Key Critical Skill To Making Your YouTube Video Ads Profitable

How’s it going it’s mic pipe from
And what we’re going to be talking about
Today is a key skill to getting your
YouTube funnel up profitably and also
Maybe even if it’s up also finding the
Constraints and figuring out where to
Improve it to make it profitable so this
Is a great thinking process I don’t see
A lot of people talk about this it’s a
Critical skill it can be labeled as or
Call funnel mapping so like mapping out
The key elements and then what it takes
It can also be a visual to do for us
That are visual learners that really
Helps and just really clarifies thinking
So I’m gonna walk you through how I do
It and then either you could do it with
Me um for yourself and your business and
Your youtube funnel or afterwards
Probably afterwards you can kind of get
The big picture but again it’s up to you
So let’s go ahead and get started like
Stephen covey says from the book seven
Habits of highly effective people highly
Recommend you read that book if haven’t
Already or at least know the habits one
Of them is starting with the end in mind
So on one side we’re going to use sticky
Notes to map this out there’s tons of
Different like online tools different
You know software that you can use to
Map this out but I just like using
Sticky notes on a wall that way and kind
Of move around pieces as needed we’ll
Start with the end in mind let’s say we
Want to make 20,000 a month so you write
Down you know how much you want to make
Per month and then say okay well you
Know how many how many clients that is
So the key is always starting big
Picture than drilling down so maybe
That’s 20 clients at $1,000 per month or
You know 40 at 500 or whatever the math
Is for you and of course obviously you
Know helping the helping the person to
Do your products or services okay so we
Know kind of where we want to end up on
That side my hammer is horrible but
You’ll be able to at the point okay so
We’re starting with this person over
Here you know so we got your customer
Avatar the person most likely to buy
They don’t know you they don’t like you
They don’t trust us yet so we got to get
Them across the
– you know bye so what are those key
Critical elements so of course you need
Your video ad right well this is in
Stream or side ed or search ad within
Youtube and I made a whole video about
Targeting that you should check out as
Well it’s in the correct targeting and
Then you know – your funnel maybe you’re
Sending them to you know free offer so
You got your opt-in page let’s say
You’re getting their email first for
Some free training a video report
Whatever it may be so then you know it’s
Download page and again you wouldn’t map
This out for you maybe they have to go
To a thank you page and then go check
Their email whatever it is this is why
Your sticky notes so I can add you know
So we go to a download to get that
Report and then you know then it goes to
Your sales page or you know maybe these
Are all in one however it is for your
Funnel you can see all these key
Elements then this can be like a big
Picture you know to-do list or checklist
You say okay well I need these things
You know to get this customer to buy so
I need a video ad so that actually can
Get attention you can actually say hey
This is who I am this is what I do
Here’s why you want to you know work
With me et cetera I can say hey here’s
The free offer click the link below
Didn’t download this teach him some
Stuff and say if you want more go to the
Sales page buy this you know and then of
Course you know you have your service or
Your product you know there’s service we
Do it for you or coaching that can be
You know checklist having that place or
Your product in place as well that way
You can see like the big picture when
You’re first mapping this out so you’re
Not so like I’m gonna have the best ad
And that maybe you just don’t focus on
The sales thing as much or you know
Focus on the funnel more but not the ad
And then another piece again this is why
You sticky notes so I can you know add
This you’re targeting
So again I made a video about the
Targeting leave a link to that below as
Well and then of course your video I
Made your video animated video on that
I’ll leave a link below to that as well
And then you can start like narrowing on
This okay so targeting maybe you need to
Scrape relevant youtube videos so you
Can place your head directly on those
Videos that a customer their potential
Customers most likely watching or you
Need you know to research audiences the
Pre-made and see if there’s any you can
Use that way and then you need to set it
Up you know met another keys be keys
Around all this is actually monitoring
These metrics which we’ll get into in a
Moment a second so then video ad maybe
Said you haven’t create your video ad so
You need to think of like maybe the idea
You know firstly that’s think this whole
Funneled these things and then you would
Think okay now I’m gonna do the points
That I’m gonna turn into a script that
I’m gonna get feedback from someone
Before I report it to make sure you know
It makes sense and I’m a record like
Speaking to your like target avatar yeah
Again – yeah so maybe that’s a another
Piece you want to do first you know
Figure out your pavatt are so big
Picture figure out your avatar what does
That mean we’ll all their fears and
Frustrations and maybe their wants and
Aspirations maybe any traits about them
It may be some if you talk to people and
You see like the common phrases they’re
Using etc so that way this avatar can
That effect you’re targeting where
They’re at what videos they may be
Watching of course your video ad and
Your whole funnel of course your product
Yeah avatars huge
Yeah so weight loss product so let’s say
They want to lose weight so their fears
And frustrations is you know I’ve tried
It it didn’t work out you know it just
Does whatever I do does nothing seems to
Work there wants my aspirations they
Probably want to take a pill and then
Overnight you know they lose weight etc
So then who are you targeting male
Female so you narrow all that in
That way when you speak to that so for
Your ad you can say have you tried
Everything and you can’t you know lose
The weight well then you can relate so
If I tried a bunch of stuff just nothing
Works until I learn these secret
Fundamentals I put all together let me
Share with you one now blah blah blah
Now the next one is in this free report
Go ahead and get these because they
Don’t write everything and you want to
Lose weight and you want like the
Closest thing to a pill this is it so
You talk to exactly what they need
Throughout this whole funnel you know
Piece it together
Good question okay so then you’re free
Opt-in maybe you know you need to design
The copy of the page you need to set up
Like a list and your email provider and
Then you know technical setup you know
And then you know your report we got to
Make that so you got to think of you
Know maybe the ideas turn them into like
More concrete bullets turn it into
Written sentences then you know it makes
All make sense and then get that proofed
And of course have a cta to your sales
Page you want more you know buy this and
This you know you have to you know write
Your sales page so write the copy the
Headline the offer the guarantee social
Proof etc etc integrate that and then
Use technical person as well so you have
These all mapped out and then you say
Okay who’s part of this team so you can
Write you know their names let’s say me
Hi more technical mp myself is more copy
Sp is more proof mp is also maybe the
Targeting as well and project management
And then also a good thing that I like
To do is write how many hours these
People can commit so I can maybe commit
Six hours a day sarah can have two hours
Mihai about six hours a day on the
Project and I can be flexible but about
That time because it’s always a question
You know how long do projects takes how
Long does this take you could sit and
Try to figure it out or just them to
Commit six hours getting as much as I
Can done you know knocking it out then
As soon as possible if we want this all
Quick as possible right so then you can
Go and say okay well who’s gonna scrape
Maybe me hi is gonna scrape for all I’ll
Do the keyword research so let me write
That down
Your research on p who’s doing it so I
Can do it then me eyes can scrape it
I’ll look up the audience’s I’ll set it
Up and the ideas maybe I’ll create the
Copy so that’s mike and then sarah will
Feedback it then I’ll record it and then
Maybe sarah will edit it you know and
Then the free offer maybe I’ll press the
Coffee you know and then meet I will put
It up put it initials that matt you know
So you can go through these and write
Who’s doing what so it’d be kind it
Becomes kind of a visual to do then you
Can all you can turn this into actual to
Do with doc or a spreadsheet and check
Them off if you want but it just creates
A little more visual so you can see how
Each pieces connect and then you can
Work like as a visual to-do list so then
You know your big pieces what they are
You you know you still have that big map
Then also you have your individuals to
Do is to achieve these each one and then
You work on knocking them out okay I’ve
Got the you know let’s say you make the
Report first I got that or maybe you
Start you know kind of mapping out each
Of these pieces big picture and then you
Start knocking them out totally finished
You know that’s a free offer you know
The poor could make the video ad then
You know make sure it’s all set and then
I’m start of targeting and get it going
Etc so you gotta realize what stage
You’re at if you’re still big picture or
Narrowing in getting something done and
Keep getting it done then and you get
This up the same level of thinking can
Apply to see where’s the constraint so
You know you’re targeting your gonna
Have a certain cost per click so you
Want to have you know a few different
Audiences and targeting methods there so
You can kind of see the difference how
It performs in each of those so separate
Those in campaigns and then a certain
Percent is gonna click the add a certain
Percent is gonna watch the ad certain
Percents going to hop in a certain
Percent is gonna actually show their
Email and download it and then you know
Start a percent to go to the sales page
Certain percents them to buy so then you
Can see where’s the constraint
Let’s say that nobody’s clicking the add
And therefore of course no one’s not a
Lot of people are buying and you say oh
You know I need to make
Free report or no one’s you know doing
Their email or you know no one’s buying
On the sales page well and so if there
Was no one clicking the ad well then
This doesn’t matter if not a lot of
People are clicking that ah you only get
A few people through this funnel
Therefore not a lot of people are
Getting to this part so then he can work
On these ads say okay how can I improve
This let’s make up you know let’s
Brainstorm three different you know
Videos or hooks or ideas or let’s go get
Some feedback from other people let’s
You know play a few people from up work
To view and see what they think or maybe
Put it in a forum and see if you can get
Feedback or one of our marketing or
Business friends or let me know I can
Get feedback on it as well
In kind of brainstorming because you
Know most people will have ideas maybe
You think it’s the best eggs we’re all
Biased about the ads we create and you
Know how can’t create it and we think
It’s so good but really it sucks it
Doesn’t make any sense you know so once
You create this then you can start
Seeing putting the numbers in and you
Can see where it is to make it
Profitable because again as always we
Want it to be profitable so you want to
Know if you’re spending you know fifteen
Dollars you know per per customer at
Least wanted to make thirty or something
Else obviously making more than you’re
Spending to acquire that customer and
Then you know keep scaling so does this
Make sense yeah
Start with the outcome start with the
Big picture elements map down the to
Do’s who’s doing what how many hours you
Can commit and then take action putting
In place testing it seeing the numbers
Seeing where the drop off are seeing the
Constraints seeing where you can approve
How much time it would take prioritizing
That and then going to the next one and
Then keep doing this zooming out getting
The feedback and then zooming zoom in to
See exactly what needs to be done to
Make those numbers all line up to be
Profitable and then keep scaling sweet
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Just do a rough version of this or maybe
Just just watching this you’ve thought
Of your funnel in this way you know so
You can see the pieces and then not get
Too caught up in a point see the big
Pictures you can do all of them and then
See the numbers afterwards once you run
It in the real world and see where you
Can you approve until you reach profit
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