My wife Sarah does a YOUTUBE INSTREAM AD… talk about amazing wife huh!?! 😀

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hey guys so I want to tell you all about
this booktube ads prophet playbook it’s
gonna show you everything you need to
know to scale your client service
business my husband and I run an SEO
company and we’ve used the whole system
in this book to get tons of clients on
YouTube with simple in-stream ads just
like this one basically round 2016 was
when we got our first YouTube client it
was from organic and we thought hmmm we
should try YouTube ads and we spent
about a couple of years just figuring
out how they all work and I just don’t
think I am doing good okay is this
streaming live we are streaming live
what up guys like how would you like my
wife or you two that I haven’t done
fortunately I’m usually the back I’m
usually in the background and helping
camera girl do it you know I’m saying so
yeah you can see that I’m not a great ad
person in front of the camera this is
new to me cuz like I said I’m usually in
the background helping Mike get he’s
usually the one talking to the camera he
is like the better vocal skills don’t
you like
no but anyways argot how to get right in
front of those people so you don’t spend
tons of money on ads you know in front
of the wrong people thinking that Oh
your ad just didn’t work or something
else when really it can work you just
have to have you know all three things
correct so the first one is obviously
targeting right in front of the right
people the ad and then the funnel so
everything has to be aligned and this
book’s gonna show you exactly how to do
that and basically the exact way that we
target to find our SEO clients that
Vegas reoccurring monthly minimum of a
thousand monthly all the way up until
like our highest paying client pays us
like 3,500 monthly we’ve got them all on
YouTube so it’s been pretty insane now
we’re at a point where we want to branch
out and help other people like yourself
grow your client business and you know
so you don’t have to waste time like
following up with people that aren’t
answering or going into businesses you
can actually do it right like we use a
screen sharing program to show them
plan of action what we’re gonna do make
them feel comfortable with the process
and then also we have like a whole
system for like how we follow-up etc etc
which you know we can also tell you
about later on if you’re interested
that’d be the sale system but yeah check
this book out first and you know learn
all about YouTube ads and what you need
to get them profitable to get yourself
some high paying monthly clients cost
the book is free see guys I’m in
training Oh free guys this is like 400
pages I know I’m biased but honestly it
has like really good stuff section 3
acquisition add to like it exactly what
you need to say how you film it just
every random place now reformat yeah
this is an example handle objection
again is well this is actually just a
Thai Lopez example handle objection so
again it’s not just about the money it’s
about the good life how well love and
call to action and so I record a little
video it’s actually on my website you
can click here on the video it’ll take
you to my website where I share three
things that they taught me three things
that can implement today no matter where
you are what this is it now this isn’t
unclick rich screen blah blah blah offer
details so I recorded a little
two-minute video my website like I said
now it’s not the most professionally not
even my favorite part
great read though but honestly let me
let me pick a section now like I did
this all ship directly your door seven
to ten days staying super specific like
I mentioned earlier we humans are mostly
pretty bad at communicating
we give vague statements using vague
words and think people should just get
it when in fact we don’t even even when
people say they do in most cases when
you ask someone to repeat back in their
own words what you said they usually say
something else or totally don’t get what
you’re saying or actually don’t get it
at all that’s why we have to be specific
when we speak so instead of get your
ideal body becomes get into shape
instead of shape becomes flat define
muscular muscle just use a process of
asking the questions what do I really
mean if I had to be more specific what
would that be because the thing is
trust and are motivated to buy from
other people who are more specific verse
someone who is more vague and
questionable regardless of who they are
or whatever selling ill for what this
book is you’ve got really a clear
communication set this up yeah how do
you set up so you don’t waste a lot of
money and keep growing it yep so overall
in this section you’ll learn what ad
types and triggering methods and which
ones to start with priority for you and
how to set up the campaigns in an
organized way which is key to know
what’s working and what isn’t to refine
which we’ll go over in the next section
because although we prioritize what we
think will work best with the info we
have everything is still a test only
true way to know what works is by
testing and seeing the data if it works
or not
of course you’ll need a Google Ads
account before beginning so it just goes
into then like how to create the actual
campaign and then how to set it up so
when you’re testing you can easily see
what’s with Alex Becker they’re all
using YouTube ads grow their business
think about it you’re on YouTube right
now yeah you really don’t have to be
that good at communicating or be on
camera you have to be good but not that
good like awesome or an example here
we’re not the best but we can still have
a great product and still communicate it
what a does and target the right way
that if you have someone to advertise
then and only a little bit of money to
invest dollars a day yeah I mean yeah
back good sales right away you really
don’t invest right and yeah I mean
honestly the the people that you you
know the leads that we’re getting I mean
they’re qualified people are interested
in SEO so that’s like the best day it’s
like it’s not just someone that you’re
trying to convince of this it’s like
somebody that actually is interested in
what you’re offering so yeah it’s been a
huge for growing our business and I
think that YouTube ads are only gonna
get bigger more people are using them
but yeah you’re gonna want to know
everything in this book tube ads profit
playbook we’re offering it right now for
free like Mike said but I honestly want
to charge like 50 to $100 for
I mean this is invaluable to me with the
data in this all the stuff in this book
but you know it’s our gift to you and
we’re giving it away free for a limited
yeah we’re not just saying that it’s the
truth because I already didn’t want to
give it away so we’ll show you some
examples on this page too you know what
it is change their life but there’s more
to our story started selling radiography
book some supplements other businesses
didn’t know what I would do marketing
and I kept going YouTube ads just
getting more and more feedback by the
way that’s the best way to learn we did
it before the video would be could be
may or may not be actually we’re testing
so might be like a two-question thing
just to help you out better but yeah or
there might not be right now there
currently is but we could change that
yeah so yeah doesn’t matter if you suck
in front of a camera doesn’t matter if
you have little money to spend in
advertising it doesn’t matter if you
need your ads to make money quickly this
whole system can make it work even if
you try to fill the past like we did
many times over even if you hate reading
you can also get the book on audio plus
the video yeah so the audio book is
great yeah so you can use it when you’re
working out or whatever enough to add
creating the add the funnel everything
everything in this book we do it like in
a speedrun how long is that
implementation bouquet it’s a few hours
but we do it literally you’ll see us
make ads and everything yeah it’s pretty
good yep so yeah it depends what you
want once you fill in your shipping
details those options will be right
there the audio and video boot camp and
then yeah likes their eventual done you
know about some other systems that we’ve
created hope you get massive value out
of this anything else let us know and
make sure to give Sarah a thumbs up
because she wrapped it in this ad Thanks
she’s learning all the systems from
filming sales not lead generation
content creation I primarily run our SEO
company but yeah I’m learning ads
because I obviously want to have that
skill and might need somebody else to
help out with it so yeah pretty cool go
to two ads profit playbook Cheers
yep forward to talking to you soon