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Keala Kanae YouTube video ad (titled “How I Created a Multiple Six-Figure Business From Home”) that we went over (in this video above):

Keala Kanae affiliate marketing

Note: I don’t know how his funnel or product is (AWOl academy)

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all right three two one we are live
streaming live we are going to do a
review today plus we have a special
guest Sara Pyatt my wife she also works
on a business we have an SEO company
where we rank clients for their target
keywords search engine optimization and
Sara basically runs that now now I’m
documenting how YouTube ads work
anything else on that Sara yep so this
is kalak and I’m not sure if I’m saying
the name right
Calla can I you too bad usually he has
this as some sort of site or search ads
so let’s see if so how to make money
online so when you click that so I typed
in make money for this keyword and his
business was here now he got a ton of
views which is huge I was that I review
in this video here seemingly profitable
in-stream YouTube ads so these are all
the ones that show up right before
another video the instrument yep I’m
sharing the screen we just have a little
thing back here okay so we’re gonna get
to Callicoon knives video in a second
just want to say this is more in-stream
and his is more like a search or on a
side ad so that it comes more to his
watch page so it’s a little organic so
with these videos and I’ll leave a link
to it in the description so let me copy
that real quick that way you have it to
see the in-stream these three but let’s
get to the video we’re gonna look at
what the good aspects were but also what
could be improved ready yeah hey what’s
friend kalloch and I here and welcome to
my home now as you continue to pay
attention here over the next few minutes
I’m going to show you some things that I
think that you’re gonna find pretty cool
you see the question that I get most
often right is Kalla how did you do it
right how did I go from earning minimum
wage working in a coffee shop living in
my mom’s spare bedroom and over $25,000
in debt to creating a six multiple six
and even seven-figure per year income
working online from home while also
having the time and the freedom to
travel around the world take multiple
vacations per year and the Liberty to
live life on my own terms and the truth
is that it’s actually very simple
and once I show it to you here in just a
moment I think that you’re gonna be
shocked because it’s been staring you in
the face and you didn’t even know that
you were seeing it so I’m gonna step
into my office here for just a moment
and I’m gonna take out my computer I’m
gonna pair back the veil a bit I’m gonna
show you exactly how you can begin
getting these results for yourself in
the exact same way that I’ve been doing
it so stick with me here alright so here
we are and you should be able to see my
computer screen and over the next two
minutes or so I’m going to show you some
websites and you know at first I admit
that it might not all make sense to you
might not see how the two things connect
however I guarantee as you stick with me
here all the way up until the end of
this video everything is going to make
perfect sense all right so let’s click
over here here’s a website that we’re
all familiar with right Best Buy one of
the biggest brands in the world well if
you scroll all the way down to the
bottom wouldn’t you know if they have a
link down here that says partnerships
when I click on it it says right here in
clear bold letters turn website visitors
into cash and I can click there and it
clearly says earn money partner with a
trusted brand best buy of course and
joining is easy and free and I can click
this blue join Now button get signed up
here’s another website we’re all
familiar with Amazon right scroll down
all the way down to the bottom and
wouldn’t you know a very similar link it
says become an affiliate so I can click
there and on the next page it says join
advertise and earn money and I can click
this little link right here this is join
now and get signed up in minutes
another big website that we’re all
with Walmart and wouldn’t you know much
the same story scroll all the way down
to the bottom and here’s a link that
says affiliate program I can click there
and it says become an affiliate earn my
referring customers to walmart.com and I
can click this orange button and become
a member member in just moments right so
what are we talking about here well what
we’re talking about is what I like to
call freelance digital marketing what
most people don’t realize is the biggest
brands in the world multibillion-dollar
multi-million dollar companies will pay
you a commission in order to help them
sell their products that means that you
don’t have to have your own product you
don’t have to deal with shipping
customer service refunds merchants ting
or any of the hassles you can get paid
simply by helping somebody else sell
their product so let me pull out the
whiteboard real quick and share with you
how really simple this can be now in
order to start earning an income online
we really just need two things right we
need an audience
okay and an audience is a group of
people that either has a specific
problem that they want solved or a
desire that they want fulfilled and
secondly we need an offer all right so
let me kind of dig into this for just a
moment here on this next website I’m
pull I’ve pulled up the Google Keyword
planner you’ll see that in the top left
and what this is is a free tool that
anyone can use and what it does is it
helps me figure out how big of an
audience there is around any specific
search term so here at the top I typed
in lose weight you can see that there
and it says clearly here average monthly
searches for all ideas a million to ten
million and down here it starts to break
it down even simpler it says how to lose
weight there’s about a hundred thousand
to a million people per month typing in
that specific keyword or weightloss a
hundred thousand to a million how to
lose weight fast another hundred
thousand to a million lose weight fast
another ten thousand to a hundred
thousand per month so what does this
mean well this literally means that
millions of people per month are going
to Google and saying hey I want to know
how I can lose some additional weight
right millions of people a month now
that’s a large audience with a very
specific problem now that we’ve
identified an audience that has a
what do we do next well I can click over
to a website like this one which is
Clickbank you’ll see it up here at the
top and here at the top I typed in
weight loss and what I’m doing now is
I’m gonna look for a product that I
could promote to that audience that I
can get paid a commission by selling
that product so I typed in weight loss
key at the top and sure enough when I
scroll down check this one out here’s
one for fat burning soup recipes for
weight loss average sale two hundred and
twenty seven dollars and ninety one
cents means that on average if I
generate a sale for that product I’ll
earn about two hundred and twenty seven
dollars or so right so real simple let’s
click back over to the whiteboard and
let me finish this drawing drawing this
out for you so as I said first we
identify an audience right a group of
people that has a problem that needs
solving or a desire that needs to be
fulfilled then we find an offer okay
here’s an offer that we’re going to
promote that either solves that problem
or fulfills that desire then what we do
next is we simply place some ads out in
front of that audience we deliver some
online advertisements to that specific
audience that sends them over to that
offer that’s going to solve their
problem and when somebody buys we as the
freelance digital marketer well then my
friend we get to earn a commission and
might I say that the Commission’s can be
substantial here’s a picture of me
laying in a bed of checks this is
actually a promotion that I ran I know
it’s kind of funny I thought it’d be
cute but I’m laying in a bed of checks
that’s over four hundred commission
checks that came to me in a 45-day
period from wanting running one
advertising campaign and those checks
and total average added up to a little
over a hundred and thirty thousand
dollars I believe it was and they range
from as little as forty bucks all the
way up to a few thousand dollars
depending on what people bought but so
you know again it can be this is a
lucrative career opportunity that most
people are completely unaware of and the
truth is it’s been staring you dead in
the face all along and yet most people
don’t even know that this opportunity
exists so there’s a whole economy out
there that we call the digital economy
that’s ripe and ready for people like
you who are ready to take action learn
the simple skills that it takes to begin
creating an income right now from home
now obviously there’s more to it than
just that there’s much more to it than I
can possibly explain in a four or five
minute video so somewhere around this
video you’re going to see a link when
you click on that link it’s gonna take
you over to a page where you can
download my free ebook I’ve got a PDF
that I’ll send to you via email you can
download it inside I go in-depth into
this showing you where to find products
to promote where to find audiences some
of the tools the strategies really
simple stuff that’s gonna go much more
in-depth for you and as even an
additional bonus when you download that
PDF you’ll be invited to a live online
training workshop it’s up to you if you
want to sign up for the workshop or not
but for I will spend two hours working
with you directly sharing with you my
years of experience so that you can
begin putting this stuff to work for
yourself as well so if you’re interested
click the link somewhere around this
video and go over to the next page and
download the free pdf at minimum make
sure that you get your hands on that and
I look forward to sharing this
information with you and hopefully
having an impact on your life in the
same way that this information has has
an incredible impact on my life my
friend so obviously if you’re still
watching you’re serious click the link
somewhere around this video go over to
the next page download that PDF I’ll see
you in the future my friend take care
bye bye
all right you want to go first to the
feedback around me – I’ll just give an
overview okay cool also in guys below
let us know what you liked in the video
and also what you think improvements
could be to this video that’s
interesting however just because it has
a lot of searches I didn’t hear anything
about the strategy used to get those
sales I know I can be an affiliate for
anyone so I needed a little more
information like do you do paid ads what
do you do you know just a little bit
more or something cuz it’s easy to find
a very popular product you can be an
affiliate for the hard part is actually
getting traffic to it so yeah he got me
interested good CTA calm at the end I
like just chill CTA was that he was like
if you’re serious go ahead and like a
little bit too forced so I like just
chill vibe in the beginning of the CTA
but overall yeah pretty good at nice now
my question is would you buy from that
ad would you not been in first of all
yeah so you have enough we’re curious
curiosity isn’t enough you’re more like
don’t trust enough I’m more like what’s
the strategy what’s the strategy so
therefore you’re not even more like
don’t you tell me what I need to know
okay that’s huge okay so that’s a major
insight that I had to like who is he
targeting if he’s targeting newer people
then this would probably be pretty good
because keyword planner is great and
while I do love to hear keyword planner
I like just like the broad overview
almost like remember use this tool but
he wended like details and like made it
a big deal which it is a big deal I
guess he went on to too much explanation
on that I would like to brought overview
so a lot of the points were to then like
yeah Clickbank it’s like I’ve known
about Clickbank since day one and I’ve
known about keyword planner from day one
it’s always yeah a good reminder but too
much detail my opinion for us even if a
little back where we are now you know
but pre when you’re first going
to the market maybe so maybe that’s his
you know type of thing I guess there are
a lot of videos like how to make money
online and I’m sure that’s where he
advertised a lot yeah but still so more
newer people’s is target correct but I
guess that’s what’s in his webinar right
you know I’ll show you my years of
experience and how to pick products okay
so he still could have made the offer
more compelling yeah yeah looking for
exact strategy like let’s get more
specific right on okay yeah so we
basically covered all the big points let
us know what you think in the comments
below also I’ll link to this for my
specific feedback of what I thought so
I’ll put that in the description and the
show notes so to speak just click that
show more right below and again this is
more for like a site or search ad if you
want to watch some examples with Alex
Becker Tim Sanders and John Mack check
out that one if you haven’t already or
if you did I should read your point okay
sorry I see some good points okay yeah
so who this was for Kalla can i this
link will be in there too if you want to
go directly to it I’m sure you’ve seen
the video if you’re searching him and
then finding this video the good aspects
were as friendly opened up with his
house which I liked he did is like a
story how did I succeed that he kind of
draws you in that way with the story
then he gives some specific number or
six or seven figure he says pleasure he
said like multiple vacations and
probably most of us who are like
overworked or at least feel that way to
some degree are more like yes I want
like vacations and all that money and
all that stuff he said there it was a
simple lead-up to what’s in the video
like exactly how so basically the
concept of why watch this video he also
had some NLP like as you stick around
with me this will make perfect sense you
he changed his views goes to a
screenshot was still showing his face
that’s good I usually like face in most
cases yeah and then he just does more
breakdown once he gets into the
screenshot of like why watch this video
which I thought was a pretty good lead
up some people do it too much but I felt
like he actually didn’t do it too much
it was still pretty good you’re still
kind of like getting into a prime in
your brain for it so to speak the top
headline I noticed it was a very
interesting view that he has seemed like
a pattern interrupt I don’t want a seat
how many other people doing it plus like
a reminder of what this kind of video is
it almost just like it looks different
to I don’t know like this you almost
think like that’s like on top of the
video yeah it looks a little bit spammy
but again like I think that’s like a
notable marketing that’s like how they
kind of like wad things like it draws
your attention so yes some people get
pissed off another big thing I wanted to
say to you so we have 18 million views
right in 29 comments and they’re all
like only I’ve typed I’ve actually
tested to see if I could do it I was
like hey great video I just thought
maybe you could improve this or I said
something and I never got approved so
like he if anyone says like is this real
or something is this fake he doesn’t he
just will block those and my best
approach is yeah if it’s like super
negative maybe you would delete it but I
would just say let it go be real and
that’s like a chance to be objective
he’d be like yeah man this is real this
is my video sorry if I was a little bit
fake on there or if I felt fake or yeah
you want more details or you know I
don’t know just like responding so he
doesn’t really respond to any of these
like they have no replies either yeah
like this one year ago and like it’s not
answered if you’re paying for ads I
would do that
now some could say he’s making so much
money that he doesn’t even need to yeah
I mean yeah I would say have someone to
it I like to err on communication you
know yeah that makes me suspicious you
know I agree
and again like yeah you may be saying oh
it’s so detailed but I’ve read the
comments and if anyone else does why
wouldn’t you be more real less like yeah
he’s making some
profit but if you ever run YouTube ads
before it’s kind of like a hit or a miss
you know if it’s gonna be profitable and
you have to have all the like pieces in
place you know so I would say yeah the
comments to also I have on improvements
may be a little bit slow at least for me
already know keyword planner so I was
along the same lines of of what you were
saying like you kind of already knew it
you know I already know a keyword
planner but I like the broad overview
but not repeating so much an explanation
omajin cetera just a more broad on that
and there to know it I already know
about affiliate marketing another
improvement would be maybe more
realistic putting in phrases like a lot
more real – he said something that I
wrote it and like maybe a minute or two
later he did say something to that
effect but he was like making it seem
really really simple like yeah so
actually a lot of other people always
argue like oh is too long or something
that’s like if people are actually
interested in considering they want that
info you know so he could make it longer
we have a video that’s a lot longer it’s
about what 27 minutes the ROI video can
you speak a little bit on that video our
strategy there that’s look another
example of a search in Google but then
we also like we share like the exact
strategy of what we do so actually if
you’re just watching the video you can
get a lot of insights on hey using the
keyword planner to find the keywords
checking the competition then making
your on-page content for the keywords
and that even step three the linking
strategy because again we run an SEO
company we do this for clients we’re
just working on a client just very yeah
so I’ll post a link in the description
below if you want to check that out as
well yeah especially for ranking in
Google it’s huge I mean this is the
exact process that we use to get even
some of the most competitive keywords so
yeah you definitely gonna want to check
it out
yep and then we’re working on
documenting this all one of the reasons
why we’re making this video is because
we’re documenting everything that anyone
would need to know on YouTube ads
targeting is huge and we’re working on
the audio to Kainos some people don’t
like to read books did come out to be
four hundred and sixty pages which is
pretty crazy so yeah we’re working on
adding the audio right after we once we
stopped going live here we’re going
right to audio Sara’s gonna pick back up
she’s been crushing it yeah it’s gonna
be pretty sweet so make sure to check
that out that’s on tube ads profit
playbook comm I’ll leave a link this is
for anyone who ya like if you want to do
an ad like kalloch and i to promote it
because you got to think what is he
doing not what is he saying you know i’m
saying or maybe he does say use youtube
ads but do what he’s doing I mean he’s
spent a lot of money to get 18 million
views so to some degree like he’s making
money and then yeah you don’t have to be
selling exactly that specific like make
money niche we’ve made money in the
fitness niche and the hair style niche
and other niches as well so it doesn’t
matter you know there’s tons of
different ways if you’re basically if
you have any audience that is most
likely gonna be even on YouTube not even
watching related stuff they don’t have
to be watching for our example our
business stuff they don’t have to be
watching anything about business they
can also be watching an unrelated video
like let’s say pranks or something but
they’ve been cookie based on certain
sites they visited etc yeah I know
channel 2 so yeah let me make sure I
have this link on our channel too we
have a lot of different videos and we’re
coming out more profit Pro once we get
done with the book – we’ll be making
some more videos but yeah
all of its in the book for sure yeah you
can get your copy it’s gonna be free
shipping it cost about 10 dollars and 63
cents to print thought we
are gonna pay for that all you have to
pay for is the shipping also you can get
it on audio plus there’s gonna be a
video course as well and you can get it
on there too and there’s some other
videos that go into some pieces of it
we’ve actually would stay on our channel
and yeah go to the videos or just go to
the overview these are all the big
picture ones then we have ones on
targeting so ad type placement and who
to show the ads to all the different
ways to target then we also have video
ad how to actually create a profitable
and having high enough conversions to be
profitable then also funnel you know
because you really have to have a good
offer and funnel in the first place so
and also management actually getting
your YouTube ads in place plus also
analyzing once you set up targeting then
getting the data then analyzing and
refining some other real talks that you
know it’s going throughout the process
all kind of insights cuz this was these
were all filmed about seven months ago
when we were really just figured out the
system putting all the pieces in place
get him like insights every single day
and again yet document in this book so
yeah if you came here to learn more
about how to create a better YouTube ad
or came here maybe just you don’t even
know why or how but you are interested
in growing your business to sell
products whatever they may be views are
pretty cheap they can be as cheap as 10
cents of you even lower sometimes a
little higher depending on the market
but um yeah well show you how to do a
profitable I’ll show you our ads will
show you our templates you should just
check out our you’re gonna get a link to
this this is all our bonuses that are
coming with all the different templates
ad templates ending slide templates
again this is all explained in the book
as well I don’t know what your
priorities are for targeting just tons
and tons stuff and then within the book
that’s where real holiday I mean yeah I
mean you can you can listen to audio if
you want or if you want to you’ll get a
copy of it no matter what that way you
have it for reference so yeah anything
else let us know in the comments what do
you think of that back to Canela
connives video what do you think of it
what you liked what you didn’t like
again that feedback sheet is going to be
pasted in the description the show notes
below that way you can get access to it
and as always anything else let us know
as well we’re always happy to help
again this is Mike paya and sara Pyatt
and anything else you want to add no all
right now we got to get to editing so
peace out much love hope you’re having a
blast grateful purposeful passionate and
great posture day guys
ciao later peace