Mapping Out Our YouTube Ads Funnel – Advanced Funnel Profit Hacking – NEW STRATEGY REVEALED

About a funnel and we’re just gonna have
We put up this camera we’re in our
Secret location I just put a piece of
Paper up here and then sarah’s just
Gonna fill in it close then she’ll
She’ll zoom in out of what I’m saying is
It facing you yeah
Oh wait you’re not gonna be able to see
It through it you see if I switch the
Camera no you just got to do it this way
Okay so basically we’re create a new ad
For our fur on youtube advertising
Services so we want to sell at 997
Course or also we have a 997 do it for
You monthly so it just depends where you
Know people are at or other objective is
Just to give away as much massive value
As possible so those are like things we
Already in place we don’t want to change
Those variables in turn who tune on that
Music just in case of course then it
Goes to okay
Sorry about that okay so yeah massive
Value right now we have it on a free
Training page and that main thing to do
There’s our video it’s about 45 minutes
Plus we have some supplemental training
Plus a channel where we’re trying to
Grow that organically
So we’re actually using ads to get it
Like organics like using views so our
Videos some of them they’re unlisted
That way they’ll still get the views no
Matter what so even if like the funnel
Doesn’t convert like profitably well
Then it can still booth be organically
With all the views and watch time that
Way that can grow as well and get sales
From there so that’s how we do it we
Just use both our newest strategies
Synergy right mm-hmm okay so for our ad
What is our customer avatar wanna they
Want profit right mm-hmm like tax
Usually right launches you know
Definitely get more sales more money
Right mm-hm
Now what the way they deliver on that
Right right you gotta get to the right
Okay but what they like have blacks they
Don’t believe us right you gotta make an
An to sell right but not sell offers
Your service or product right right so
We can do you know vince tell money case
Study our tyt case study right mm-hmm so
To show the profit right mm-hmm I like
It just right to the profit I have no
Idea how I’m filming so sorry yes you
Know also just get the words to you can
Visualize your own map in your own head
About how this works because the kids
Face tork wall so I can’t even see it
That’s right so basically we’re looking
For micro conversions here so like for
Our free training we need to get people
To watch the video right so we measure
Like how many people are watching it so
Obviously clicking the add right right
Showing this stuff
Like yeah
Yep get them to watch it get them to
Consume it and then you’ll have a raving
Fan you know makes sense
So let’s go ahead and get that ad
Created so basically we’ll just show the
Proof and then we just got to link it to
A free training and we’re gonna have to
Rap with that cuz my arms getting tired
Okay does that make sense
Yeah leave the map out like the big idea
Right gbzt to be done still everyone big
Idea my arms cramping okay yeah we’re
Actually getting in the mail we’re
Getting like a holder soon who went to
Florida and we lost it so I apologize
For losing that dave dave burke could
Have it but I have to have to call him
Back yeah so action steps for you map
Out your own funnel you know what I’m
Saying or give us a ring go to our
Contact page schedule a free time to
Meet with us well tell them the website
Tube ads systems.Com okay that’s where
They can reach us in the contact page or
Facebook feel free to ask messenger I
Got read it
– my fault yes for my need to go up a
Little bit more okay oh my gosh thank
You for filming though you know so talk
To you later
Yeah I’ll talk to you soon let’s do this
Let’s scale the business how do you stop
It oh my gosh you switched it rotate
Device these are the ads that people
Want real-life ads they don’t want some
Fake ads they want real people like
Sarah and I right yeah we live in a
World where technology runs us we’re
Always checking our screens we’re always
Trying to find the next thing but in
Reality the thing is right here all long
Connection that’s what everyone’s
Looking for and if you can put that in
Your ad and show proof thinking help
People because people do want results –
We all do right we get in that mode
Right right so if we can show proof like
That wait and it’s real and you can send
A lot of ads – I’ve probably seen a lot
Of ads so far from me maybe about me no
This one’s probably gonna be about what
Maybe you’re the fifth one we have like
A certain segment strategy first we have
Like our intro ads then we have our what
Is it intro intro overview videos like
Overview this is what youtube ads is
Like you need to know targeting your
Avatar your ads yeah so our sequence
Strategy but we have segments and then
We put them in there and it’s like
They’re really bad ads and they go down
Below and like a section 9 but then we
Have overview targeting so like whatever
You would have liked weight loss maybe
Like the introduction videos and then
Like specific certain like little
Techniques you can do so you can do
Multiple ads yeah the thing is you also
Need to have a cheap audience because
You can do this strategy with expensive
Audience so you got to have cheap clicks
Like we’re talking five sat clicks
Or less you know insane it also needs
That scale to that’s where some of the
Custom audiences come into play so what
I want you to do is click the link below
Or above go to this videos watch page
Leave a comment let me know what you
Liked about this video whether you’re
Watching it organically or watching it
As an ad
It doesn’t matter let me know like the
Video show some support for sara as well
We’re out here cracking the code crack
In the youtube adwords code giving away
Massive value help you true
If you want to do we’re coming from a
Place of abundance in a place of this is
Just natural that we want to share yeah
Sorry about that
Yeah behind cameras different oh it’s
Fun I mean it definitely gets you
Outside your comfort zone but the best
Way I know how to deal with that is just
Do it exactly like I’m never in 1% in my
Comfort zone when I do these but coming
From place of giving and focusing the
Customer and being real and yeah we have
A very bad connection here the
Internet’s about to die so we got to go
Yes have a great rush to your day yeah
And yeah enjoy the end with passion live
With profitability living with
Predictability but a little bit of chaos
Chaos as well
Yeah and a little bit of love a lot of
Love acceptance sprinkle on some hard
Work from inspiration and abundance yeah
Sure I’ll help take care yeah exactly
See you at site