Here is Daniel Levis’s YouTube instream ad breakdown of exactly what he is doing – what do you think? Leave a comments below.

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we are the YouTube ad break Downers we
break down top ads that we see we
literally just search it like this guys
ad we just see it then we can actually
copy this URL and you can see the video
at it exactly so now we’re gonna do a
review a breakdown and exposing of the
ad of Daniel
lettuce so let’s see what he has to say
two minutes 23 seconds not too long
let’s see being an enabler sounds
disgusting yet the world of online
marketing is crawling with them
and anyone who keeps you doing stupid
stuff so they make more money is not
just an enabler they’re evil it’s one of
17 reasons I wrote this new free report
called 17 proven strategies for lead gen
marketing on fire go ahead and grab your
free copy either at the link to the
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below now the great enabler is something
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another of my favorites is lead gen
strategy number four the 10-ton magnet
it starts like this now that you know
the importance of creating lead
generation magnets LGM s that don’t just
attract leads but propel them toward a
purchase this is so overlooked
entrepreneurs spend gobs of money and
energy making very cool but totally
ineffective lead generation magnets and
then they wonder why nothing is selling
and then they spend even more throwing
good money after bad making their lead
generation magnets even cooler and more
ineffective but they miss the main point
which you’ll find in this report also in
strategy number four you’ll find the
indispensable six step acid test that
you can use when you’re brainstorming
titles for your LG M s then in lead gen
strategy number five I can’t even learn
how to give you a prospects a secondary
reward in your marketing that
automatically develops the precious
trust liking and belief that sets the
stage for the sale and strategy number
seven you’ll learn how to call out
I think to actual buyers and repel the
looky-loos at the tire kickers who steal
your time but never spend a penny plus
you’ll have 13 more strategies to learn
how to spot the enablers who count them
the fact that you don’t know this
information so cut loose from the
enablers download the report today
that’s at the link down there somewhere
it’s as close to a marketing 12-step
program as you can get I got to say my
take first
yeah so I get to go first
gonna break it down first so yeah I
didn’t like the start of your ad
personally because I thought it was like
just way too like you’re starting with
all this negative energy and it was like
just made me like wanna hide you know
what I mean like um and then also it was
just very hard to follow however I do
feel your authenticity that I know what
you’re talk I mean like I can tell you
know marketing but I’m just not sure
that it came off like I didn’t really
get what you were trying to offer or
anything but I could tell that you know
your topic but yeah it wasn’t like I
could tell it was coming from a good
spot but I think that didn’t demonstrate
that well enough I would say for you
yeah great work fast energy snappy maybe
like drop the scripts it sounds like an
email like written and then using which
is good to have that script but see how
like you would like it talking to a real
person kind of a maybe like I find the
overlap a little bit more natural combo
is the 30 page document with the oak
that didn’t sound enticing it all sounds
like you definitely you seem like you
know your stuff but I don’t know if I
tell about it at that approach you know
yeah so he’s got 80,000 views on this ad
published October 17 2018 so
I do want to say to everyone does have a
different take so it was kind of
interesting like he a lot of people do
use pain I mean marketing is pain and
pleasure and his was straight up like
just pain pain pain pain so I think more
pleasure however we just reviewed on our
channel the other this girl Vanessa
I say she did use a little pain though
like you know things that don’t work so
I would say a little more positive on
this one just more clarity to like what
are you gonna help me achieve what are
you even offering but yeah I can tell
you know your stuff so just work on
getting it out better yeah we’re all
pretty pretty decent let us know what
you think yeah um it’s below and
anything else let us know we’re here sir
yeah these later guys