AMAZING NEW ADWORDS YOUTUBE ADS FEATURES 2018 – JUST RELEASED (only in new adwords experience)

All right we are here live using
Youtube’s live feature right from our
Webcam also recording our screen that
Way we can share with you exactly this
Brand-new feature just released I
Literally just done a few other
Campaigns and accounts I was setting
This up but you have to be in the new
Ott the new layout in your ui also guys
Changing out yep so we just click up
Here actually just down here after I the
Faster adwords data at this point if
You’re watching this and may already I
Know it’s hard to get used to new
Systems but this one has all the new
Feature yeah all the new features are
Being pumped into the new adwords
Layouts make the change
Yep definitely recommended to use and
This new this new feature when you make
A video campaign you can check the goals
Like four different goals
Mm-hm and then I can do target cpa
Bidding what cpa cost for acquisition so
I don’t know anything about the new
Feature he’s just kinda yeah plus
There’s new real estate to check out
That I want to show you to climbing a
Parent to like an old one real estate
What do you mean by real estate means
That there’s a call to action right over
The video and then another action like
Call to action on the side video youtube
Watch yep oh that’s really important to
Know yeah so like watch if we go to one
Of your campaigns here cuz right now
There’s only the one lake spa yeah
There’s just that link yeah and you can
Do call to actions over that’s not as
Good this is like a new way okay yep
There’s like a button and stuff it’s
Pretty cool okay so if I go to your ad
Group and then I’ll go into your ad so
Basically are you on the tyt original
Edwards yeah yes okay it looks different
A new one huh mm-hmm
Okay yep so this is a elissa discovery
Okay I mean these are like some of these
Campaigns I’m like these aren’t enabled
Okay overview let’s move this on here go
To all campaigns we’re still getting
Used to this okay okay so all campaigns
All but removed bronze
Let’s just go to all enabled okay so
This is a custom placement and stream
Right mm-hmm okay
And we’re going to use scraped url so if
You want to know how to scrape urls for
Elavil so you can place your in-stream
Ads and discovery side ads right on
Those videos then mihai from our team
Did a video on that will leave a link
Below in the show notes as well plus if
You will have another video on targeting
About all the different types of
Targeting on the different ways to
Trigger your ad etc but for this we’re
Going to use the custom placements here
Yeah cuz placement custom placements are
Great because you can choose the exact
Video yeah you know they’re motivated in
That moment yeah topic yeah exactly so
If they’re watching something about how
To get rid of your acne you know the
Users most likely has acne trying to get
Rid of it or else why are they watching
That video great time to hit them with
That acne product you have exactly okay
So this is in stream right yeah yeah
Okay and see what it looks like on
Desktop so it shows like this basically
Your little link below there right skip
Ad right and your companion banner right
Right okay so the new one you go to your
Campaigns get all enabled only again and
Then you’re gonna go plus campaign okay
So new campaign and then you’re gonna do
A hit video and see here’s new where are
These goals so what’s your goal you know
Leads website traffic
So we’ll say leads here mmm-hmm continue
Okay campaign name so this is custom
Placements right customs placements it’s
Our fight 8yt in-stream ad right yep and
Shrimat okay so how do you use an
In-stream ads and desktop right I made
It too okay so let’s do a twenty dollar
Budget delivery method accelerate get as
Much as we can yeah start small to don’t
Want to spend a ton of money right you
Get some numbers and see yeah so it’s
Just on youtube videos start as soon as
You can really
Like a $5.00 budget I mean I do that
Sometimes on things I have no idea about
Sure so so target cpa yeah we a little
Harder ones because we know a little bit
More but yeah still right start small
Exactly so this is where it’s like
Instead of before was like maximum your
Cost per view
Now you can do your target cpa okay cost
Per acquisition sweet so so with target
Cpa cost per acquisition you set the
Average amount you’re willing to pay for
A conversion from the target cpa you set
Adwords will optimize bids to help you
Get as many conversions as possible some
Conversions may cost more less than your
Target if you learn more you know you
Click this so really they’ll say I don’t
Get my target cpa in that amount so what
Happened they just keep running it yeah
They use machine learning and try to
Figure it out yeah okay
So we’ll say twenty dollars well I got
Was twenty twenty-two well no this isn’t
See this isn’t oh its cost printed it’s
Trying to so yeah you have your views or
Clicks so it’s trying to get to the
Conversion point it’s not just like cost
Per view now it’s like cost per action
Yeah you can think of that that’s why
Can be a little bit higher yes I think
You’re still gonna pay cost
You’re still gonna you’re still gonna
See your costume yes you’re still good
Yes you all make sense so okay so
They’re gonna automatically set it
Exactly frequency capping we like to do
One per day not number of impressions oh
To the same user yes see this is all
Different well this was in the past one
Two oh it looks very different yet I
Says you can’t we like to always split
Desktop and mobile in different
Campaigns to see that data you can’t do
That actually here right here is this
Devices you know and just like narrow in
For mobile but we don’t really want to
Use mobile as of now or we would do is
Wait go to go can you go back down so
All up all device models android black
So it’s getting even more specific in
Mobile so if you have just a mobile one
Then you can even do yeah you can go on
On isn’t anything out okay frequency
Capping a schedule all day add a group
Since we usually just always split
Things during campaign so we just do a
Group one so demographics maybe just
Close that one and keep unknown get rid
Of lower 50% okay and put them because
We don’t need that much but and then
We’re gonna do placements okay so we’re
Going to enter multiple placements we
Already scraped these and this is from
Our different campaign that you
Downloaded and then I lured a little
Drive yep turn 23 placements okay you
Did save anymore I don’t see you see
Usually usually it’s like right at the
Bottom of this little box there I would
Just continue my okay video ad I’m just
Going to this one hey huh copy this link
Put it in there now here so you industry
Man and then yes since we did that goal
I made all can I made four of those
Campaigns and each one like only the
Brand awareness and I like the bottom
Other one let get your name out there
Was you could do video ad discovery
Which was interesting
So our final urls let’s tyt – seo.Com
Forward slash three plan right yes I’m
Pretty sure that’s what I’m all seen yes
I always want to check your landing page
For sure
Whew bye now yeah
Wait and here’s where you can do a call
To action so we’re doing desktop right
Right so this little thing coming over
It so call to action so I’ll be like be
Number one it’s really hard they give
You very little monsters
Mm-hmm headline but like I’ll show you
Where it show you so you can see it so
Headline and then call to action just a
Button text so your headlines here yeah
Blunt axis okay call to action should be
Get more sales I don’t know no get sales
Also the new it’s over there too so if
You look at this previous one it just
Had the banner nothing over it just the
Link with this new one the link looks a
Little bit nicer you know mm-hmm
Bigger mm-hmm so the headline let’s do
Get to google can you say google annette
No get tough spots I would say called
Action will get star now all that for
Free plan yeah get free plan no get seo
Plan get I see a little plan free plan
Just free plan I like action I like to
Click things like get sales I like that
But it sounds like I know a little plan
Okay yeah it’ll be awkward yeah and draw
Your business I’m now here I like get
More sales cool yeah yeah right then
Always if if you want so right here
It’ll do like tons of different videos
From your channel that’s if you want
Video views but we like to get clicks so
Then you do a custom campaign banner or
A companion banner do we have that we
Should why isn’t it here select an
Already uploaded image did you choose
That one I did it’s blank usually
They’re all here maybe with a new one
With a new one maybe open still well
That one didn’t have one either
Don’t download it from there but we use
Banner nack I believe yep we used a
Nurse ness or shouldn’t be in there
You get 10 free and you gotta create
Another account purchase like $10 a
Month but you get 10 banners free and
It’s pretty good yeah
Okay loading into our banners so right
Here we got her what would you like mmm
This one I like this one
Okay yeah we can refine later yeah so
You it’s gonna load in here and snag it
Get rid of that banner snack thing
Oh yeah trope still the arrows right
There I know what it’s like what can you
Do yeah well it’s an arrow at least like
Click yeah honestly this is not the most
Important I mean it you should have one
But it’s not like I mean definitely
Helps although stuff helps you know yeah
I mean the wordings good though is what
I’m saying like that little arrows not
Gonna make that much of a difference
Oh yeah yeah I thought you meant don’t
Have one of these banner oh no ya you
Slaughter the coals everything you can’t
Handie in banners yeah what does
Companion mean like a friend like in
Addition to compan me company
Hey okay I can’t you know okay the other
Side to make a board this is for ya you
Can use this for tree roles people still
Calling pre-roll ads a long time and we
Just say in-stream ads but yeah pre-roll
Okay okay so I still have to add this
File here I’m trying to find dimensions
Image 300 by 600 no that’s at 60 y’all
That’s what I met sorry 300 by 60 yeah
That’s pretty small don’t enlarge the
Shift some main aspect ratio oh sweet
You can cut that arrow out a little bit
I like terrell okay okay
Buggy I maybe make it then shift it up
Okay that’s bugging me can you fix it
Yeah sure
Okay I can’t do it this controls ear
There what are you trying to do
I was trying to get that little oh yeah
Now you got rid of the plan okay okay
File save as painting banner one desktop
Uploading select no it’s not there for
Us some choose file companion banner
Wall uploading you have adblock on yeah
I think you do what is that matter
Because it’s that’s an ad so it’s
Blocking it
Yeah x I can’t see it but let me save
And continue okay let me go back in the
Ad to make sure that it looks all good
And group one going to the add/edit
Desktop there you go yeah look how sweet
That I mean you could now that we know
This shows up to this is insane yeah
Shows up plus this I mean that’s double
Plus this one yeah the more cta look at
This that is awesome because before it
Was very and we didn’t refresh this cuz
I’ll show it but yeah the little things
Do make a difference like these
Drawbacks especially because you can
Make it super easy for people yeah okay
So this is what it originally looked
Like link and then that thankss and now
You know yeah I like it way better yeah
Very cool I saved it okay
Now and if you want you can hit this and
Hit preview and just I’m so glad so it’s
Going to look like I don’t think it’ll
Show the side stuff though
Hmm okay may not show it’s not a it’s
Not oh wait can you change it default
That drop-down no it doesn’t matter it
Should have showed right there I think
It just has to get approved first then
You can preview it okay we’ll check that
Out later with this one because this
One’s approved right so if we have this
Preview preview ad hey how’s it going my
Team just says okay yep but so for the
New one hopefully it’ll show what it
Looks like which will be really cool dad
Jim yep but yeah you can see what it
Looks like from ah you know from that
Preview right enough to make sure our
Placements are in place so to speak okay
So all the youtube videos are in place
So we’ll see how this performs I wish
You could do manual bidding with this
New with these new like the ads those
New it’s like a double companion manner
So now there’s two you know let’s go
Look at that again let’s revisit that
That seems pretty big so going to ads
Let’s go yeah preview here so desktop it
Looks like that I like that too even
That’s mobile
Oh yeah mobile sorry yeah I like them oh
Yeah I’m almost good it looks pretty
I love the cta button yeah double that’s
Yeah winner yeah you see how that goes
We’ll keep you updated you’re on the
Cutting edge here yeah this is just like
Just told me about this tomato so so
Yeah take advantage of it using new
Adwords I personally need to get used to
It still but yes it’ll be worth it also
There’s more really what else so in this
New campaign audiences you can plus this
Hi message people sort of my partner in
This video I think you can use
Okay get your activist here no they’re
Still coming what about life event so I
Think that’s our basic yeah okay
So we still got your audience’s what’s
Supposed to be coming no custom affinity
You can add it right here before you
Have to like add it in you know regular
Display mm-hmm campaign but now you can
Hit plus custom oh I’m new to oh yeah
You know they didn’t have it before any
Giant you could target on youtube but
You couldn’t create it there so but
Still this one I mean custom affinity I
Mean you know it’s still not that good
So if we put in like seo is still gonna
Give just a generic hmm
Things like search engine optimization
Marketing web services internet
Intelecom search engines you can’t
Switch these like I want to take off
Search engines because that’s just so
Broad yeah yeah yeah placements is the
Way to go or yeah look like audiences
You can use this new method with any of
The target audiences and again yeah if
You haven’t seen our video on that check
It out other than that anything else to
Add um other than that once the keyword
Thing coming out that new that’s still –
Yeah tba that new method is when they
Search a keyword on google.Com and then
We can target them later on in with
Youtube yeah yeah I can do that with
Like a display like the image ads right
Now for the dynamic ads yeah do we do
That uh no but we should
What’s dynamic though what’s different
That just changes form based on if it’s
Like a square or it’s a rectangle oh
Yeah we should definitely do that all
Right well yep plenty of ways to target
Yeah there’s always some way figure out
What’s best for you true so yeah make
Sure you like this video comment if any
Questions or what you learn from it
You’re gonna put into action let us know
And again this is Mike Piet and Sarah Piet
Ciao ciao see ya youtube live for life