Google updated their policy who can use similar-too/look-a-like/customer match audiences – and that includes you must have SPENT 50,000 dollars so far…

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I mean all right we are live we got some
major news about Google which really
isn’t that good of news basically they
changed their policy to shed some tears
here they’ve updated and their customer
match policy so customer match also
known as similar to list or look-alike
audiences Google completely got rid of
that well now they didn’t get rid of it
they basically updated their policy
where you now have to have special
requirements so I’ll read the article
update to customer match policy October
2018 beginning October 22nd our Google
Ads policy will be updated with
additional requirements for advertisers
using customer match to show
sufficiently established Google accounts
history advertiser accounts must have a
good history of policy compliance simple
a good payment history simple at least
90 days history Google ads simple more
than USD $50,000 total lifetime spend D
thousand dollars guys that’s a lot of
money yeah so you really gotta rank it
up there just sucks for new people you
know because a lot of our audiences new
people to it so it’s like thousand
clients yeah but you could only have
that option the upload email list or
similar to your site visitors are
similar to your channel any of that
unless you spent fifteen thousand
dollars now you don’t even have the
option then you get that option then you
have to have a thousand emails yeah so
basically as when heard into effect
which kind of sucks I don’t see much up
up rage app out in the community not
sure why I think everyone’s maybe more
disconnected but just wanted to inform
you if you were looking or searching or
about this update yeah so kind of sucks
stop showing yeah all our ads we had a
client that that was their main audience
and then boom got cut so always have
more than one source going so now use a
custom scraped also use custom intent
keywords etc so keep on going make sure
you check our channel for new updates
subscribe hit the bell as well come back
I’m going to be posting stuff all the
I’m kind of obsessed with this stuff
it’s kind of fun plus I do it for
clients I do it for my own business I
have a search engine optimization
business so we have ads going for that
rank people in Google for certain
keywords with high search volume yep our
latest case agency one of our clients
she’s made sixty seven thousand dollar
search yep so searches searches searches
good yeah let’s put it that way search
rankings are good but it does cost
effect in some markets you want to hit
them with YouTube you know or both so we
look when we look at where our sales
come from it’s always split between
YouTube both paid and organic and then which is all organic we
really don’t do add and
saturated right we’ll use them sometimes
in some ways I mean for some client
that’s good but I mean just depends on
your market you know what I’m saying so
you got to really know your market know
what’s best that’s true yep I know
anything else on it hopefully you took
the news lightly yeah hopefully you
weren’t like crushing it cuz we had one
client that spent seventeen thousand so
they were well on their way to fifty
thousand using the customer match or
similar to look-alike audiences and then
boom it just stopped and so we’ll see
now we’re testing the other ones more
yeah I mean the changes all the
dynamic environment so let me know your
comments let me know your thoughts I’d
love to hear two-way interaction in
anything else let me know peace talk
soon ciao I’m Mike is this Sarah we’re
we’re married in case anyone was
wondering yeah we are how long Mike
three years and three months two and a
half months
oh the specific got me I can’t believe I
guess so well I knew it’s three years
not the month part alright taking these
notes for married couples out there Mike
number one tip for married couples is
collaborate you’re on the same team you
know awesome would you say see first
understand drill it’s a good one – BAM –
bonus tips for you on your relationships
right win-win all right guys
ciao ciao later we talk all day huh