Here’s the exact strategy the Evan Carmichael got almost 2 mil subs in less than 3 years – AND HOW TO USE FOR YOURSELF!

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and Sarah pie of welcome to the channel
let’s go ahead and get right in today’s
video how Evan Carmichael grew his
channel to 1 million over 1 million
subscribers 1.7 from our studies from
our experience this is what we are
pretty certain to give again we don’t
work for him we’re not associated with
him with an outside perspective he’s a
pretty cool guy he’s very cool very
inspirational we talked to him on
Instagram the other day yeah he’s
actually I mean I love all his videos we
want to torn out mm-hmm here’s the best
part he has very little original content
basically all his videos that are
popular he just is a DJ and puts them
all together and then ranks and also is
and the requested or the what I don’t
recommend any other recommended yeah or
these guys names so when someone
searching you know whatever Warren
Buffett whatever they had his name is
you know he’s showing up for all these
names Grant Cardone Gary Vee Vee and
again you go to Gary Vee Channel but
then he has a thousand videos it would
take you a year or two to listen to it
all so it’s like well list is what’s his
top ten and most craters may not make
their top ten because they have like
each video is a topic so he did he
solved a problem and then you don’t put
them together and making all these you
just got to put in the work
mhmmm me definitely I don’t know how
many videos he has but a ton I was
looking at his channel today but
literally like some of his videos though
just two years ago we started this is
from top to bottom seven one thirty
forty was just like 871 years ago two
years ago and now look at it’s great one
day ago he’s I mean yeah his content
like me and Mike would have put it on
sometimes in the morning for inspiration
you don’t even know it’s him after a
while but then yeah then you start to
realize the channel and you’re like oh
no but yeah I mean like what a great way
to simple like one word you know videos
daily 1.7 definitely has its own yeah he
has his mission he wants to inspire his
mission mom why create something when
it’s already all out there you know from
different your kids negatives then I was
looking to he’d is like he has his stuff
here so he’s doing it
or which is pretty sweet well I’m Sarah
about this yesterday it’s not gonna be
home until like May or something I
really liked I don’t know if they show
us the diagram where is he going well
right here is he gonna be in Detroit
yeah 122nd oh wow
Roy April 4th actually ok yeah which
isn’t that cool look at that yes
it’s free uh no it’s like 100 bucks or
something we should go make money doing
consulting – well we are going to that
tour guys so every morning find out here
secret bonus video then believe he’s got
some other YouTube stuff his book
common questions to other YouTube videos
to his Instagram is social profiles
countdown yeah let’s see his tags
entreprenuer the believe tour starts
this weekend here we go US tour but
what’s in another video let’s see like
here’s one with Will Smith giving his
top 10 take the first step know that you
can work hard vitro and believe don’t
self destruct etc sources even put some
sources plagiarize yeah yeah that too is
like hey you want to go to that source
here’s the exact second he’s helping
them get there’s people he’s like if you
want to see the whole thing right here
we don’t want free promotion to on this
awful I love to have this many links in
or you can video know and love it too
it’s very organized yeah he’s very
structured he’s smart no this is good
too in the diversity let’s check out my
newest video again he’s increasing that
watch time mm-hmm
so you want apply this to you and your
business because we’ve done this to we
rank for like kong jump cut you too bad
it’s like a it’s a popular YouTube ad so
here’s to and we’ve review other
people’s YouTube ads and get range for
them because they’re looking for that
type of stuff for their channel and then
we rank for that so it’s not I’m like
arbitrage with their name so to speak
you’re basically ranking for them and I
wouldn’t recommend the route of like
this person’s a scam or something no
it’s it’s honest it’s honest feedback
and it’s to help them actually improve
if they come across it it’s not like
be mean or anything it’s like who
doesn’t want to hear some feedback you
know from outside perspective yeah less
than three years you get a million since
just honest it’s not even to be taken
personal yeah it’s it’s pretty it i
liked i it’s actually pretty fun to do
and this thing right here you’re gonna
be a better we just literally all you
need is a thirty dollar web camera
commitment to do it and then just go but
also to or if you don’t want to review
heads like you want to make your own i’m
not even like like not even going to cuz
then you can boost it with paid i can’t
even describe this book to you all i can
say is that if you haven’t made an ad or
even if you have made an ad just books
it’s your boy watch our videos on our
channel we give a lot of insight to what
makes a good ad the influence factors
being clear getting to the point
curiosity pain pleasure well yeah this
is free to if you want to check it out
on tube ads profit playbook if not
everything is in the book for youtube
ads but on this is can be an organic
strategy and you can make money off this
to sell your services they don’t even
have many people your views you never
know who’s watching the music video
millionaire could be watching this video
you never know who can see it yeah for
sure so it’s a great strategy used
person’s name so Evan did it with just
compiling like lessons the top 10
lessons from people we did it with
reviewing people’s ads but basically you
just whatever who’s popular kind of in
your niche or who’s talking about it
and you kind of want to like be like
different levels like Grant Cardone
would be really hard to rank for one but
then maybe this other like Amy Ball we
did went on she actually messaged me on
Facebook and was like can you just
change the exposed part so they may like
message you would say something about it
but that’s why you just got to keep it
positive be honest yeah you can give a
feedback in a nice way but don’t yeah
you don’t want to like call really
attract a variety of people with these
like some of these people are really
like brute yeah he’s a bit douchey about
it if he’s really successful while I
mean I don’t even want to bring I don’t
even want to call out comments though
because that’s the hottest opinion but
like but there’s some good people yeah
some really good yeah action let’s video
yeah um yeah 20,000 views from this
all organic views and never did any ads
to it but you can use ads to boost it
organically just some penny ads just to
get some views going yeah you can make
the video ads for free yeah if you have
a webcam 30 bucks for the webcam then
it’s obvious it’s free we use like OBS
this recorder that actually does it all
basically just hit start sharing your
YouTube account
yeah and it’s super easy too we can look
up videos how to do you know hope he has
more and we could do a video if you want
let us know in the comments below and I
wrote down this little strategy about
how this plan kind of works I’m kind of
just mapping it out but yeah that huge
growth using other people’s names you
know just keeps it on youtube do a
degree with your video – again we talked
about watch times when you send them to
other videos not just get them off
because most marketers business like hey
check out my website check out my money
and we did do that but still you know we
also want to keep you on YouTube you
know keep watching and then execute of
course so a good mindset not over
thinking like this video I wanted to do
I was like I want to show people how you
know Evan did it how I did it how you
know you can do it mom I want to clarify
this concept for myself so I want to do
it but I was overthinking I was like ah
laughter our script do I have you do it
perfect if I have to practice right it’s
like don’t overthink it just do it
yeah don’t overthink it and you get
better and honestly like you got to
start somewhere just start doing it you
know for sure and it could be like some
fear like oh if I’m not good in front of
a camera how I look I mean I still feel
no excuses also you gotta have your
focus down there’s so much going on
everyone’s focus is probably pretty
trained because they’re solving so many
so whatever you know work do this you
know so it’s like oh I may not be the
most energetic or in perfect state but
I’m still just take action but yeah your
strategy you can have a little bit of
plan but just execute basically like
wheel just like we um yeah we just
review people’s video ads we’ll just go
to it like yes I can list out Annie and
all the stuff and I tried that didn’t
really work I just execute
so yeah also what’s really cool watch
this brand new incognito window you love
chocolate cut actually one word chomp
cut YouTube video ads we also
automatically put this onto a website
there’s our video number one go us you
got to your own or you know you can’t
expect too little kind of views when you
start you just got to keep going in time
tag we’re right here yeah our thing got
messed up today
no that’s life you know some work you
know fixing it we’ve had a lot of fires
we had to put out today but that’s
behind us yeah but something went wrong
in that but yeah you can put on the
website you can rank in Google too but
even your video itself if you don’t want
to deal with the website soon as they
all of us too much work whatever where
it is not into it right now do it just
your video alone searching this in
Google so two birds one stone with your
content so yeah the name thing is can be
definitely huge so who are some popular
people in your niche and we’re going to
be made of a name for this content
yesterday is community created content
or crate community content like it’s all
about people it’s for people we’re
people it’s about people like it’s all
people so it’s kind of a community
content connects dog that debuts connect
community whatever you want to call it
yeah we’re still antsy you think he’ll
figure it out as you go
I was thinking you could do maybe I put
seven here four maybe five maybe try to
do one daily or just we just did four in
a row
light them off you know again take
action can you get accelerate views also
once those people go to your video you
can actually retarget those exact people
with the exact and two which is pretty
ninja two with each actual you can do
audience every single one so will ever
watch this person it’s an exact add to
it say oh I saw you like this at or
watch this at
mm-hmm no and you can create tons of
custom ads like that yeah you want to
have the obviously the basic fundamental
optimize YouTube video like the person’s
name in like Evan Carmichael will put
Evan Carmichael in the video you can
kind of come up with a plan like like I
put my title beforehand so how Evan
Carmichael got
1 million seven hundred fifty four
thousand four fifty nine thousand
subscribers in less than three years wow
that’s insane growth when you put it
like that yeah how much does Grand Cru
don’t have see how much people love
inspiration it’s a great what’s a good
thing to do
crank her tone just under a million well
eight hundred eighty eight thousand so
yeah having Carmike you know now we’re
going to ten acts next we throw epic
event so yeah it’s pretty sweet you can
make up a little plan just keep the
videos simple like intro middle ending
so we started with intro what are we
doing was the pain if you don’t watch
this what’s the pleasure what are you
gonna get out of this like we will said
hey you’re gonna call your YouTube
channel and you get more sales make more
money hmm
yeah not have to pay for it all and get
some sales that way then you can you
know merge to pay ads or however you
want to do it middle talked about the
main content like we did about the
strategy now we’re even breaking down an
entire map and then ending your recap it
like we’ve recapped it many times then
go to any other points that you would
want to know about and then your CTA
again keep them on YouTube for that
watch time a bit like other videos check
out this other video there’s related
video or thrown off CTAs during it and
then external like hey get our book
short book good taking in all these
intros ending keep it simple know your
title so you can say the person’s name
Evan Carmichael you know so that YouTube
auto that thing that actually knows what
you’re saying can actually hear it then
yeah you can apply it so I’d love to see
what you’re doing leave the comments and
below let us know what you’ve got out of
this video and what you were going to
implement it check out our if you want
to learn more by guys just to give some
views to build up your channel it’s good
you know guys cuz I ain’t just keywords
can be hard yes Mike loves to educate
which is great but like I just I love I
mean it’s not even bragging I just wanna
show my book of course it might be a
little bit but I’m just proud of Mike
but also like this book is free right
now at too bad profit playbook and it
shows you exactly how to make a video ad
and how to target and just all about
YouTube ad ten bucks to cover shipping
right yeah yep so it’s a really good
book I mean
check it out if you’re interested if not
yeah view some videos on our channel and
hope you you know accomplish what you
want to accomplish yep anything else let
us know hope you got value out of that
and value from Evan Evan Carmichael
post in those videos and yeah you find
your own niche way to do it yeah I can’t
wait to see what you do and how you grow
your business with it make some money
and help serve the world see ya later