HIDDEN Skills To Make
Youtube Advertising Profitable

To make your YouTube ads profitable you
May already know these maybe some you
Know obviously most heard of them put
Them all together I’ve been working on
Making youtube ads profitable for myself
And other businesses for about seven
Years now so just teaching like the
Basic fundamentals but I also want to
Kind of go outside that scope and see
What kind of also affects the whole
Campaign and making it successful or
Making it profitable or making it a
Failure so successful and profitable or
A failure you know obviously we wanted
To be successful profitable so let’s
Talk about how to make that happen and
Some of the skills we need to be aware
Of and cultivate to make our youtube ads
Profitable so let’s get into those right
Now you ready
Make some noise yeah all right get
Pumped okay so let’s just start mapping
Out stuff here okay so we know that map
It so we know obviously our avatar so
This person here right has this problem
They want this goal you know and then we
Also have a goal for our funnel right so
Let’s say obviously we want to be
Profitable maybe $20,000 you know a
Month maybe for just starting off you
Want 50% profit so maybe spend you know
And then also you know reoccurring
Because he paid for those customers
Beginning but then read monthly
Reoccurring revenue as well so we can
See them say that’s the first one no
Goal settings also system thinking okay
You’re thinking okay you know here’s
This person here’s this goal I want how
Do I map it you know to get them from
Here to here to a paying customer you
Know so first we have our targeting so
That’s a skill right there right
Setting up the targeting whether you
Know you’re using search ad side ads
In-stream ads did a whole video on that
A link below as well but in-stream ads
Are working really well the ones that
Play before a video even if you think
Those are annoying those work pretty
Well and also pretty cheap
Because you know a lot of people do
Watch those so therefore you know it’s
Less expensive so then of course you
Know you have your ads so you need to
Have the skill of production produce me
Up production so whether it’s
Copywriting editing or delegating right
So copywriting or you know video plus
Editing also or you know delegating some
Of these parts right well hiring the
Right person making sure it’s affordable
Making sure you know they get it done
Correctly you know empowering them etc
And then of course you know you have
Your whatever you want free offer and
Then paid offer so again like sales
Right so teaching you know sales and
Then obviously fulfillment you know so
Pretty basic from one perspective to get
This up and going to profitable and of
Course you know analyzing right
Analyzing this scene you know what the
Cost per click is you know what the
Click-through rate is the watch time you
Know how many people are going through
This offer how much you’re spending you
Know then how much you’re making
Analyzing figuring out the problem so
Solving problems and then think you like
The customer cuz you know you really
Want to say okay what videos are they
Watching well they’re doing on custom
Placements or audience of targeting what
Do I need to say in the ad to really
Entice this person and these people well
Enough you know so then actually it’s a
Clip to rate to make it profitable and
Obviously you know the sales so thinking
Like the customers a key skill or the
Potential customer all their hot buttons
Their triggers etc another one now will
Go kinda this is kind of more like you
Could say pretty basic in a way from one
Perspective but then let’s go behind the
Scenes so to speak and talk about some
Other hidden skills so to speak let’s
Talk about I would say persistent
Is a big one because there’s going to be
A lot of challenges and being able to
Bounce back like yesterday I did a sweet
Video and then somehow it got deleted I
Don’t have a copy of it on my my hard
Drive I’m a computer so I had to reshoot
It you know it’s down for about three
Hours I was trying to figure out how to
Get a lost video from youtube couldn’t
Find anything trying to get support but
They don’t eat and have supports I’m not
Having a thousand subscribers etc so
That then actually sarah so a good
Support system it was like let’s just
Redo it instead of you know being sad
About it let’s just redo the video we
Redid it it was even better so dealing
With setbacks maybe even you know who
You surround yourself with are you
Surround yourself with people who are
Like yeah what are video ads why do you
Want to get up early and do this and
Work on this and is that really gonna
Work so you know when you surround
Yourself with
What’s another skill to risk-taking you
Know yeah this may not work you know
It’s a risk you take how you reward high
Risk you know you can make a lot of
Money you can help people but yeah then
It could also fail but you only fail I
Would say if you quit you know we can
Always learn from this right so learn
Right exactly especially when you learn
So learning learning this like you’re
Doing now taking this knowledge in and
Then also execution right is how many
People do you know or you just think of
That you know are really smart but they
Don’t do anything with it or you know
They just keep learning learning never
Execute so taking action so action
Taking a key skill you surround yourself
Risk-taking learning action persistence
Just miss that okay so now you kind of
See that it’s kind of indirect so you
Have these ah these skills of setting it
Up right in the add the funnel thinking
All this goal-setting analyzing to make
It profitable but also then the
Behind-the-scenes skills to make it
Profitable being persistence trying
Yourselves the right people risk-taking
Learning and of course execution and I’m
Sure you can think of some more as well
So yeah leave your comment below what
Other skills are critical for success
Obviously we’re
Hard also then taking breaks also then
Even being healthy because you have to
Be productive you know productive and
Healthy to keep going and actually
Implement this you know if you just burn
Out then you know it’s not gonna be
Sustainable to so health trying to
What’s that dry brush what does that
Mean dry brush your lymphatic system
I recommend that okay yep it helps to
Like get rid of toxins and stuff so get
Yourself a dry brush okay start yeah you
Gotta be into some crazy stuff be
Willing to do what others won’t do you
Know an experiment open it’s a good one
Too like dry brushing my wife sarah too
Said she found this article online
Brushing like get rid of what toxins and
Toxins and your veins do maneet’s your
Sara coast veins or something no okay so
Yeah being open also yeah
Feedback right so that’s kind of falls
Under learning too but yeah I mean open
To new ideas to hearing these things
Implementing testing it also I would say
Creativity too you know
Everyone always wants to say hey what’s
This guy doing what does they do this
Ads when they do their landing page
Where they selling what are their prices
And all this stuff which is good I get
It you do want to be aware of all that
Stuff but also you want to kind of go
Back and crate as in like you know think
Of new ideas like okay now I know all
This information my experience the
Customer like what can I say what can I
Put my unique spin on it so creativity
As well as the key piece and then yeah
Collaboration I would say is a big one
To collab fits well with delegation you
Know teamwork setting this all up making
It happen so yeah let me know some other
Skills or traits or which one you found
You know kind of that stood out to you
Or which one you really want to
Cultivate or which one you have been
Cultivating or any other insights or
Feedback and let me know in the comments
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Comment let’s chat this is mike pyatt
From to add systems.Com and we’ll chat
Later have a great productive passionate
Day see you later