Amiee Ball’s YouTube at the time of recording this is a current ad she is running on YouTube in the instream format. Sarah and I (mike) will break down the video how we see it, hope it helps you!!!

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and Sara Pyatt and we’re gonna review
some YouTube ads today is funny I was
just looking for a YouTube ad in our own
YouTube ad video actually came up but
anytime you want to see a YouTube ad and
save it and see how many views like
today we’re gonna review someone named
Amy Ball I saw their ad you can click it
and actually get the link that way I can
see it’s it’s unlisted but I can see the
name I can play it all the way through
go to any spot I want and also I can see
the view count so how you do that is
just any ad that comes up you just hit
stats for nerds copy it this is crazy
because this is our ad and then you just
paste it into a notepad and then yeah I
actually added I think I had those
videos today or yesterday too and then
you just have this little code at the
end in between here so yeah it’s right
up right up in there nope actually yeah
you may need it that’s a good catch yeah
so you grab that code and then just
replace it at the end right after
question mark v equals that’s where
always the video ideas put that in if
you hard you only got 300 views unlisted
though but yeah that’s why you can get
to the link and you should see this ad
oh no I went back already okay well
we’re gonna show you our ad at a
different time but today we’re reviewing
Amy balls ad so she has three hundred
three hundred thousand and eighty three
eighty three thousand nine hundred sixty
three views so let’s see how um how much
that cost what do you think I’ll say the
average use 20 cents so yeah times 20
that’s how many cents she spat divided
by a hundred
so seventy six thousand on this video
interesting yep let’s watch it we’ll
take notes um you’ll take notes on that
computer there and then yeah we’ll
compare and go over it that way we can
use welcome by not having these massive
startup costs not investing in MLM not
doing events have
so without the overhead right without
all the big capital costs without having
a 900 credit score and having to invest
in all this property what I do is I
build these little bitty teeny websites
that generate leads for local business
owners they then rent out the websites
that I already own to these business
owners and they’re happy to pay me for
them why because I’m getting them on
Google I’m generating leads for their
business so when you go and type in home
services or you know carpentry services
in Louisiana they’re gonna come up for
it they’re gonna get those leads and
they’re gonna buy them for me and
they’re happy to pay me 1000 2000 3000
dollars a month why is it because I’m
bringing a business and they’re happy to
do it month after month after month
after month best part is you don’t have
to be a technical whiz kid to do this I
mean it’s super simple the sites are up
I can show you how to do it don’t
believe me watch the free training it’s
floating around here somewhere on this
link just click it download it actually
you don’t even think you download you
just click it and watch it I mean how
hard is that then you take it you
implement it you build your own business
you you can start up small um I think it
cost me like one or maybe two hundred
bucks for the first site that I got up
and running and I sold it for $3,500 so
not a bright turnaround investment there
check it out I don’t know how long we’re
gonna keep it up make sure you follow
the process put in place what I show you
and let me know what you think all right
I’ll start mine pretty decent ad yeah
let me know what you think in the
comments below what you liked what you
didn’t like your experience of the ad if
you saw it if you searched it or used on
this channel to learn more about how to
make better industry mads we can use
this I really like how she overcome a
scarcity pretty basic she probably could
have amplified both those things like
what’s in the free training why is it
different than anything else and
scarcity she said something that I wrote
scarcity I can’t even really remember
exactly what what I did not like I do
this all the time shots were like she’s
like 100 or 200 and she kind of
stuttered she probably just didn’t run
through it too much it wasn’t like
totally present so kind of stuttered and
was in her head thinking about the next
thing or something but uh it’s still
okay to do a little bit sometimes
because that’s natural it’s how we all
wasn’t too bad but maybe it could have
been just a little bit more improved a
little bit more to our channel if you
haven’t watched it already so check that
out but that’s Amy balls ad exposed from
my perspective it’s Amy
yeah amy ball okay and now Sarah is
gonna go over what she thought so go to
the Mike can’t wait to see parts the
cameras a little too wobbly hard to
watch a little vague doesn’t get me that
interested like I’m not really I
couldn’t really recap what she’s even
doing something about website renting
home but wasn’t that clear then like
Mike said no she was trying to like give
proof of the house but it was also like
very kind of distracting and then also
she I noticed she did handle objections
right away even if you’re this you don’t
need a ton of money to start up which
was good she does get like hmm what are
you talking about what do you mean real
so evokes curiosity which was good she
also makes it seem easy from the comfort
of your own computer she does get past
limiting beliefs without having a nine
hundred credit score you can do this you
don’t have to have a ton of money etc
and then she uses scarcity like I don’t
know how long I’m gonna offer this but
yeah overall something was missing from
the ad I think she just wasn’t like
clear enough and didn’t give me that
excited yeah I would totally agree
so that’s Amy balls ad hope you got some
insights that you can use as well and
send us your ad too if you want us to
review it will happily review it
possibly make a video about it now we’re
gonna do two other people that we saw a
YouTube ads for so make sure to check
those out and make sure to check out our
videos on making ads so you can have a
compelling ad in the first place and
your other videos I’m targeting because
that’s key I think this targeting was
based on I think it was like more of a
similar to list because I was looking up
business videos and it wasn’t on that
but then like a video unrelated
afterwards I saw her ad but she could
have been custom selected too but yeah
we’re gonna do some other ones so that’s
Amy ball exposed let me know what you
think in the comments below and check
the other videos anything else let us
know peace ya later