In this series of reviewing other people’s video YouTube ads – in this video we look at Keven David Instream YouTube ad with almost over 1 million views! We watch it, break it down, and go over what was good, and what could be improved… what do you think of it??? Let us know in the comments below!

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and Sara Pyatt we’re husband and wife
and we review YouTube ads we also do
coaching on YouTube ads we have a brand
new book on YouTube ads plus we have a
bootcamp training that we teach YouTube
ads yes so we are going to decode expose
explain and review
Kevin David’s YouTube ad you may have
seen his YouTube ads you may have seen
his Facebook ads you may be just a
follower of his or maybe starting to
follow him and interest so here’s how he
does his YouTube ads only watch the
first 20 seconds and it’s pretty good so
yeah we’re going to play this ad
we got the link to it and I’m gonna
review it on this computer and Sarah’s
gonna review another one so let’s go and
let’s see what he says in his YouTube ad
we’ll see ya does Sarah’s instincts
correct okay so I can’t do two things at
once alright splay it so what if instead
of paying for products on Amazon Amazon
paid to you now does that sound too good
to be true I might have thought so also
but it happened to me now if you like me
you’re probably wondering who is this
guy and why should I listen to what he’s
saying great question
let me take a minute to introduce myself
hi my name is Kevin David and over the
past 14 months I’ve been extremely
fortunate to do some amazing things and
see some incredible places and I
financed it all entirely from my laptop
creating an Amazon FBA business I
promise you that if you give me your
attention for the next 30 seconds I can
change the rest of your life admit it
this isn’t the first time you’ve looked
for a proven method to earn money on the
internet to earn your freedom with so
many success stories on the internet
it’s hard not to wonder when is it my
turn and almost everyone has heard of
Amazon as they’re on their way to
becoming the biggest company of all time
but not everyone has heard about Amazon
FBA Amazon FBA takes out all of the
manual work for you you don’t have to
pack you don’t have to ship you don’t
have to handle any of the fulfillment
process you can
create a fully sustainable business all
from your laptop without ever seeing or
touching physical products just 14 short
months ago I turned a 60 $100 investment
into a hundred and fifty three thousand
eight hundred dollars in sales and I did
it in just 86 days but knowing what I
know now I could have done it in a much
shorter timeframe and with a much
smaller upfront investment now we didn’t
get there with a lot of mistakes and a
lot of growing pains but the beauty of
that is what took us six months only
takes you one you’re gonna see into our
Amazon seller accounts watching our
screens as we optimize PPC campaigns as
we create listings and optimize the
backend keywords as we do product
photography and as we source from
Alibaba directly to Amazon FBA
warehouses now I’ve invested in many
Amazon businesses but they’re all
missing one crucial element they don’t
share their screen and show the step by
step process that’s necessary to succeed
in such an intricate business instead of
generalities I give you my actual
templates that I use in my real business
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creating email campaigns that get you
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alright I’ll go first I thought that was
a really good ad he does a lot of
influence stuff I can tell he definitely
liked practice it out a bit
obviously scripted it to some degree was
pretty good so I had a lot of things I
liked such as the beginning from the end
I’ll list out all the put how about he
says Amazon pay you how would you like
that sack of course yeah sure you know
then he’s like like me so it’s relating
and he says why listen to me why watch
this video so getting people hooked in
and what’s the reason why to watch this
video because everyone’s always thinking
you know oh I just want to skip this ad
so that’s pretty good tell its intro
pretty basic his name just you know he
is you feel like you know I’m friends
etc he had a good voice tone also I
liked his music was good I liked how he
said what he does Amazon but failed my
Amazon FBA and then he said like a
promise that he does and he says like
this will change your life so it’s like
impactful like oh big WOW
you know like really gonna change it you
know and then relating but it’s like oh
it’s not the first time you look so you
can say okay yeah so kind of getting
those little agreements again good music
how we said that exact time frame it
took him to scale this business just
short 16 months but of course you can do
it even faster even cheaper okay six
months Wow so even faster even cheaper
you sp how I did it kind of what you
learn in it in his little course USP
that he shares the screen not other
people do that USP not generality this
is the exact template that he uses in
his own business I like to access what
we do as well
million dollars he said only people that
like make a million dollars use this
basically maybe as his course kind of as
a softy
CTA so call to action so he was like
when you enroll in the course or when
you sign up like we didn’t even say any
other course yet so it’s kind of like
pre framing it could have been a little
bit too like I didn’t say anything about
that kind of to report breaking but it
was soft CTA then he said you’ll get a
bonus and then of course the price
reduction mm you know 1000 no it’s free
then he’s just I really like his
imagining is like imagine picture work
in the beach and I could definitely
imagine myself on that I’m like oh that
sounds pretty good it’s cold here in
Michigan you know that’s
great I’ll take that you know most
people don’t do anything kind of gave
like an inspirational quote and then he
said it won’t change my life it’ll
change your life
I get what he’s trying to do they’re
like say like this is all about you but
um he said it wouldn’t change his life
like at all financially if you bought
the course or something and I’m like
well technically it would if it’s a you
know a paid course and technically
you’re doing it for money plus impact I
get that but kind of like negated the
old like yeah I’m yeah he’s definitely
gonna make money so I mean yeah cuz he
has nine hundred and sixty three
thousand views as of right now this is
the end of 2018 you probably watch this
2019 yes this many views times let’s say
the average view is twenty cents so that
equals this number divided by a hundred
and it gets this number which is one
hundred ninety two thousand so decent
amount of money and that’s just one of
his ads I’m sure he has more but yeah
then he does social proof if you’re like
me again relating you want proof I like
to proof I definitely want to
incorporate that into two Bad’s profit
playbook once more people start using it
but right now it’s still relatively new
we’re literally just getting up the
website getting it in place getting it
sold get into the hands of the people so
it still has to be like tested in terms
of the market but definitely we’ve
already tested it on my own business
Vince Del Monte’s businesses other
people’s businesses and Sarah used it as
well so it definitely works but I just
want to build up that proof if you could
have more proof then you know it’s a lot
easier for other people to believe you
plus like I want the Student Success
results like I like though the kind of
money I would rather frame that than any
money I made but yes of course I’ll make
money too so yeah that’s what I got from
his ad and then he ended with like an
inspirational thing to never work for
the man you know quit your job basically
so he was definitely targeting like
people that are newer to the market
which makes sense if they’re looking at
like how to use Facebook Ads how to grow
my business how to do Amazon FBA you
know they’re probably a little bit newer
to the market to some degree and
probably working a job I’d say I don’t
know you agree do you agree yes yeah so
let us know what you thought of Kevin
you too bad this is a youtube in-stream
ad plays right before other videos now
Sarah is gonna give her as this yours or
no okay I’ll take over so I’m very
curious to see what Sarah has what she
liked about it what she thought could be
improved let us know what you think of
the end as well what do you think of the
Kevin David ad let us know in the
comments below and start a conversation
I’m very curious plus how you can use it
too I mean it was a pretty good idea to
voice telling write good music good CTA
usually when I wash people’s ads I’ll
have a list of things that you know
could be improved like the last see I
had a little list on mine for this one
okay so everyone is different yes great
too and it’s a key instinct key insight
to take multiple views from so basically
I liked it was straightforward he
handles handles objections does it sound
too good to be true so that was good
that objection handled its educational
how mfba works
I like the proof of the screenshots I
like how I can benefit from learning
what they did and then the music I
thought was smooth what I didn’t like is
it sounded very rehearsed there was not
enough emotion he was pretty fast
talking last taken could he use more
positive he was thinking too hard about
what to say aparts and then at one point
he was totally just not looking at the
camera reading directly from a script it
was very obvious
yeah yeah but he was like right at the
camera but he wasn’t looking he was yeah
yeah so that part I put way too
rehearsed audio fluctuations so it was
hard to like hear parts I didn’t like
how he was so specifically picture
yourself in Bali or Hawaii to specific
make it more general since we all have
different ideas of what success is and
then I didn’t like how he said you
buying this course isn’t going to help
him that was to to like he made too big
of a deal about that drawer
to it and then it just seemed a little
bit too commercially for some reason and
it just didn’t build my dress enough Wow
yeah so like this video if you also want
us to do other videos like maybe Russell
Bronson’s video and any other YouTube
video ads that we come across mm-hmm
you’ve probably seen because they’re
being shown a lot that way you can use
them as well what can you learn from
what you know what can be improved yeah
and get some more insight how to use
this stuff to grow your own business how
they’re doing it again this guy spent
what 192 thousand on this video so
that’s mm-hmm that’s definitely got to
to be quite a bit is that is that bad
still up no okay I’m gonna say go to his
landing page so if you want us to do
some formal reviews let us know in the
comments below that way we can look at
the funnel because that’s also a key
piece which we teach in our course to
its yes you can have the best ad in the
world but if your landing page isn’t
that good it’s not everyone joins and
never incredible places and I find now
I’m sorry I’m like Kevin David but still
it’s the relating principle is like you
clicked a link you know more towards the
first minute of the ad don’t watch it
all I mean I watched it all because I’m
reviewing it and this is the page okay
so yeah yep the pages are all right okay
I would say it does anything for me
Arianna you review it okay okay so bonus
section review of the funnel so this is
where the YouTube ad goes did you
clicked it right from the YouTube mm-hm
click here oh okay so this is the actual
ad but still yeah it’s a quick thing at
the end you know mm-hmm so yeah those
are cool to use to we use sometimes
cards yeah those are at the last 20
seconds you can use okay so it’s funnel
zone ninjas free webinar exclusive free
training from Kevin David how to start a
viral Amazon business selling everyday
products using one little-known strategy
even with zero experience or technical
skill of any kind exclusive free
training with Kevin Dave David
what is your experience in a house on
okay so it’s interesting if he’s going
to segment these people he definitely in
his video ad was targeting more new
people but some people you know they’re
more advanced whatever that
classification means you know I’d
probably say some experience what would
you say yeah some who even know
sometimes people just use that okay
what do you want to learn about Amazon
where to start finding a product how to
scale to the next level maybe how to
scale what is your Amazon revenue goal
100k plus that’s interesting so now we
can use that data mm-hmm again like
sometimes the content doesn’t change
like if you want to make ten thousand a
month or a hundred thousand a month like
there’s still very similar things mm-hmm
maybe that’s a little bit different jump
but I saw the what zero to fifty fifty
to a hundred or so most one was a hunter
K that was a year yeah okay yep okay so
free cheat sheet plus funnel on next
page see I really want to know what
funnel means it’s like I get what he’s
trying to say like I think about it and
say like is it the funnel like copy and
paste like that like that type of stuff
cheat sheet like well what exactly is it
again I like this proof I feel like it
doesn’t stand out enough it kind of just
doesn’t seem like they like the telus
eyes like right and then sound fake
here’s proof they all say that they’re
all the same testimonial no different
people oh I said started wait go down go
back said started with Kevin when he was
working a nine-to-five job the first
person said the other ones that started
with Kevin when he was working at a
corporate office job so very similar
than what started with Kevin selling
alarms they also started with Kevin I
can just tell that those seemed a little
bit off to me you know what I mean yeah
all of them say sound fake sound fake
sound fake here yeah why does it say
Kevin David started and then start with
Kevin dated start with Kevin dated wind
and then sound fake they all end the
same started with Kevin David when she
was working 9 to 5 Wow
weight started with Kevin selling alarm
doors the doors and now lives okay so
these aren’t like in the people’s
perspective right just confusing yeah
doesn’t seem very I mean I don’t like
that at all right away my trust as I
have those all they all look so similar
and then I don’t have the same ending
line or the same starting phrase on a
testimonial and getting real ones
Kevin usually charges five thousand to
twenty five thousand to work with
clients but this training reveals the
exact same methods to you for free okay
but that’s still not the same as like
working with someone he should say just
like how much is this training I would
say mm-hmm
my training is usually five thousand but
you get it for free or something like
that in between meters I still can’t
compare like bananas to oranges like
working with someone’s way different
than a training that you know yeah mmm
and definitely no one has one of the
best and the best track records in the
industry like to who right yeah anyways
I wouldn’t sign up for this I’m just not
a fan yeah any marketing we do it’s
irrelevant of like the guy’s character
or ethics or what he’s selling we’re
just looking at it and like this is how
people react like right they’re very
judgmental and even when word is like
this is how we oh yeah I’m not I’m
definitely not doubting his success mean
he’s probably very successful and he
probably can really help I’m just saying
from the pure looks of this page you
know like just not everyone gives I
would say yeah and I’m being that extra
critical you know better to look at it
with that side so then you can answer
all those objections cuz yeah there’s so
much info everybody’s selling something
and of course everyone has something to
share and it’s probably useful but yeah
it’s just how its laid out you know mhm
that’s all you can base your decision
off of so I just recommend some
different testimonials for this page
just a little bit more like something
more that’s more enticing you know yeah
the webinar checking for availability
you know what’s gonna be available sorry
I’m like the extra credit critic
subscribe to messenger that’s
interesting funnel – yeah or free when
I’m like you can’t like that’s just the
second step you know like you have to
subscribe to messenger hmm well that was
a review great review my mic yes we
should review ours – coming up soon
I hope you enjoyed that Cheers ciao