5 Step Proven Formula For Profitable YouTube Advertising At Scale


There’s nothing like YouTube Video Ads when done RIGHT.

…communicating your offer influentially through your YouTube ad…

…having high conversions…

…and making much more money back than you are spending average…

…and being able to scale it to make the profit, income, and impact your want each month.

BUT on the other hand…

When your video doesn’t convert well enough, and/or wrong targeting, and/or funnel is not converting high enough… you can waste a ton of money and time…

It took me (Mike Piet) YEARS to finally crack the YouTube ads profitability at scale code – that I’ve organized in a SIMPLE 5 step formula for you to use immediately to get your own YouTube advertising profitable.

So let’s get into it now:


Profitable YouTube Ads Step #1: Process Planning

First you have to plan out the main parts.

Such as, you have to figure out your “customer avatar” or potential customer/prospect/lead

– all the certain traits about them: their fears and frustrations, and on the flip side their goals and desires

– then you can more easily target these people, create a compelling YouTube ad, and funnel that will convert much better.

And you need to figure out what you’re offering (both free and or paid) that way you can ALIGN it with your YouTube ads and funnel (funnel in this case being the series of pages and steps after user clicks the link in your YouTube ad).

Overall, it’s best to have a BIG PICTURE process map to see how it all ALIGNS, then this is also your big picture to do to put these elements in place.

youtube ads funnel map

Now onto actually putting these major parts in place, starting with…


Profitable YouTube Ads Step #2: Fantastic Funnel

You then need to have a high converting funnel …even if you have the best targeting and ad, you still need a high converting funnel.

Funnel being the major steps and action the prospect will take after they click the link in the ad, for example for my SEO company a super simple profitable funnel:

For this funnel to convert high you need to:

Have it SIMPLE, explaining all the need to know details,

And use all the best conversion practices and influence factors, such as reciprocity, outcome oriented, pain and pleasure, logic and emotion, scarcity, compare and contrast, etc.

(here’s a design below of the core influence factors I just made for my YouTube ads book – which I’ll tell you more about if you’re interested, after we go over these 5 steps)

-> using all these core influence factors in order to:

Build enough trust, motivation, and action to have the high conversions to make your YouTube Ads campaign profitable – and using these influence factors correctly through your funnel.

Now on to actually creating your YouTube ad…


Profitable YouTube Ads Step #3: Acquisition YouTube Ad

Your YouTube video ad must also be “on point” to convert highly

to at least bare minimum get the user to click, and even can influence viewer much more (such as even be convinced to buy your product/service) in the YouTube video ad itself.

While there is a lot of smaller details and complexities, here’s the most basic “parts” of your ad include:


Grab their attention from the start, why they should watch the video, who are you, etc. Then the…

MIDDLE or “main content”

what you have to offer, some tips, your story of how you figured it out, your USP (what makes you different and better than everyone else) and communicate it all in a simple, quick, and engaging way.


With a compelling call to action to specifically what to do, i.e. click the link in the ad, fill out the form, etc. and end with something inspirational to inspire action.

And creating this going from rough ideas, to more in depth script, to filming/recording, editing, and uploading to YouTube.


Now onto actually setting up the targeting and getting it all live working together…


Profitable YouTube Ads Step #4: Tactful Targeting

Then setting up the actual YouTube Video ad with correct targeting settings, connecting to your funnel.

So there’s 3 main types of YouTube video ad formats:

  1. Instream YouTube ads
  2. Side YouTube ads
  3. Search YouTube ads

#1: Instream Video ads: showing up before another video where user can skip the ad after 5 seconds.

This Instream Video ad type is great because the cost can be super low cost per view, click, and conversion, with cost per view as low as a few cents, to clicks around a dollar, and leads around a few dollars – but more competitive markets may be more than that.

#2: Side Videos ads: show on the side of a video.

User than can click that side ad and be brought to your video watch page or channel. I usually send users to watch page as it feels more organic.

…with side (and search ads) going to your own watch page (vs instream showing up on someone else watch page before another video) you have more time to teach and explain (vs instream need to be quicker since user can click the “skip ad button” super easily).

#3: And the search ads:

Mainly showing up for relevant search ads.

This ad type is great because prospect is already motivated looking for a solution.

The cons with search ads are they can be more expensive and sometimes YouTube shows the search ads for them most irrelevant keywords (so you have to exclude them – which we’ll get to in the “refining” step)

Now once you know these main YouTube ad types, there’s a few different ways to trigger the ads to show.

The starting best way to trigger your YouTube ads to show for PROFITABLE YouTube advertising is:

Showing up on custom selected videos:

I love this way because unlike audience where YouTube can go wrong, when placing exact videos you want to show your ads on, you can then know exactly where your ads are showing, and what type of person would be watching them.


For example, if I’m selling something that tennis players would want, I can select all the videos about tennis, and most likely all the people watching the video like tennis, and therefore a likely candidate to buy my product/service.

And there’s other ways to trigger your YouTube ads, such as keyword triggering, and other audience routes, etc.

Overall what I just shared are the best YouTube ads formats – and ad triggering method to start with (that have been proven on multiple businesses to be profitable).

And once you have it going, you’ll then need to…


Profitable YouTube Ads Step #5: Relentless Refining

So here you need your tracking setup to measure leads and sales before you even begin advertising. That way you can know the cost per leads and sales and use that data to refine all the specific elements to make the YouTube advertising campaigns profitable.

So once you get your YouTube Ads campaigns going, then you need to refine the campaigns, based on the data what specific elements are working and what is NOW working.

The best way most people don’t seem to know about is demographics.

  • Age groups
  • Gender (male or female)
  • Parental status
  • Income level groups

And you want to select the correct demographics before you begin as well (for example one of my clients Vince DelMonte, sells workout programs for men, so we exclude women and only show to men).

And for whatever reason certain demographic combination will convert better than others, meaning some will have a lower cost per conversion, some higher – so you’ll need to stop all the cost per conversion for sale that is too much.

For example, let’s say you sell a product for $30 dollars.

If you cost per sale conversion is $80 dollars on the specific set of combinations , you’ll then want to pause/stop/exclude that demographic element since you are losing money on average.

And if another demographic combination cost $20 dollars per sale conversion, then you want to keep that going and see if you can scale it for more profitable sales faster?

Make sense?

Then you do this REFINING with all the targeting elements combinations to really get your YouTube advertising profitable, such as:

  • Specific video placements, you can see the cost per conversion for each video, and if a video isn’t performing well, stop it.
  • Same with keywords, you can see all the exact keywords someone searched before clicking your ad on the keywords tab, then search terms report, so any keyword not performing well (i.e. not getting conversion after spending past the accepted/desired limit or cost too much per sale conversion) the pause/stop/exclude those.
  • You can also look at certain days, like maybe Monday cost $100 per sale on average and Tuesday $40 dollars per sale on average, so may want to pause Monday.
  • Or even looking at certain hour or the day, you can hit the segment button and segment and see the cost per conversion by time of day, and add to scheduling to pause all under-performing time of day.
  • And make sure you split your desktop and mobile conversion on campaigns, so you can see the difference on mobile vs desktop – because these conversion data will be different on each devices.

Then you’ll be left with only the top combination of what’s working, you can than scale your YouTube ads with lowest cost per sales conversions to make the profit, income and impact you want.


So in recap:

  1. Process Planning: Overview of funnel what you need in place and what to do, for total alignment and best conversions
  2. Fantastic Funnel: simple high converting funnel in place with great offer having best conversion once person clicks the link from the YouTube ads and goes to your site
  3. Acquisition Ad: highest converting YouTube ad with all the influence factors building enough motivation and trust for user to at least click the link, and even sold on the entire funnel/offer for the highest conversions
  4. Tactful Targeting: using the right ad type, with right triggering methods and settings correct (there’s also more to this I didn’t mention like most people don’t know about ad capping frequency, you don’t want o be showing your ad to same person over and over just wasting you money)
  5. Relentless Refining: paying for the data so speak, and seeing what audience works best, what keywords placement, each day, time of day, demographic combinations – pausing all the under-performing combinations, and running and scaling all the best targeting combinations.

Doing this you’ll have the profitable YouTube ad campaigns to scale to make the income and impact you want each month consistently.

This may be a lot at first to take in, but it’s definitely works and worth it.

I scalded my SEO client business with YouTube ads, and have now successfully and profitably scaled other businesses using the same YouTube ads strategy/formula as well.

You can do it.

Now This Has Been Just The Tip Of The Iceberg


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Live with profits and passion.


Mike Piet