See how PURPLE does thier YOUTUBE INSTREAM ADS – and how you CAN USE IT too!

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now down there video ad in my book two
Bad’s profit playbook I’m gonna have a
copy of that up just on my word doc and
also I’ll have the video up as well and
let’s break it down exactly what they do
and how they do it I mean I was just
looking at their comments I mean they
got so purple they sell mattresses this
4-minute ad 167 million views these
comments are crazy too
this is literally the best marketing
ever I came here to tell you this this
will also be my next bed too
this is literally the only YouTube
commercial I didn’t skip and watch with
wow like people love the lines like it
starts starts out okay but collapses
over time like cheap sneakers or Anakin
Skywalker hey baby want some arthritis
anyways yeah it’s a good ad let’s break
it down I’ll actually play I’ll break
down the part and then I’ll play it just
so you can see it so first I’m gonna
break it down in terms of like the
influential kind of pieces they use and
how they tie them all together so the
first part is pain they set up the big
idea and the proof set up as well tell
that your bed is awful the raw egg test
let me prove it
looking for some shoulder pain try a
hard mattress oh it may feel like a rock
and put pressure on your hips but it’s
the perfect way to tell your partner hey
baby want some arthritis it just fails
the raw egg test then there’s the soft
mattress it starts out okay but
collapses over time like some cheap
sneakers or Anakin Skywalker and since
it comes with our back support you get
to try cool new hobbies like chronic
pain but it also fails the raw egg test
now let me explain the eggs the raw egg
test states that the perfect bed will
let you put weight on raw eggs without
breaking them because if a bed can
cradle raw eggs while supporting all
that weight it’ll also cradle your
pressure points while supporting your
body from maximum comfort well if the
hard beds bad a cradling and the soft
beds bad at supporting at least the
medium bed is just terrible it’s not
firm enough for back support or soft
enough for your pressure points so in
the end it’s just a sad middle ground
like limbo or what see centaur it’s
average no one wants average now to get
around that some beds come with $5,000
remote so you can choose between hard
bed problems or soft bed problems
they’re so high-tech they fail the raw
egg test twice now their product their
offer their USP I don’t need a bed
that’s hard soft or average I need the
best of firm and soft without the
drawbacks introducing purple
the only mattress that cradles your
pressure points like a soft bed while
supporting everywhere else like a firm
one need proof I’m really heavy for a
little girl from a fairy tale yeah
rocket scientist and uses a comfort grid
system to distribute weight across any
body type giving you the best sleep
you’ve ever had guaranteed
thanks science now there’s a catch most
high-end mattresses cost five thousand
dollars but ours is only a thousand
prepare contrast right there we’re sorry
about that we’re the best
but you can spend that extra money on I
don’t know an adorable baby bear
don’t let it open the mattress though it
will pee all over it and while you’re
saving money you’ll save time too
because we’re shipping purple right to
your door for free thank you now I have
two we’re so convinced you’ll love
purple if it doesn’t change your life in
the first 100 nights we’ll take it back
for a complete refund that’s the purple
no pressure guarantee so if you or
someone you love sleeps click here to
buy your purple at on purple comm and
say goodbye to the rock-hard frozen bed
the saggy swamp bed the average bed and
the expensive remote get yourself into a
purple and mom-and-pop it’s not the
1940s share a bed already
and make sure it’s a purple so you guys
have been sleeping in garbage click now
to start your 100 night trial of
nocturnal blisters proof pain pleasure
compare and contrast USP risk reversal
call to action etc and engage while
purple could have improved on maybe some
more proof socially no they have like
thousands of great reviews maybe even
add those in maybe miss flashing first a
few seconds but again a really good ad
maybe really amplify like the back pain
power like what it will cause me lost of
work hours worst relationships etc and
also sometimes to a little confusing
now I’m gonna sort of I noticed this
time it last time I watched it fill a
little confusing when they’re trying to
be funny and creative such as most
high-end mattresses cost five thousand
bars is only one thousand we’re sorry
about that just makes me think why would
you be sorry about that but I was just
being super logical and super nitpicky
that’s just what I made me thought in
that time but I really didn’t think of
that in me yeah yeah exactly if you go
with the commercial route at least make
it good yeah huge brand you know what I
mean it just fell through so that’s the
breakdown how purple did their ad and
the breakdown of the influential
elements in between so you can basically
take this just say okay I need to do the
pain that’s set up what’s gonna be it
what’s the proof you know that I’m going
through a metaphor that I’m gonna say
why we’re unique you know compare and
contrast and other different stuff I
can’t prove handle objections you just
basically got us look at the behind the
scenes so to speak or like underneath
the iceberg what’s kind of like going on
kind of a metal level up even you can
say like these are the elements they’re
using now you just replace it with their
words their situation with your own
thing compare and contrast bonus
reversal again something bigger call to
action all these different influence
factors you can do it for your own video
to make the profit income and impact you
want each munch each month consistently
it’s gonna say one more thing to you
know yeah and a good presenter for sure
oh yeah I was gonna say that we’re not a
customer yet but still again a radar
like a year later you know so could be a
long-term return or they could do a
sequencing campaign to really hit us
with why by now maybe that’s something
they missed in the ad that I’m thinking
of again if I had to find something I
mean you never know if they’re actually
successful or not and yeah the guy seems
pretty cool that made the ad hopefully
that’s the real guy Instagram
with him and stuff like that but other
than that hope you got some value out of
that and then you can use it and we have
some more breakdowns and some great
things coming for 2019 on this channel
so make sure you subscribe or at least
check back every once in a while to get
some more value to grow your business
and anything else that is needed we’re
here to help against Mike Pyatt Sarah
Piatt will chat with you later peace