Directions start at 5:00 – can’t believe it took me that long ot find an instream ad lol!

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right here’s how to see any you to
review of the YouTube ad and then we
started chatting and he’s like how do
you see my in-stream ad and I was like
well here’s how you see anybody’s
in-stream ad he’s like that’s sweetest
so I figured hey if he got value out of
that probably you know you would other
people would so that’s why I want to
post this online I’ve had a hectic day
but I just want to keep focusing on
positivity and giving value so here’s
how to find anyone’s YouTube video ad
that way you can you know go back to it
you don’t have to wait you can save it
because they’re all how you gonna get
back to it you have to go to the exact
same targeting use it as inspiration see
there I’m Dean anything you want
basically I have a huge list I would say
if you’re gonna start a list do a lot
more organized list but that’s a
different project when I have more money
to hire like admin or something anyways
to the points make sure I’m usually you
know you click one of these an
interesting ads going to play sorry my
internet is a little bit slow right now
but again yeah you can see any one you
can see how many views they have you can
see when they started it and again yeah
I can use it for swipe save their stuff
I’ll load another one while I’m at it
looks like it’s going to be a little bit
slow please show an in-stream ad you
know it’s so funny sometimes when you
look for in-stream ads and like they
don’t show an in-stream ad you like the
time I wanted to add you know but yeah
you can learn ads this way you know you
can learn a lot from it what to do what
not to do et cetera yeah we have some
other channels reviewing it
Tony Robbins in the house course in this
video I’m going to introduce the last
thing we do all right I love to leave
like a skip to of this in the directions
that’s so slow for some reason okay
trust me it’s coming maybe I’ll try and
logged in anybody’s add it’s probably
worse that’s what YouTube showing me
searched it one day no ads are coming oh
there wasn’t ad and I hit the back
I don’t know I didn’t use a different
one earlier come on okay YouTube
I mean I always know my business growth
ones show an ad show an ad show and this
is insane hey guys welcome back to
another episode of the lines you show in
this episode I just did a video for
Kevin David about it now it’s not
right here this is an ad I got you 20
bucks I’m gonna put 20 on it this is
have you ever seen this era
you have no idea what we’re about to
hello do you know what most people do
when they’re looking to get in shape
right here guys we’ve finally got an ad
that was the weirdest thing okay V shred
thank you for showing your ad so you
right click I do loads of cardio there’s
no here I can just go to his website and
see okay he’s doing a quiz skip ad this
but I can’t ever like do anything to get
it so and you right-click stats for
nerds and then you copy this is actually
the code right here but if I ever try to
copy this just a loan won’t let me copy
it so grab this whole thing and so yeah
business is all about persistence way
until you can actually see an ad in this
case okay so right there’s the code so
you see I’m putting it in like you know
notepad then I can just copy that single
single wand and then I’ll just open it
and then just that’s the ID so you just
replace it right after that equals do
you know what most people do when
they’re listed look at no comments
because no one you know is most likely
Cena said but 3 million almost 4 million
people I’ve seen it through you know the
ad maybe a few people some on I’ll guess
you can hit that like thing here too
only three people with that dislike
thing interesting when you can leave in
the next 45 seconds I’m going to show
you how we took a brand new e-commerce
shop I store from zero stats for nerds
then copy that stuff Kyle Peterson do it
notepad or wherever you want
copier hit ctrl X to get that thing and
then just open any video that you want
if you shop on Amazon usually in the
next 45 okay so you see it’s called 45
unlisted 1.5 million views he uploaded
it September 12 2018 45 seconds that was
a few months ago from today’s date
seconds I’m gonna show you both arrows
up watch the whole thing you know you
save the URL that way you can refer back
to his ad label it and then again you
can save his landing page and you can
start your collection of ads that way
you can learn you can use them as
inspiration really whatever you want to
use it’s pretty sweet thing that we
discovered anything else in that topic
there cool hope you got some value out
of that now any time you want to see
anyone’s unlisted in-stream ad now you
know make sure to LIKE subscribe and
anything else
happy to help I’m a sucker for giving
value that’s all I want to do so say
positive stay persistence go with the
process keep learning and yeah you build
a skill eventually you know you’ll have
all what you want and a lot more so
Cheers please