Proven Paths To Profitable
YouTube Video Advertising

A shin how’s it going I’m mike pyatt
Your host for scaling your business and
What we’re going to talk about today is
The three proven paths to give me your
Youtube ads your youtube video adds up
Quickly correctly and of course
Profitably hell yeah
Applause for that now
Okay so three paths right so you’re here
First one just three info okay you know
This is just researching maybe talking
To some people maybe going on some type
Of forms either adwords has a form
Adwords for videos people ask questions
And you can kind of do it and then you
Just kind of get as much info as you
Kind of for free
And then you take action use it just
Keep you know refining and seeing what
Works and what doesn’t and you just
Learn a lot learn a lot as you go keep
Learning and you know doing that’s what
I did
Took about a few years so I mean it may
Take a little bit longer so there’s pros
And cons there’s not much learning cost
To that I mean there is learning cost
And time and wasted money from the
Adwords campaign but the other route
Here is also a paid course I took a few
Of those they’re good and you have to
Set their got a lot of advertising
Courses a lot of courses on content
There’s not that many on youtube
Surprisingly but I have taken a few so
That’s a route that way you can take
Someone for example like myself who was
You know documented this and spent years
You know learning and researching or
Finding it all the beliefs the mindsets
The templates the examples and put into
A structured course and they do it right
To actually put in a way where you know
You learn and you take action you
Actually get the result if they know how
To you know actually teaching and create
Courses like that which I’ve created and
The other one is also a you know paid
Surveys as well I only gave you someone
Else delegating so when you trust an
Expert to do it for you that way you
Have to do these learning all on your
Own and learning and doing yourself you
Can you know delegate to someone who is
Trusted and get results and just update
You with the metrics and things like
That that way you can keep you know
Zooming out and working on the business
And doing other things you have to do so
There’s pros and cons and it really just
Depends on your situation my life I have
More time to you know learn courses info
Connect and that’s just what I was doing
Of course I’m getting more into a point
Where now I’m starting to pay others for
These sorts of things so if you’re in a
Position where you have the budget and
You know you can pay someone else to do
Then you know that’s good too and then
You’re gonna sag and look at the metrics
Obviously interview you know look at the
Person talk to them research them a bit
Make sure they’re legit and you can just
Usually tell like talking to someone you
Know if they know what’s going on if you
Just ask me a few questions examples
Case studies etc so again really depends
On your situation pros and cons you
Don’t need to do what everyone else is
Doing you need to do what it’s best for
You whatever works best for you and your
Situation so honestly I’m trying or I am
Providing as best I can
All three of these so right here this is
Free information you know I’m given I’m
Just trying to give it raw as much as I
Can out to help others also you’re on
Offer a paid course the whole structured
Way this is instructure this is me just
Live shooting this video I’m thinking
About it a little bit but a structured
Course I offer as well too bad
Systems.Com too ads systems comm I’ll
Leave a link below as well I also paid
Service as well
My staff and I can do it all for you as
Well so if you’re interested you know be
Sure to check us out at paid ad
Again do what’s best for you and make it
Happen be committed to the result and
Then following these processes and soon
Enough the lab your youtube ads set up
Quickly correctly and profitably and
Anything else you need to know or you
Want to ask or questions or anything
Feel free to leave a comment below or go
You add systems.Com and you go to the
Contact page and you can either have a
Message or you set up a time to talk
With me or someone on my team as well
That’s trained and we can help you out
So we’re here to help and make it happen
Let’s get that those youtube video ads
Up successfully correctly and profitably
And it’s like pi it we’ll talk again
Soon take care bye