Profitable Targeting Methods For YouTube Video Advertising

Youtubenation I’m just kidding what’s
Going on it’s Mike Piet from YouTube ad
Systems and today we’re going to go over
Targeting options and methods for
Profitably scaling your youtube
Advertising your video ads so let’s get
Into it so let’s say you want to make
Twenty thousand a month here with this
Funnel so let’s just say if you know
Thousand dollar product it could be less
It could be more you need twenty people
Right so if you want to reach this goal
Of course you’re gonna need you know
Your sales page probably some sort of
Free offer to build trust what you offer
Etcetera then of course your video add
Those to your free offer
Tango’s here your sales page and can go
Into customers and fulfillment and of
Course then you need your targeting so
You can have the best ad the best free
Offer or the best sales message the best
Product but if you’re targeting you’re
Not targeting the right people or in the
Right way cost too much then it’s not
Gonna be profitable and again that’s
Obviously our end goal here so let’s
Talk about targeting options here so
We’ll talk about kind of the placements
And yeah how you can kind of trigger
These ads so of course there’s the
Search ads when you’re searching
Something and then the ad comes up here
And then these are the organic results
So you can pay for an ad right here
These were really good but nowadays they
Just don’t work how they should I always
Say with google adwords sometimes
Sometimes the way it works isn’t the way
It should work so we have to look at
Reality sometimes you know you put your
Keywords in like I said say seo search
Engine optimization or whatever built
Muscle it just doesn’t always trigger an
Ad for whatever reason or triggers like
Just like a ad that’s not relevant also
The cost per click on these went really
High I used to pay 30 cents per click
Now it’s like up to like two to fifty
Per click so it’s gone a lot higher
Don’t not sure why I think they
Obviously they changed something with in
The adwords so we have to go on you know
What is reality so that way
It seems like at work I love google calm
Search delfino google.Com it’s way too
Expensive but I love when people are
Motivated searching and you can trigger
For exact keywords but sometimes you
Won’t show the shoulders for some random
Keywords or the cost per click will just
Be way too high so then another way
Though you can share these same search
Ad is by person so by a group of people
So suppose my face on that guy so so a
Certain person so you can do what’s
Called in market so in market means
They’re looking they’re ready to buy
Based on certain actions they took like
They viewed certain videos they viewed
Certain websites etc so for example with
The fitness there’s people in market
Looking for a gym membership in market
Looking for looking for personal
Training services you can do business
Services certain software cetera there’s
A whole list of them and I can leave a
Link below to these as well then there’s
Also another like segment of audiences
Affinity audience which is basically
People have been in the group for a long
Time so they’re a long-term like
Interested in building muscle a
Long-term interested about marketing etc
Or whatever the thing is you choose
Instead of in market their more recent
More based on purchase behaviors and
Then there’s also life events you can do
Just got married just bought a house
Just graduated college I think that that
Also remarking so based on certain
Actions they took such as visit your
Website butte one of your videos etc you
Can also do based on email list so you
Can upload a bunch of emails whether
Your prospects are customers and show
These target and trigger ads to them
Also similar to lists so these are based
On a certain action they took and
Similar to it so like remarketing
Similar to people that watched a video
Similar people that opted in similar
People to an email list so you can do
Similar to ones adwords youtube will
Automatically create this audience based
On certain things look for certain
Traits and then find more people like
There’s certain ways that you can
Trigger the ads based on these people
That are took certain actions and in
These these groups here on the store
Let’s go to the page of the video so
Obviously so you’re on you know a
Youtube video we’ve got the title down
Here the video and then there’s also a
Side you can do a side ad here and
Obviously there’s like the organic
Related videos and then of course you
Can do you know the in-stream the video
Of a forest when you’re on them so this
Is the search page and then this is
What’s called like the watch page you’re
On the actual page was kind of only one
Ad slot here the search there’s two
Technically on the watch page because
You can have that ad right up on that
Right corner up there or you can have
One in the video now so then you can
Actually pick you can actually hand
Select individual videos so individual
Videos which is really great because
When you’re doing with these in markets
You basically are relying on adwords to
Say or these type of audience to say
Like this this person is in this
Audience so if individual video you have
Way better selection because you know
Okay they’re watching this video so I’m
Gonna trigger my ad based on when you’re
Watching this video you’ve uploaded you
Know hundred to 100,000 different videos
And there’s some like some custom
Software you can use to scrape that or
Manually pick or people’s channels you
Know if you’re a fitness like jeff
Cavaliere or you might want to put it on
You know if your marketing may be tight
Lopes or if you’re in self development
You put it on tony robbins channel etc
You can show ads right in those videos
You can either show them here the
In-stream or the side ad so again we
Want this thing profitable so the side
Abs are actually a lot more expensive
They can be around like two dollars per
Click and the in-stream ads can be as
Low as you know three cents to maybe a
Dollar so the side ads are seem to be
More expensive and the reason why I
Believe that to be true I mean it’s true
For my experience but the reason why is
Just from what I’m thinking is that
Because not as many people click these
Ads on the side so therefore it’s more
People competing in that budget towards
It’s just gonna be higher because
There’s not as much as demand there’s a
Lot of demand I know supply those people
Clicking it versus the interesting ones
About 66% of people skip the ads 33%
Watch the ads so one in three watch
Adversely one in maybe 500 or 1000
People could decide in so you’re showing
This add a lot more therefore it’s a lot
Cheaper so this interesting that is good
Plus when you click this side it it goes
To either your channel or another
Youtube page so it stays on youtube and
Then they have to go to your site
Afterwards so when they click this
Interesting they have to actually go
Right to the site something go right to
That free offer versus a youtube and
Then is a free offer so clicking this
Community click in this industry matt it
Can work pretty well so I used to think
The in-stream ads didn’t work that they
Were annoying people to skip those you
Know it says ad right there you know
It’s kind of annoying but they actually
Work so yeah if you have a good
Obviously if you have a good video I’ll
Link below to a video I did yesterday
About how to create a really good video
To get it convert if you have a really
Good video you put it in there with
Certain elements in it then you can get
It to be very profitable so yeah you can
Trigger this ad as in-stream ads let’s
Talk about this one different ways like
I mentioned just based on if they’re on
This video it doesn’t matter who it is
As long as they’re on this video or you
Can do one of these audience ways in
Market affinity a life event or
Remarketing or email list or a similar
To audience and even then do it this way
And you’re targeting the person
Specifically to trigger the app it
Doesn’t matter what video they on they
Could be on some maybe if you were
Trying to do business advice to someone
And they were on a video maybe about
Donald trump I mean that could be
Technically business in a way or they
Were on something about watching about
Racing cars well they can still see that
Ad because they’re interested in this
Something you selected in the way to get
It so there’s kind of two different ways
Based on the person specifically can
Trigger the ad to show or based on the
Video itself that they’re watching I
Test both I use both of these I usually
Start with you know with specific videos
I know that they’re gonna you know watch
These so I search my keywords so I do
Some keyword
Research and I find all the keywords
That someone is most likely searching or
Videos watching I select all those put
Those in the campaign and also do
Another campaign and then I also do it
With the people without target options
Too you can do desktop versus mobile I
Usually start with desktop is that
Usually converts better but that’s just
Somebody got a test so I’d separate
Campaigns to test those also time of day
Every morning night or specific day
Maybe it’s the you know the weekends
Work better or they work worse I’m still
Saturday and sunday or monday tuesday
Wednesday thursday friday you can put on
Any day you want time of day device so
You can segment these certain things and
Test them and you can get the data
Actually and you can look at those and
Say what’s converting best also then
Demographics are huge so certain ages so
Certain um so ages also parental status
This is one that I always find really
Interesting parental status because like
For example in the fitness market I’ve
Always noticed that certain of these
Groups one will always convert better it
Looks ill they’ll tell you a parent or
Not a parent
And I’m like well why does it really
Matter or I mean maybe I would think
Maybe you know one maybe not a parent
Would have more time to work out or
Something but as always always one
Converts usually better sometimes
They’re about even but one converts
Better that way you pause the one that
Doesn’t convert better and you keep the
One and spend more towards once works
Better so then you get those okay we’re
Back I think it got interrupted for a
Second I was saying demographics is huge
So there’s a go to video targeting you
Can see your demographics ages certain
Age ranges you can look at male/female
Parental status that’s huge to look at
An income level test though sometimes
You can know before what’s most likely
To work so you want to test that first
Sometimes you don’t necessarily know
Like income level I’d always think okay
It’s mark todd’s target the rich people
The top 10% but sometimes it doesn’t
Convert as well it’s like the people
That are from 50 to 60% of
Income level so you just want to test
Those things for ages
Sometimes with marketing if I’m doing
Business advice maybe I’ll you know not
Target people that are super young but
Maybe I would want to test that because
Maybe they’re really motivated and the
New age you know you know we’re getting
Younger and younger so it’s things to
Test yeah if you don’t fitness advice
Maybe you only go you know you only you
Know want to promote the females or
Males or you want to separate those and
Test it or just put both in there test
Them it’ll show you the data you can
Segment and see what you know how much
The league costs for male how much is
The lead cost for female and how much of
The customer – so that’s what you can
See that’s a big deal to see how much
You know it cost per conversion and then
You want to pause so you want to start
Testing all these different things so
Different placements different you know
Demographics different audience ways and
Then you know tasks to see what works
Best what converts into a customer best
Because you want to get that profitable
And then you want to refine these
Campaigns to get it profitable and keep
Scaling and testing different things to
Scale to find that profitability and
Then yeah keep scaling it so that’s what
Targeting options if you haven’t watched
The free case study goes into more
Detail on site to add systems.Com I’ll
Leave a link below also there’s a free
Facebook group to you know talk about
These things as well these keep evolving
So you kinda just want to keep your eye
Out in the adwords tool itself and just
Keep looking and also monitoring you
Know different websites plus I’ll update
Updates in the facebook group as well
Any questions let me know in the
Comments below or you go to my website
Go to the contact page and contact me
Who are on facebook happy to help hope
It got tons of value from this video
Make sure you check out the relating
Videos for the gang you need all these
Pieces you need the targeting method
Best practices that all set up plus the
Ad plus the free offers plus the sales
Page you get these goals once these are
All lined and they’re all kind of if you
Do the math they all work out then you
Know you’ll reach your goal of you know
Giving these customer so you can scale
It and grow to the income level that you
Want so anything else again let me know
And I’ll talk to you again soon this is
Mike Piet from tube ad systems peace out
Talk to you later bye