Auto Generated Captions

it’s Mike pyah pyah and we’re gonna show
you how to create instant YouTube ads
with YouTube live mm-hmm
basically sir if you want to get this
maybe flip the key over hit this button
right here Sarah’s always a little bit
with this one right here okay go light
oh is it going okay yeah okay guys so
you’re on your phone sorry for that
little fumble on the beginning basically
you’re gonna want to go to you’re gonna
want to go to your site and basically
you want to make sure that you’re on the
account that you want to go live on so
I’m going to basically because we’re on
live on profit at Pro channel right now
which I want to go to a different one
you’ve got tons of channels I’m gonna go
triple your traffic it’s always hard to
6:26 it I don’t even know I can oh I
know it’s like all right here at triple
your traffic okay so basically log into
the account that you want to go live you
hit the plus hit go live create your
title so you want it to be something
with a benefit so SEO you know obviously
it’s gonna be way better than this top
spots and Google then basically it’s
gonna ask you for a thumbnail so
basically it’s gonna shoot right away so
make sure you get a good one you can
retake it
hi and always zooms in I hate that but
you can change that later you can
optimize it once you get to your desktop
or on your phone – well you can’t have
it phone thumbnails in your phone into
that desktop but yeah you get that two
words so now it says we’re live right so
now I would do my ad so hey I’m Mike
Hyatt so you introduce yourself and
you’re gonna go live get practice
basically I’m presenting your ad and
then also this is like the most advanced
strategy to get it done right now other
hand if you’re brand new you may want to
basically get some like you need a
little more structure I don’t want to
like map out the process oh my gosh it’s
on V I’m like what
yeah so you’ll see it only from this
camera this is the other camera going
live so I would say hey I’m like Pyatt I
want to show you you know how you get
the top spots in Google to grow your
business consistently we have a proven
strategy using high-powered authority
site that Google absolutely love plus we
got a system to document it all you know
that is natural we’re won’t be any
objections so you had to handle their
objections so there’s a lot of stuff you
have to do though
all right it’s really hard to make an ad
of an ad but um yeah there’s a framework
basically still you have your intro
middle and end of the ad and then yeah
you got to speak with passion just do it
when it’s live live like I know this
one’s live so I’m good on Yorke’s I’m
providing value to you and this one is
just basically just for entertainment
but informational purposes so I won’t
really use this as an ad but I’m just
giving you the example or whatever maybe
so you may want to prepare beforehand at
least have some map basically the more
prepared you can be there’s definitely a
sweet spot again if you’re a beginner
you may need to map things out more so
really just as shown just depends and
then when you’re done literally you just
hit the X and you could stop streaming
so again you get practice have like a
dummy account if you’re like you know
scared or anything but um you just got
to get practice then you can play it
back and then it’s kind of like hard to
listen to yourself at first but it’s
great to get feedback and the process
yeah so what’s gonna process and you can
even go like this spots Google for that
yeah this is particular traffic you know
we didn’t talk about SEO in this I know
this one’s just a fake video
really yeah okay yes you can make it
price you can start unlisted go public
put your tags here try to get some
organic put your keyword in there you
got to get these angles though okay okay
guys I am new at camera yeah let’s move
it up though I kind of want to get can
you get this shot I can do it actually
angle okay
so yeah basically that’s how you can do
live right away from your phone there is
also a more if
and strategy you actually record the
computer Sara just sat down you want me
to do it yeah okay so you can also this
is like a thirty dollar camera from
Walmart that you can use and then you
can also go live really easily right
from here
OBS is called it’s this free program
called OBS it’s gonna load it’s probably
the best program I’ve ever seen
so basically you put your kind of
elements in there so this is the let’s
look at this one this camera is not on
no it’s not plugged in Sarah keyhole x2
hands guys I can get up for that you
know you know what she’s really good at
if it’s a need you know I’m saying so
having a supportive wife is amazing okay
hopefully as camera goes on think I’m
gonna do a restart OBS so you could do
it live right from your mobile device or
you can use OBS get like a thirty dollar
webcam rule all of a sudden you want
camera and you just that I stop this is
sweet not gonna life is connected I
invite you don’t actually want your
adhere to but you can do two different
shots too so if you can copy this over
that way you can have that you can
switch between fullscreen and there but
then you can like show something like
hey you know then you got to get your
shot you line up your shot beforehand
hey what up guys it’s Mike Pyatt here
from profit it pro about to deliver some
massive value to you I mean yeah you
just hit start streaming and you just
set it up you put your stream key in
there so you have to go to settings and
then let’s see general stream and then
you put YouTube and stream stream key so
your stream key is in your back-end of
YouTube or with Thun yeah so
and you go to you can be the channel
that you want to go live on to stream
live from your desktop that way you can
go from a webcam mic media don’t want to
go around the other day
I see the need why just to document
yours my seriously this is the best way
though lives cuz then you can skip
editing you can skip a lot of things
editing just takes so much you’re a
cameraman real quick no no seriously
dashboard okay so go now this is the old
studio there’s change to a new one we
like the old one the new one Sarah gets
confused on and so do I live strongly
recommend them stream now you hit reveal
Sarah you gotta get this um sorry so
yeah I’ve got a live stream then once it
loads live streaming come on
this beta one does gonna go slow though
so get your reveal key right here the
stream key cool
I’m not gonna reveal that on camera
though okay but then you reveal that and
you’re just in my computer’s going slow
sorry guys okay and then guys I’m just
learning this he all of a sudden he
wants a wife he wants a ploy he wants a
camera person a chef right yes healthy
computer box it’s your wife that’s how
you use it yeah so you can make the ad
then you can open up Adwords that’s
right to your account you that’s way you
can get it going right away sure you can
do some post editing that’s just gonna
be a little bit a little bit longer lead
time if you got to create the video but
you can do it live you can know all the
elements and yeah so this is the book
basically with your videos basically you
want to be speaking to outcomes purposes
points questions word emotions let me
flip the camera this way it’s not what
it’s not just what you say but it’s also
how you say it so like the intent kind
of behind where you’re coming from
different like pause points variety
backdrops types of learners 65% of
people are visual learners 30% by
listening 5% by experience so it’s kind
of crazy you gotta have an outline
yeah make sure your hands and a copy of
this book to bads profit playbook by
yours truly
Mike Pyatt document the process document
document document organized I’ve got to
show you this testimonial to file folder
desktop a year seven years cracking the
code though so true so true
it’s so confused by all the numbers on
the screen
true true guys every now and again I I’m
gonna I’m gonna jump in for Mike because
wow I tried to rotate that this thing is
just differently oh well I just did
because I’m talking first that guy’s I
stole the camera Mike’s all like yeah
sometimes you just gotta be with the
universe and appreciate all around you
know Mike but Mike’s doing good he’s
cracking the code it’s been cracked do
YouTube yep so benefit and pass it on
people and someone’s pulling up a
document the other person has to keep
value what I was doing Mike yeah what
are you trying to say
Mike’s just getting a little bit
shocking guys you are see see why you
gotta be real on camera but they say
you’re on camera
all the time you’re gonna see all the
different you know Mike is just getting
a little bit a little bit tired I would
say forward head Mike okay guys here
Mike I’ll hand you the phone for taping
next time let the other person if
they’re pulling up a file like you got
to be able to entertain the camera you
know you gotta go the speakers outside
of an agency that spends millions of
dollars per month for our clients for
ourselves and we’ve gotten some amazing
results using Facebook and YouTube and
Instagram we drive a lot of traffic we
promote all tunnels and things like that
and I connected with Mike on an event
and saw that he was really an expert at
YouTube ads and YouTube ads is something
that we have been wanting to get more
into and we were running ads but there
were some things that we need to some
help with it so we connected with Mike
and I got on a coaching call with me and
some of the information that you shared
really blew me away
and I just want to tell you you know no
matter what level you’re at Mike is
amazing at breaking this stuff down
making it easy and I can tell you with
confidence that he’s one of the
legitimate ones he’s actually running
ads and doing this stuff he’s not just
putting our courses and and trying to
make money of courses but this guy knows
his stuff he knows more about YouTube
ads and anyone probably that I’ve ever
met and and we’ve done our share of that
we have spent a lot of money on YouTube
on Adwords and this guy’s amazing so I
just want to give give Mike a shout-out
Mike you for seeing this Thank You Man
we appreciate you you’ve been awesome to
us and we hope that you continue to have
success in everything that you do and
we’ll thank you appreciate it
so this is how to make a youtube video
instantly you don’t need all these fans
the graphic software you don’t need any
of that you can literally just go live
with the technology today if you have a
basic webcam or if you have a basic
phone you can do it now the caveat or
I’m not sure if I’m using that word
correctly the other side of it is if you
just go like try to make one you’ll
probably fumble with your words you
won’t be that good won’t be clear you’re
miss points and say oh I should have
said this or should have said that and
then you try to another one miss it so
with that approach there’s gonna be a
lot of practice involved or you can kind
of use a system a structured approach of
things that you need to accomplish
during each step of the way and know
that and then use that more in the
beginning and then you can kind of flip
to more of just off the cuff so to speak
it’s kind of balancing depends win more
comfortable on camera makes a lot more
comfortable than I am but it really does
just take doing it too so true it’s
definitely a skill that can be learned
again there’s always that balance of
just doing it and practicing and then
also like learning kind of strategies
and techniques not good
letting go is huge yeah definitely
that’s a huge one you’re gonna get
better at it’s not just like a yes or no
it’s more of like I’m gonna keep
improving on it keep getting better
provide massive value without any you
know intention of getting anything in
return it’s actually a crime if you
withhold value you can bring to the
world because you’re afraid what others
think you know I shouldn’t say it’s a
crime but it is a crime because that’s
really key you know did you get that
from Grant Cardone or Sarah Pyatt Wow
Sarah is exclusive she’s gonna come on
her story because she started Instagram
so we do a weekly call with Brian
Fleming I’m not sure sure if you’ve seen
those interviews where we kind of talked
about all sorts of business stuff like
last time we talked about keyword
research and split testing I have some
huge YouTube breakthroughs that I share
within those calls there on the channel
hold this for a second yeah that’s the
okay so yes in the book okay
oops can I show the book yeah okay so
basically this book okay like this okay
like the first seven starting questions
okay let me flip it the other way I’ll
film it wait no the first seven what
does a good high converting ad look like
what does it take to create a high
converting ad do I need to have to
create a scrap
do I need to be on camera how long does
the video I need to be or how long do I
it’s an exact step-by-step science or is
an art that requires personal creativity
how much time does it take to make it
video ad how do I create the ads so like
these are all questions we had when we
created this book because me and Mike we
were always like so certain things like
we could never at first we just assumed
AdWords sucked and it wasn’t our fault
it was definitely the platform and it we
were so wrong slowly over time we found
things out and got better at them like
this book has everything we wish we
could have at the time when we didn’t
know how to do them because we were like
we wish there’s like some guide or
something not like just a video tutorial
on how to set up a campaign but actual
like explaining how does targeting work
well what’s best for me you know just
all this stuff even just yet would even
say in your ad so yeah using ads to get
the conversions right away Plus build
your channel up organically and it can
just be a dollar a day doesn’t have to
be that much into $5 and $10 there’s
different things to like yeah just how
to even online your whole funnel before
even the app yeah what’s your offer you
have it aligned for the best possible
conversion rate you know yeah I think
about your audience where your ads gonna
be what are you offering who do you want
to get in front of you all the per
second yeah so it’s all in this book I
mean this book is like four hundred and
something pages literally four hundred
pages like trying to navigate the book
and this
in the camera but I don’t know if you
can even read any of this it says what
makes people convert like don’t you want
to know that okay let’s go to another
one wait what does it take to create a
high converting ad okay don’t you want
to know that worry this is so
interesting best clips only thank you
this is for our video program we’re
making it’s gonna be silly big picture
process planning is the first critical
step in the process to profitable and
scalable YouTube ads planning meaning
thinking out what to do who’s the ideal
customer details about them what you
were offering what the ad is going to be
like what targeting is going to be used
etc in process meaning the series of
things from one thing to the next that
could affect something else in the
process etc so we’ll start with the
essential building blocks then to
bridging the gap and then some other
final pieces we’ll add in as well
all the certain things you need to know
before you begin and think about as well
as you’re building out all these pieces
for alignment and then most versions
overall you must first think big picture
and see how it all connects all of these
must be outlined in line just like in
that well running copy what you say in
your ad then affects how people view
your landing page what you offer affects
your landing page and also affects your
ad and so on then once you map this out
so to speak then you go into actually
creating it and putting those elements
in place in reality
and as creating a specific element who
might then come back and add some point
to your map or a Fineman the big picture
architect of the system and go back in
the kradin so it’s slow cycle that’s
just a little bit just to show you kind
of some preview of the new program we’re
working on I know it is really good any
I’ll give you more preview this channel
so make sure you subscribe stay tuned
turn on your notifications and yeah for
working on just providing tons of tons
of value as much as we can and yeah
hopefully get some lessons from this use
it yourself grow yourself grow your own
business help grow the world help grow
each other we’re just like plants we’re
all growing I asked Sarah her why today
and one of the things was because she
wanted to grow and there was two other
things what’s the other two Sarah I love
it the world needs more of that so we
have other videos on the channel too if
you haven’t checked those out just go to
profit it pro if not already on YouTube
and I’ll show you the playlist structure
on there if you haven’t checked that out
already profit the pro sorry I’m tight
with one hand live now that’s us right
now live that’s funny it’s a great
thumbnail okay so basically this is the
overview section and if you want the
newest ones this was when we first
started really documenting this about
nine months ago and then more the newest
ones are over there and this is all
about targeting got to know you’re
targeting different stuff different
updates these are about video ads if you
want to know more about creating a
specific video ad the newer ones are
gonna be on this side and then about
funnel and then management also
analyzing or fining
some other realtalk breakthroughs that
we’ve documented calls with Brian some
updates any things that are being
updated with YouTube ads like the
similar to going away that one kind of
blows interesting insight some examples
want to learn a subject think of writing
a book or I mean write a book on it true
documented document see document yes
it’s gonna update cuz yeah you’re just
gonna know all this but then it’s all
dependent on Mike knowing it you know
what room other people on the team in
order to scale they’re gonna need to
know it true you should reference it
that’s how I am running the SEO company
though is literally because we
documented it cuz he used to do it and
that it was driving him knots in the end
of document it now it drives me nuts but
I’m happy but you get someone quick –
with that way it’s in its appliance yeah
then product – yeah and one time you’re
paying where when we can do YouTube plus
it’s cool help business owners in Google
I mean these two guys you know they
hammer store and they were like working
full-time save families and they were
able to quit their jobs cuz their SEO is
doing so good I can’t like give details
of who it is but like literally this
year I think you find one of our videos
it’s one of our tired talk episodes they
were doing three thousand in one year
now they’re doing what 60 thousand a
month that’s all from SEO so SEO is huge
– huge yeah I mean I was just thinking
like I’m just in awe because we just
like order this it’s like oh my gosh
like we’ve been working on this for a
long time I don’t even know how Mike
thought of to organize because it really
does make sense
committed and I’m like wow I turned
every page and I just say like it’s a
question I want to know
you know more on prioritizing what had
ties to chair hearing methods and
budgets sure I want to know what make
the most sense logically and ordered for
me so I got so much money and there’s
tons of different ways to target you got
to know your priorities test it you can
start right away with your YouTube lies
plug it right in you got a know so make
sure you know now just disconnected
Sarah was on amazing what goes in a good
YouTube ad hopefully didn’t miss too
much we’re gonna cut right back to her
right now it always happens anyways
going back to it I’m not gonna let that
limit you believe stop me I’m going
right back to the rest so basically
first you want to communicate what
problem are you helping them solve you
want to get in front of the right people
first of all wait before you even do any
of this you want to align your funnel
process plan so what is the problem
you’re trying to do it okay so they’re
where are they on YouTube what type of
ad are you doing inch dream or search or
side this is all from this book okay I
want to start with the in-stream ones
okay so you’re gonna appear before
videos where the viewer has 30 seconds
to watch to decide if they’re gonna
continue to view or not know okay sorry
got cut off again Sarah’s phone is at 5%
and it’s about to die you got to say
your three biggest things right now four
dies okay community yeah okay think of
your offer where they are what type of
ad then structure the ad in stream
you’re gonna want to have a more of a
faster paced ad get straight to the
searcher side more time to educate but
anyways both you want to be you know
have a point you’re communicating what
it is how it’s different from anything
else your story how you were once like
them then obviously a call to action but
also of dressing objections are along
the way of oh what if this doesn’t work
for me oh I suck being on the camera etc
etc and then also with your story
relating to them building trust also a
risk reversal if possible if money-back
guarantee yada yada yada and then a call
to action to you know and then give them
time to take that call to action and
then you want so you want to process
like how you’re the type of ad how
you’re doing all that and then the
landing page is very important don’t
skimp out on the landing page a lot of
times in ads people will go to the
landing page before they even watch much
she still have to do a ton of trust
factors down there use the same core
trust factor motivation story proof all
proof is huge to Internet
I mean how it’s different and then yeah
basically then you want to send them the
that and that’s that and those are you
know aligned it all to match think wow
wow wow did you get all that
that was amazing I don’t want to end
this week it’s about to die we got to
charge the phone to get the frosting so
there is a lot to it that’s why I had to
organize it because you do got to get
these things right in these perspectives
or else your ad won’t convert organize
this will be organized for you shipping
it free all over the country you need to
do this seven dollars us or 785 it’s
like fifteen dollars outside of the
country I mean you do the stuff in the
book but you know take you about a year
the accelerated path right away then
practice and then you’ll get it yes to
grow in YouTube lives to film a good a
good practice I aim for like a peace of
conscience massive value what we are
actually gonna screw but it’s gonna
drive the cost of ads off you’re telling
ya crack your own says stop trying to
make sense out of it all the time
there’s room for everyone to I mean you
know true everyone is such a unique
approach the more I talk to people I’m
like wow you have a slep like this if
you agree and leave your lesson what did
you learn from Sarah’s rant what did you
learn from Sarah’s rant that’s a great
yeah Sarah’s rant it’s gonna be a
thumbnail if you’re just going crazy can
you do a thumbnail real quick just going
crazy yell at the camera
you will never see this again guys okay
you drank the kool-aid okay later guys
peace good Chad hope you got massive
value as always make sure you like
comment subscribe do your best
forget the rest and all will come to you
I promise you that the universe has your
back like Gabriel Bernstein says
basically be effective like Stephen
Covey I’m just gonna start throwing you
know all these different way right there
this is a great book too
one of Sarah’s favorite books the
universe has your back just want to
throw that value