big names” and what they are saying (and doing) in the instream ads (may need to TURN UP VOLUME when playing the actual ads) – links BELOW (hit “show more”)

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Auto Generated Captions

what up we are live I’m streaming live
I’m gonna go over some videos today some
YouTube in-stream examples more for the
Amazon e-commerce space with Alex Becker
John Mack and Tim Sanders these are just
three I found from searching and these
ads just came up so they’re active they
got decent amount of views so they’re
the title this video is probably gonna
be seemingly profitable in-stream
YouTube ads alex becker Tim Sanders John
Mack seemingly just because I don’t know
you never know if they actually are
profitable but usually if they have a
decent amount of views then they are
profitable so I’m gonna take my notes
the good aspects of each one and also
some improvements to them that I think
could make and then you can use them for
yourself to make your own YouTube ads
and then you can check my other channels
for other targeting and more on making
ads but here’s like just the direct
here’s ads that you know some probably
top names I know Alex Becker is huge I
learned a lot from him I don’t know the
other guys but they got a lot of views
so maybe it’s working so we’ll go over
these ads and yeah again the good
aspects and the improvements that I’m
gonna write here I’ll go over them
afterwards let me know what you thought
which one was best or what you liked or
didn’t like from these ads that way we
can all make a better ad I’m doing this
for a client he asked for some straight
examples of the type of ads in his space
so I found these plus again that way
then we can use a model um say I’ll take
this part we like this but this part not
so much etc and can make our own ads
better more profitable more of an impact
without further ado let’s get into it
now if you give me thirty nine seconds
I’m going to show you how this guy right
here generate a one hundred thirty seven
thousand dollars in the first month of
his new online dropshipping Shopify
business check it out started right here
and in literally three days later one
hundred thirty seven thousand dollars in
sales that is enough to make the down
payment on this house or to buy one
hundred thirty-seven thousand RV mills
off the RV’s dollar menu then in the
first 60 days he went on to do five
hundred one thousand dollars in sales
that is enough money to buy this house
or to buy five
1,000 pounds of the Arby’s dollar menu
and then from the remainder of the year
he did 3 million dollars from this that
is enough money to straight-up buy this
house or you guessed it by over three
million Arby’s melts from the Arby’s
menu and still 80,000 left over to buy
80,000 drinks it’s using a simple free
method called drop shipping all we do is
we go to websites we find products that
are cheap then we go and create our own
website and we mark up the procs buys
let’s say 20 bucks and then we go and
sell the products to people who then buy
them and we keep the profit from the
markup that’s it now look you only gave
me three nine seconds which is why I
want to invite you to a livestream today
which you can register to attend by
clicking in the upper right hand corner
of your mobile or lower left-hand corner
if you’re on desktop what you’re gonna
see is exactly how Matt the guy from the
picture okay now buy 3 million Arby’s
Mills if he wants you’re gonna see
exactly how we did this you’re gonna see
the type of store that he created you’re
gonna see the exact product the things
that he’s picking to sell these stores
and you’re gonna see how he does this
with zero hard cost or storing adventure
anything like that more importantly
we’re gonna sit down and actually
recreate this live on the call we’re
gonna create a brand new Shopify drop
shipping store we’re gonna get it to
$100 a day in sales within 24 hours and
then in the next 20 days show you how we
got it to $400 a day in sales that’s a
Fivefinger amount of business generated
in less than 20 days and more
importantly we’re gonna show you how you
can get started doing this for free we
kind of guarantee it you’ll be making
five fingers by the next 20 days we will
show you exactly how to go out there
start these stores 100% free and how to
start selling props from your stores
without having any inventory not having
to store anything in a warehouse it’s
100% free to start and there’s
absolutely no upfront part cost or risk
and again only need to do to see this
all live is click in the upper right
hand corner if you are on mobile or
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desktop it’s gonna take you to a page
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email and in bing bang boom your so to
attend our live should’ve dated some
hundred percent free and we’re just
gonna be showing you this stuff step by
step by step and even cooler look at all
the results keeper bit you see tons of
people who have attended this Paul got
their first sales actually gone out
there grown 500 stores replicating what
Matt did and this is just working
apparently and so if you want to come
see how Matt was able to buy or is able
to buy three million armies melts I need
to do is follow those arrows and we will
see you live on the call and
you know maybe if you’re lucky we will
mail you and RV’s mail just for coming
on this code we can’t promise that
that’s not guaranteed and I don’t know
the food will hold up after like two
weeks of shipping but we’ll get it we’ll
try to probably won’t but you come
anyways all the arrows pretty good so
well this is what I got out of it
pattern interrupt in the beginning he
showed proof of results pleasure by
house etc like humor by lots of burgers
it’s a free method how dropship buy
lower sell higher call to action
livestream webinar direct CTA thought
that was pretty good and yeah so the
method was dropship see how exactly how
it’s done
24 hours and then I know then it’s like
30 days I don’t really remember what it
was but then acts how you can do it no
upfront costs or risks handling
objections he repeats the CTA the second
time repeats number three step-by-step
more social proof
I’m just put of results repeats the CTA
and Alex is a great job making engaging
fast pace engaging also with I would say
with the humor again it’s fast-paced
okay however you spell that paste
fast-pace like that okay
many Helbig on screen a little water a
little longer for time to click links
okay improvements held screen even
longer I would say what’s the USP
everyone seems to be teaching this maybe
handle more objections maybe like not
real maybe like I’m not good enough or
smart enough mmm
other than that really good ad let’s go
the other one John Mack what if I told
you that I built an e-commerce empire
selling weird products like pancake
Baker’s salad cutters and even dog hats
my name is John Mac know over the last
several years I’ve not only built the
number of 7 and 8-figure stores but fed
thousands of students replicate my
methods and become successful in
e-commerce students like is about here a
stay-at-home mom that has that over 1
million dollars in sales in just six
Joan is from Denmark was able to quit
his hated corporate job did over 2
million dollars in sales 1 million of
which was done in just 30 days alone
Tyler granted to quite a few roadblocks
but was able to push through and hit
over 1.1 million in a span of just a few
short months the wonderful Miami Florida
testing over 100 products that failed to
eventually finding a strong winning
product and scaling into over $700,000
in sales the most amazing thing is that
you only need to have one thing to be
successful in e-commerce so what is that
one thing it is taking action staying
focused and never get
the biggest reason people fail in
e-commerce is because they never take
action build a store or launch ads
building a successful e-commerce
business is not easy it is definitely
not a get-rich-quick scheme if you’re
looking for some easy and quick way to
make money then please just skip this
video now but if you’re ready to put in
the work and commit some never giving up
I would like to invite you to my webinar
today this will be a super in-depth
masterclass on everything ecommerce this
trading masterclass is available today
for free you can click the link at the
top right corner of your screen right
now if you’re on mobile or if you’re on
desktop click the bottom left link and
register for the free trading today I
will literally take you through each
step in the training and walk you
through each and every tactic in this
free training I take you through each
part of my four-step process as I show
you real life ideas and examples my
student success is my most prized
accomplishment it’s truly an amazing
feeling when you’ve been able to make
such a life-changing positive impact on
so many people’s lives I look forward to
seeing you on the webinar and hopefully
having you as my next success story
click the link right now at the top
corner of your screen if you’re on
mobile and if you’re on desktop click
the bottom left link and register for
the free training today
okay decent maybe I would say Woodham
liked to see face lash and speaking at
least once just like put that like name
to the face name to face type of thing
also repeat CTA maybe his USP hate when
he says he says you only need one thing
taking action persistence makes me just
think okay I got it
then why join your training
he needs a ending slide too
users time to click so those were the
improvements what I liked is a good
intro into in the can’t spell today
intro line what if I told you Baba blah
you know who he is I’m John Mac like
that thousands of student success is
maybe you could have showed more but
then he did show some student success
Xyz person it almost sounds like a lot
when you say a thousand just sounds like
a shit-ton but good for him if that’s
true but that’s just my thoughts I’m
just not sure if it’s true or not so
usually you don’t want the user thinking
that like is that true or not you know
so you want to make it believe bully
probably don’t get any feedback on it
sad but maybe he did other guy did over
1 million again you only need one thing
taking action persistence I’m gonna take
that off cuz it necessarily don’t think
that’s a good things and that makes me
think okay I already got that why do I
need to join your training which I’m
sure he gives more great stuff in the
training but you didn’t Leah lewd to
that I thought I could really catch or
maybe I just missed it let me know what
you guys think in the comments below
also it’s not a get quick rich scheme
thought that was skip if you want that
so I like I like that I mean it’s a
decent approach qualify will he said it
will show I think show each step his
offer was a free training I like the
inspirational music at times not sure if
the whole thing CTA directly saying
we’re links are to click pull devices
just like Alex Becker did John Mac then
yet and then provements would like to
see his face maybe a repeat the CTA USP
ok when you want to repeat the CJ just
because it’s like go so quick and that
you know it’s like yes you think it’s so
simple and easy because you are so close
to your offer you spent so much time
but for us you never the first time can
be kind of quick so I mean I liked Alex
when he just integrated it three times
so like naturally not like well it’s
it’s like sometimes I say again just
click the links usually you want to do
it a little bit different Alex did that
really nicely which I thought was great
so it didn’t sound repetitive mmm yeah I
gotta hate when he says like you only
need these one thing then he says a few
things but taking action persistence
etcetera or something like that and
again it makes me think just okay I got
that why join your training ending slide
to give user time to click so those are
some improvements that he could have
made so now on to the next one Tim
Sanders mr. Tim Sanders let’s check this
guy out
sellers are able to consistently find
winning products to sell my name is Tim
Saunders and I’m a top and was on
private label seller and in this video
I’m gonna show you some of my techniques
that have helped me grow five physical
product brands on that sell
over $400,000 in monthly revenue and
over the past twelve months I’ve sold
over five million dollars
now I’m gonna share with you some of my
key methods and fitting criteria one of
the eight vetting criterias that I use
is product age now product age is so
important we want to make sure that we
source a product that’s going to be a
consistent seller for the long haul you
see you can go online and find a product
and it looks amazing the sales look
great if the product has only been on for two weeks the seller has
called up some of his buddies to
purchase his product and leave some
he’s also run a discounted giveaway
which inflates the sales numbers now you
go out you source the same exact product
and guess what happened you look back
and the other sellers sales had dropped
and now you’re left with an dud product
this actually happens and can catch you
if you don’t follow it proven method for
finding your products you see we want to
go after products that I’ve been on the
Amazon marketplace for a minimum of
two months this gives us enough data to
help us to see if this is gonna be a
product that is gonna be a consistent
seller for the long haul and therefore a
profitable product for you now another
technique that I use to find winning
private label products is I look at
oversized items now contrary to the
device that you may have heard and many
blogs flashing YouTube videos or
Facebook groups most go after standard
sized items that are small and simple to
ship now there is money to be made in
standard sized items but with the large
majority going after this style of
product what does that leave wide open
for you and I that’s right over sized
products in fact half of my product
portfolio on right now our
oversized items yes see shipping takes a
little bit longer but the profit margins
on my oversized items are tremendous
that’s technique number two don’t
overlook oversized products when doing
your product research now one of the
biggest reasons that I’ve seen people
fail at Amazon private label is they
don’t know how to make winning products
they say something along the lines of
amazon’s too saturated it’s too
competitive or it takes them weeks or
months to find a product and even then
they feel it’s just a shot in the dark
or they don’t know how to properly vet
their product you can click the link
here on the screen and fill up a quick
form to get instant access to this free
video resource where I will show you
another technique in my exact blueprint
on how I consistently find wedding
products to sell on Amazon also in this
video I will show you how is able to
build and scale my Amazon FBA business
to six figures in under four months so
click the link here on the screen see
you on the inside
a decent improvements can have and being
stream longer I’m sorry about the chips
there can have and being screen longer
probably more proof I did like his wrist
prosody that he gave really build trust
probably more specific
CTA maybe I would say seemed more
natural this guy reminds me of myself
he’s very like talks very hyped up to
the camera like you know like that type
of style plus he loves to teach so do i
as well so i could just tell his whole
ad was basically majority teaching which
teaching is good i think it did help
build trust especially like with all the
other advertisers they didn’t really
teach anything but he let that be like
the main rock of the ad which i think it
could have been longer included some
other pieces like his USP etc I would
say make the offer more compelling
just compared to alex becker where he
said he will reveal I guess like exact
business also 24 hours 30 days cetera so
we had like specific time line so I’m
gonna send these to my client give them
some examples let me know what you
thought of these video shows copied the
in stream and URL view the ad and gave
my feedback as well what I believed were
the good aspects and what could be
I’ll leave this below two I’ll hit the
share link anyone can view that way you
can access that yeah still working on my
own book explain this all to Bad’s
profit playbook
you guys are gonna absolutely love that
I am editing the audio right now so each
of these is tracks you guys got to see
the book though it’s pretty it’s pretty
sweet it’s gonna go into way detail how
to do all this as you can see like I
don’t know if you can do this as well
too but I’m like I can just pick all the
exact points that’s so like how I see
like communication of these ads like
this like this could be your outline
right here pattern interrupt you know
it’s like and what did he do he did like
a beep but like you can like do these
principles in different ways your Pinner
pattern interrupt can be like yo you
know or something like different or just
something that will interrupt their
pattern in a way do something a little
bit different and what all these mean
how to do on that’s is like all I go in
detail in the program it’s all
documented within this book 2 Bad’s
prophet playbook now this is gonna be my
ad no I’m just kidding oh yeah this book
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it’s really close it just needs some
more diagrams and pictures in here and
that’s basically basically it anything
else you guys want to know let me know
in the comments below I’d love to answer
help I’m working towards sharing stuff
that most people don’t share things like
this no one really shows examples of ads
they just keep it pretty vague so I’m
going into much more detail of what
actually work to grow I have an SEO
agency if you don’t already know that do
search engine optimization for Google
and so that’s how I get clients also
using YouTube ads use YouTube organic
and also paid ads if you want to go with
the organic route just take the strategy
and then yet it’s post organically do it
for different keywords this goes into
keyword research I also have a video
about keyword research on this channel
if you want to check that out I’ll link
to that below as well so let me make
sure I got the description here okay so
in the description I will give you a
link to tube ads profit playbook first
let’s go back to I’ll give you a link to
this just so you have the links if you
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used in video my new book two Bad’s
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three four nine two sorry my computer’s
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basically with the video version then
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got a ship to write to your front door
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literally why I’m doing this is my
legacy I don’t know everyone I think has
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I feel like my purpose is to document
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I just like the document crate yes it is
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what I do so I’m getting you get more
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anything else yeah I’m here to serve
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let me know this is Mike Piatt and I’ll
talk to you later peace later guys
Cheers hope you liked it