Here’s Drew Canole’s YouTube ad breakdown – exactly what he does – how he does it, etc. This ad is pretty spot on, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!!

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we’re gonna open a brand new incognito
window and we get to go to a um like a
let’s go to a spiritual video I’ll go to
one you go to one okay I’m gonna go to I
love the girl business ones that’s my
personal favorite ad let’s see who shows
there someone who already did a review
on week you’re not gonna do it being in
the native this one with Wix you can
create a professional it seems like the
commercial yeah okay now you need to do
one okay
Sarah is going to hang out a topic and
see what ad comes up da da da Sarah I’m
gonna break it down I’m gonna break it
down to make sure I already know Mike we
work together were a husband and wife
and he drives me nuts
YouTube ads because we teach coach to
offer clients definitely grown
businesses so we do Wow are vegans
healthy right here yeah keep going to
Terrence healthy french fries and beer
are vegan so you tell me but seriously
the easy part for most of my clients who
go vegan or vegetarian is cutting out
the meat what they forgot to include is
the micronutrients let’s take a look at
the 11 superfoods you should take every
day if you’re a vegan or a vegetarian or
just anybody wanting to increase their
health I’m drew Canole and I am obsessed
with superfoods I’m the weird dude that
goes into elephant’s and smells like
patchouli today I want to show you my 11
favorites that you can naturally get in
less than 30 seconds a day and you can
take them while traveling and they’ll
help you stay healthy and come
– maybe that weight loss or that
fat-burning regimen are you ready I’m
talking fast look how he’s showing that
you to in the end
first is chlorella now chlorella is one
of my favourite things I like to call
karela bell karela bell and it’s
absolutely incredible
astronauts take this stuff in space it’s
loaded with chlorophyll carbohydrates
vitamins minerals 6 ml gives you a loads
of energy I just had 5 of these things
my energies through the roof Mexico is
Moringa leaf separate studies have shown
that Moringa can lower blood sugar up to
29% which is great news for the diabetic
community I know many people it was
another one you probably do too maybe
you’re even one a lot third is spray
lean mangling you got it right here
spray Lena has strong neural protective
benefits and it may actually help with
Alzheimer’s disease has four times the
amount of antioxidants as blueberries on
or field right fourth is min Nam it is
antimicrobial antiviral anti-tumor anti
allergenic and antioxidant properties
but it is not anti tasty well that’s not
a word I just made that up but it is
delicious this is much much much green
tea right here
matcha has out see any minute which can
help reduce stress promote relaxation
and encourage mental clarity I love a
lot of mental clarity 6 is wheatgrass
did you know what consuming just one
ounce of wheatgrass is nutritionally
equivalent to eating 2 pounds of greens
who doesn’t want more greens in their
life green on the inside clean on the
inside I mean you should know that 7 is
ashwagandha ashwagandha sounds like a
yogi right it’s hard to spell it’s much
easier to understand ashwagandha may
help lower anxiety keeping those stress
levels in check and it can also decrease
depression 8 is turmeric gas little
golden spice is incredible mmm I love
tumeric studies show that it’s golden
spice is superior to prozac in treating
depression which is pretty cool night is
lemon lemon is one of the only citrus
fruits on the planet that actually
to phase 2 liver detoxification 10r
beats much like the workout music these
beats boost stamina a study showed that
athletes who drink beetroot before
working out could last 16% longer
next up monk fruit who needs sugar to
spike up that insulin do something that
doesn’t have that in it this exotic
fruit 170 times sweeter than sugar but
has zero the calories somebody write
that in the comments below zero the
calories right here a month fruit has
medicinal benefits did you get all that
good because I’ve got some great news
for you you can actually get all these
superfoods and one stop right here when
you click the link below this video
you get organifi green juice for less
than 30 seconds a day less than two
dollars a day it’s less expensive than
any juice you can get with all the
powerful main benefits that’s talked
about of these 11y components that are
right here check it out it mixes so easy
I don’t even really need to use the
spoon to mix it I mean legitimately do
you see how well this is mixed in my
friend it doesn’t go to the bottom it
mixes with the water perfectly and it
makes it an easy drink and it tastes
absolutely incredible we’re ordering it
today guys we are sold on our first
YouTube ad straight to buy straight to
buy maybe I need to do that let’s check
out this landing page – Paul 60 bucks
lost more detail for those that want it
hmm visual if we want to live well are
vegans healthy ten million views almost
eleven I knew it was a great ad I knew
it was a great ad guys if they have a
ton of views I mean they wouldn’t keep
paying for ever once doubted the present
or sincerely I think we can agree most
of us are making a mistake of not
setting or died – okay yeah okay good
add September 14 2008 een Wow I knew it
was a great ad I think these guys use
clickfunnels too or something I think
I’ve heard about them okay give me
everything in that thing
and more I have nothing bad to say about
that ad no that’s a good ad well
produced if you’re looking for more
energy if you’re looking for more
vitality more mental focus
then add in these 11 super foods in your
diet I have this organifi green juice
less than 30 seconds a day no shopping
no chopping really easy to clean up it’s
all right here in this glass wild if you
think about it mmm try it for yourself
today click the link below this video
get it right now and move forward with
transforming your life I’m drew Canole
cheers to you for a new decision a new
day something that’s gonna be so
powerful you can look back a year from
now you’re gonna say where was i without
my organifi green juice click below this
video I’m drew Canole remember we’re in
this together and I’ll see you soon all
right drew no really it’s gonna blow
your mind
no it was really pretty good ending I
thought what but for agree to disagree
you know I think you could have got to
the point earlier like these things
tagged on top that’s this this and then
BOOM dude he had me taking notes no like
I was planning on going to the store and
getting all these items I’ve either
gonna sound like some program or I
didn’t know what actually I’ve heard of
this guy’s if I knew what he’s gonna do
okay so then I’m like wow that powder
yeah where would I even get Kerela you
know no money told me that this guy ran
I had one time which the grocery store
bought it all and like Vanessa didn’t
get all this or you do this so he
could’ve no easier compare contrast but
still really good ad mm-hmm could have
been a little bit faster but still what
you guys think it’s probably one of the
top ads that’s crazy and then we’d look
at has 10 million views
yeah we know our ads yep he does enhance
your daily life he’s definitely using
placements probably yeah yeah good
targeting cool well see you guys
peace out Cheers