All The Different Profitable Ways To Target On YouTube [2018 Tutorial Training – STEP BY STEP]

Hey guys this is sarah from tube edie
Systems and today I want to talk about
Targeting on adwords and all the various
Ways that you can actually target to get
In front of your target audience for a
Cheap amount to get those qualified
Leads that turn into high paying sales
Every day and each month to grow your
Business so basically I’m on one of our
Adwords accounts and just make sure this
Recording awesome okay so if you’re not
Familiar with adwords you’d start your
Campaign here but what we’re just gonna
Assume for the sake of this video that
You are familiar and basically how you
Target you can do by keywords so you
Would add so we have actually a keyword
Campaign going right now so you’ve got a
Video targeting then there’s the keyword
Way so this way you add keywords and
This is actually for youtube videos but
You can also do it for google.Com if you
Want like exact match so only targets
That exact keyword you can do like
Brackets there’s like phrase match which
Is like quotes and then I think there’s
One other way I can’t think of it off
The top of my head so there’s a keyword
Way this play is great for keywords in
Youtube that you can find cheap also
Google.Com if you can find cheap ones I
Don’t know mar too expensive and too
Much cost per click so keywords are the
Keyword way of targeting works sometimes
But I wouldn’t say it’s always
Relatively I don’t know how you say like
Consistent with what it brings and then
There’s also like the topic way of
Targeting so basically you would just go
To add a topic and then there’s like a
Couple different groups so say for the
Let’s click that one and you can do by
Like broad so we would go to and these
Are kind of all like the broad groups
And then like internet until it condom
That drops down okay there’s that
There’s a marketing one search engines
I could add search engines or that one
But there’s also a ton another one a web
Services that’s where I want search
Engine optimization and marketing so I
Hit that one at it save it now you can
Set up different groups within each
Campaign or you can do it like separate
Campaigns and targeting separate groups
So it’s easier to see what’s working
It’s really up to you how you want to
Set that up and there’s also this really
Cool method which is called the
Placements and this is really really
Cool because you can actually add the
Exact video so this is for you too but
You can also do it with google that I’m
Just keep in mind with google.Com you
Can only go like two levels deep so you
Can put like a url homepage slash one
Other page
They can’t go deeper than that so it’s
Kind of limited in that sense I’m
But I’m in in youtube for youtube videos
It’s awesome basically just go to ad
Placements you select your ad group and
Then you search for placements you can
Search this way by channels videos then
Also like I said if you’re doing
Google.Com you can do by websites so
Then you add them all this way so for
Instance I want to search seo search
It pulls up all these and I was just
Added whichever ones I wanted to add hit
Save keep adding more also there’s all
Like tools that you can use to scrape
These urls to add them to get them in
Bulk because that you know sometimes the
Tool on here is a little bit limited so
We use like a custom scraper and if
You’re interested in that you can always
Email us and we’ll give you more
Information just go to our website too
Bad systems and contact us on our page
Feel free to ask any questions you had
Up on the custom placements or any other
Questions in general then there’s also
Like remarketing it’s a lot of people
Know about some remarketing you can just
Choose an ad group you can do like to
Watch a certain video also you can also
Do like from your website like went to
Your website all lupe’s and that’s not
The right one there’s different ones
This one yeah my website or by similar
To remarketing list which is this is
Very cool because it makes people that
Have been to similar videos so you get
To more people actually and you it’s
Supposed to be relatively on the
Targeting so it’s pretty cool to reach a
Lot of people who are interested in the
Topic that way so you just add whichever
Remarketing which is always found to be
Effective my favorite personally is
Placements just because I can choose
Exact video so I can get on when they’re
In state and when they’re motivated
Watching the type of video already about
That topic you can also do by interest
So you will just add choose an ad group
And then add the interest you can do in
Market so I would search for business
Services every time the marketing you
Can either add the whole thing or just
Boom-boom-boom a dalton market once you
Want you can also do affinity so I would
Go to it’s not really under any on this
One that I would do custom affinity
Nothing there okay so yeah you can mess
Around with those kind of browse them
See and he would be good for you to
Target and then I also think it’s pretty
Cool once you have all your targeting
You get some data you can kind of
Segment okay so like what’s working and
What isn’t working you can see all the
Views impressions you got views then how
Many conversions came from what and then
The cost per conversion we right away
Excluded this one because we had no
Conversions and we spent sixty two
Dollars and that’s way too high of a
Cost per conversion for a lead so we
Excluded that also so this is getting
Kind of a generic narrowing and refining
But it’s also kind of part of targeting
Too then you can leave all the age
Groups that you know are bringing in
Conversions at our amount that is doable
Actually you know what
She has a couple of these
Yeah cause these two right now
Then you can also do it by gender select
Also but parental status parent not a
Parent household income we automatically
Do lower 50% just because it’s just
Something we thought would be helpful
For us and refining so yeah my favorite
Is personally the placements so if
You’re doing youtube videos great where
To start with this one or also keywords
Are pool although we haven’t had the
Best luck recently we did get a lot of
Conversions past from this but things
Have changed but yeah not saying it
Wouldn’t work for you so those are a few
Different ways are all actually pretty
Much all the targeting place on edwards
Now briefly went over all those for you
And if you have any questions just email
Us at tube ad systems on our website and
I’ll put a link in the description below
And I hope you found this helpful
Leave a comment if you have any
Questions or anything at all thanks