Here’s two proven 10K per month clickfunnels revenue examples BOTH USING ONE Ad – all revealed in this video – cheers – profit and enjoy!


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we are now live we decided to do a
impromptu video just to share some value
what do you have to say about that sale
yes my wife Sarah oh my god feeling a
little shy today okay that sounds like a
great way to start off the video doesn’t
matter if you’re shy you can still share
oh you’re introvert like us put your
hands up in the air we want to show you
our funnel today we’re let’s see which
one should we show I’ll leave that one
up to you okay
we’re gonna show our SEO agency one
where we have one ad will reveal the
YouTube ad then also a different one as
well more of information product
this one’s from our client Vince del
Monte 0.86% thirty thousand clicks
average click was one dollar and
thirteen cents the book sale was a
business a book funnel was a three
percent conversion and we did 910 sales
cost for a book sale thirty seven
dollars so up sell right here
plus there’s auto sales in the back as
well so this is like a lower ticket so
to speak but then of course upsells let
me go to so it’s literally like a
step-by-step process mm-hmm you enter in
this way and then you keep getting pages
offering different things right yep how
many steps usually oh this way has four
upsells okay yeah let’s go to stats
and well I think funnels is pretty
yeah clickfunnels is sweet do you like
clickfunnels do you use clickfunnels we
made a really cool landing page but
anyways getting into this one drill let
me change the day here go back for this
client we switched over to clickfunnels
about May my filter so so 31 thousand
dollars now you may be saying well how
much should we spend so we spent thirty
four thousand dollars so Sara do you
think that’s a success no because we
lost money yes I like to always be
profitable in the first transactions but
that’s not what happened the situation
with the client you could only have only
had one ad to run
and also the upsells could have been
better but he did just launch a new
product product launch for a supplement
for his new pre-workout and you made I
don’t know like forty eight thousand
dollars on it already so that’s from
book sales yes that’s where that’s the
value is right there so it was
profitable technically because you’re
made of you’re getting these emails and
you can sell them later which is what
he’s doing through email marketing
correct forty-eight thousand dollars
just off the pre-workout yes okay yeah
success but I was only basing it off of
these numbers I saw which is not correct
yeah but most of us can’t afford to then
maybe lose that much I mean this one was
pretty good but still losing you’re
putting the negative four thousand then
to get in return later see I do like
them to be profitable right off the bat
and yeah we’ll reveal the ad for that
plus our own ad we also run an SEO
agency so I started doing this for
clients and learned about YouTube
that way I can use it for my own
businesses and also other people’s
businesses as well so let me go to know
this is triple your traffic so I’m gonna
go to this channel this channel triple
your traffic we get clients from our
videos here and basically it’s like 60%
ads launching step number two to get the
free keyword research and the custom
made action plan so we used both so we
actually for our YouTube videos
there’s only actual so this is like
logged in but if you look at it as just
a normal user there actually isn’t a lot
of videos so a lot of people you know
preach you have to make so many videos
and these videos they’re still working
for us years later on this one was one
year ago the one I’m about to show you
is also behind the scenes so you can’t
see it here these are all our public
videos here so not that many this entire
thing you know nuts ok how about
thousand a year in clients just from
these videos and again there’s one more
I’ll show you behind the scenes yeah
this nothing’s changed same strategy we
use I could see if our targeting has
changed throughout the YouTube ads
landscape yeah from search not working
as well from similar to list being taken
away there’s a lot of things that have
changed in the YouTube market we keep
adapting that’s why all our systems we
document all our systems we have Sales
System a fulfillment hiring system and
then I system on systems but all of them
are based on like iteration model
because I found when I was first
teaching like employees or team members
that the first thing was that like once
I taught him anything like it already
changed like by the time they got to it
I already left out 20 directions and the
whole landscape changed etc SEO once
water goes you know
– you plan your website yeah keywords so
this is for our SEO agency you know how
much is your basically the offers
getting a free SEO action planning
keyword research yeah
then at that massive value if that
meeting we show them the process and
then yep clothes on if not they learn a
lot about what it takes to rank
regardless so it’s great for some
businesses some it’s not we use paid and
organic again we’re using YouTube paid
and organic and also Google paid and
organic content and ID like video
because you can really make it quickly
literally and get a cheap webcam like
this one it’s 30 dollars you can get it
and then you should have to film the
video the thing is you got to know what
needs to be in your video to make it
convert which is why I wrote a book on
it this stuff basically it goes over
from the planning stage to the funnel
what needs to be in your funnel from the
acquisition ads what needs to be a
hiking bird he had from the targeting to
relentlessly refine out like I said
iteration guys that book has everything
seriously though on YouTube ads
especially about to be pretty huge its
440 know how many pages I think 438 or
something 445 okay so yeah super big
this is all shows you everything how to
target what type of ad how to set up the
campaign how did what to put in your ad
everything it’s really really detailed I
know I’m being biased but seriously
you’ve got it let me show you this so
then we also put it on audio so the
sections as I mentioned plus there’s an
intro and a conclusion these are all on
auto and they’re all broken up into like
really concise parts that way you know
you can really just skip to any part you
need and really just know where you’re
at cetera again this is the process
planning part and you can pause the
video if you want to get more of a
shot of these and also then this is the
the funnel one so like all the different
influence factors just a lot of key
thing to know etc etc then the
acquisition adds one so this is actually
this is like for creating a video so let
me order these I mean I could I can’t do
it justice by giving a quick overview so
you can pause it if you want a little
more to see a little more detail right
how many years for you to learn YouTube
ads like seven like seven seven years of
knowledge and then documenting it so
it’s easy to understand probably the
past year I would say I’m writing the
book audio plus we’re actually making a
program or a video program as well that
way we can show visuals to some things
will just need to be shown better visual
so that way you can choose so our site
to go to is tube ads profit playbook
comm and they will redirect you to the
page you fill this out then if you want
the audio version you can get that and
you can get also the inflammation
bootcamp which is the video version
whatever is best for you so the pricing
here is the book is free this is
actually we’re gonna lose a little money
on the printing but that’s cool we’re
doing this as a gift to build customers
also yeah I’m gonna do it for our own
training it’s good we’re probably gonna
play I’m not sure if we’ll always be
having this one on to the public but
it’s good to give in public because as
we teach it like we learn it best to and
people who are smart and know that
people will take their life’s work and
basically put it into a book and then
you can buy it are pretty key I mean
I’ve changed my life throughout learning
like key things from other people yeah
yeah I would do that too
I’m pretty key yeah okay so then the
audio version is a
dollars 95 cents that way you can put it
on your phone you know you can do a lot
of drivin etc and then you had to get
the visual version because some things
just want visual that we can pull it up
on your computer and see it visual
that’s forty seven dollars it was
originally two hundred ninety seven
there’s gonna be forty seven again we’re
not done with it but most likely by the
time that you are watching this cuz it’s
gonna be done relatively quickly if you
want more details on the book you can
check out this page this page is pretty
epic I’ll give you some case studies and
you can read that for more details about
you know how the apps work really simple
you get the breakdown and get more
details with what we do and how that
changed our lives then I’ll give you
kind of some key insights about what I
learned about the process like we would
make these videos and then we would get
feedback from other people so basically
people would say like things like tell
stories of past clients need more direct
call to action to be less technical and
keep it much more simple use metaphors
to make it simple etc so basically this
feedback because you think like okay I’m
not the best communicator but I’m not
the worst so I can just you know
communicate what I’m saying and it’s
won’t be the best but it’ll still be
profitable except they weren’t like we
would spend hundreds of dollars and
literally get I mean if we were lucky
we’d get one lead we’d usually spend
like $30 and get nothing so then more
like once we often think it was YouTube
too of ours like oh it’s the platform
they just don’t work or you know
whatever true but then we started like
getting feedback on the video the first
probably biggest breakthrough yeah I
know it’s like yeah we’re like then
targeting it was like well it says it
should work like this you set it up this
way and it says this but that’s not
really true and like we prove all these
things wrong but on this page is still
getting done but you can read all the
feedback other people would give me on
the videos and those are just pretty key
because feedbacks key like you got to
think like communication isn’t what you
say it’s what other people hear so the
key is to get feedback and not
necessarily then
use their feedback like they say well I
don’t like this part because of this and
this thing it’s like but they may not
know the next answers they don’t know
exactly what you’re communicating say
we’re confused by it they thought of it
the wrong way etc so you just take their
reaction and say whatever this thing is
you’re kind of like not objective or
disconnected from what it actually said
then you just tweak it and then you can
go back to them and say well what I
really meant was on there like oh okay
yeah that makes sense
getting feedback from your videos is key
so on this page I’ll go more about that
I documented systems more details on
that plus more details and you can check
out Vince’s adhere hi money this is one
of his ads this is for his he also did a
quiz funnel so you can check that out
and check those results out there now
for Vince’s ad now we should we didn’t
even show our in-stream ad one that
we’re using right now did we
so basically 2009 teens about to hit
most likely about time you’re watching
it and this is probably 2019
it will actually give you this one
result if you do things another way and
you get a different result and in this
case the recipe is a proven formula to
the top spots and goo yeah we’ll give
you a link to that plus yeah how that
one was made plus what else is in the
book Sarah well it’s to keep it on this
page so I was gonna say that profit pro
director on site video and we had like a
YouTube guy come out and help us create
an ad and it had actually like nothing
influential in it at all it just shows
you how much you know thought really
goes into a good ad like the influence
factors which are all in here you know
how to get people to trust you like you
curious you know there’s what how many
of them like 30 or something
yeah influence factors yeah so there’s a
lot goes into a good ad and that’s part
of the equation – getting the YouTube
ads right obviously targeting – but like
like Mike said we put up ads think that
oh it’s just YouTube the platformer
doesn’t work and then we started getting
feedback bettering the ad and
seeing more hope and then finally we
figured it out like one needs to be in
the ad it depends on the type of ad what
to say it doesn’t even matter really the
length as much as it does like just how
you’re communicating it and who you’re
talking to but yeah I mean it’s taken a
lot of like refinement to figure it out
but thankfully we’ve been able to do and
it’s all in this book it’s pretty
detailed but it’s you can literally skim
like if you just feel like you want to
know how to target you already have an
ad you can go to that section although I
would read the ad section just because
you might think your ad has all this
stuff but that compare and contrast to
really know this ad to and how that came
about in the book flip to a random page
in the book like overcoming all
objections like we talked about before
many of us and our potential customers
have blacks about purchasing our product
services that we must help overcome we
call these blacks objections or meaning
certain thoughts and feeling that stop
us from taking action we all have
rationalizations limiting beliefs or
legit concerns therefore answer the
questions of prospect already has in
their mind such as more Universal ones
that can come up with any product or
service like it won’t work for me it
cost too much I don’t have time etcetera
or more specific to the certain
situation product or service like can
you edit my same WordPress etc a first
great mindset that I’ve learned from
great sales training is that objections
are actually good because it means the
prospect is actually genuinely
interested in considering it and if I
was in the same situation I’d probably
be asking and wondering the same thing
as well and this is so true I used to
get so like when I would do sales
presentations get like super uptight
like if they’re asking me a ton of
questions like almost get like you know
discouraged and like my unconfident
would start showing and it would just
come off to them the wrong way wouldn’t
help get the sale but when they were
asking questions and I would just talk
to them and answer them like I was
talking to a friend and like enjoyed the
objections when I learned this changed
the game true so
basically any principle that you can
take in from one-to-one to sales you
have to apply to your video and you have
to really think like how these things
actually do affect the results you know
you want to think oh it’s just I’m doing
my best and you know whatever X Y Z and
I’m doing good that’s just good enough
but it’s really that plus doing these
you know certain things that will just
help kind of help the person see if
you’re a right fit or not explain how
you do have a unique solution how and
then yeah like Sarah said from the book
overcome the objections that we all have
blocks so for this product what do you
think some objections would be yeah like
I suck in video sucking video so do we
but we still makes it expensive they’re
I mean not really you can get like a
lead for $30 abuse are actually a lot
cheaper then yes you can see it’s like
you got to spend $37 was average so
basically if you get it right then
you’re actually not gonna spend a lot
you know I’m saying it yeah that’s the
key thing too because people always like
well throw up a video so they throw it
up and spend like a bunch of money
doesn’t work it’s like yeah it’s
expensive well yeah when you do it like
that it is expensive yeah and if it
didn’t work in the past is another
objection well what’s happening what was
your and cultural cuz yeah we made the
mistake before looking at like what is
it like there are another what is it
like interested in groups or something
how they like business service have
really brought it even sounds broad but
like oh like oh let’s try that or
interested in marketing services and
we’d have like watch times like old
video played 100% like 20% of the
audience of all these views with it
would say they stuck stuck around and
it’s like well why don’t we get any
conversions well I’ll start questioning
how are they showing it to how are they
determining this you can’t always trust
that what they you know what I mean as
bad as it sounds so we’ve really had to
narrow in on targeting and get very very
specific and control it so it’s not just
up to them to determine so yeah a lot of
different things that like if you’ve
tried it in the past can be a reason why
it didn’t work is your ad didn’t
communicate what you needed
targeting etc true you know there’s a
lot of different ways audience keywords
topic placements within audiences
there’s different types affinity custom
affinity also in market audiences and
there’s pros and cons got to know like
how to use them and stuff so um that’s
key keywords and stuff with overlapping
I mean all the different ages all the
different locations time time of day is
one you know and there’s all these
different overlaps yeah so it’s all in
this book it’s a word dot but it’s also
here too it’s pretty pretty solid though
fill in the blank templates for use plus
there’s gonna be a bonus section or you
can get all these templates fill in the
blanks trips etc etc and not kind of
jumping in the reason we created this
book is because we couldn’t figure it
out like we literally had to dig into
YouTube and everything I question
everything the targeting the you know
types of ads at work and every single
thing we wanted we were actually like
searching for like a training or a book
or something to show us there’s nothing
there’s all this virus information and
not even a lot at all actually on the
topic so that’s why we condensed it all
as we learned and you know really dialed
in on what works and how to make it
profitable and how to grow your business
so true Sarah’s been working home for
what two years now going on three and
March took the leap we didn’t know we
said three months that’s not a feedback
to my job and then she was jealous of my
schedule of staying home every day and
she had a job that she absolutely hated
so said alright yeah let’s do it you can
be sales and also you can make all the
meals and I used to be yeah I used to be
so bad at sales I can’t say I’m the best
salesperson now but I’ve improved a lot
so I used to like it’s so nervous so
it’s showing my voice and I just would
just crumble it was like oh my gosh
you’d think I’m going on a stage in
front of like a thousand people when
really I’m talking of one person through
the computer not sure why I was so
nervous but we made this we made a sales
system like Mike said and through this
past what was it since September I got I
got a six new SEO
clients like MIT I used to get zero none
it was all up to Mike I would set up the
meeting like me like the admin but I
would never do the presentation but yeah
I mean you really can get past all your
limiting beliefs if you know girl power
of that getting past limiting beliefs
upgrading your identity and also the
power of video power using YouTube ads
grow your business if you’re seeing this
you’re most likely one of the first
people to actually get your hands on
this I’m I will send it out to some
influencers to once I finish the video
throw it that way also yeah I do YouTube
ads plus also Google ads plus organic so
I do it all it all stems by having like
a really good video in my case or you
have a really good content either way
this will help you write it this will
help you create it refine it the system
is also transferable onto like also
Facebook Ads because then you like the
stuff you learned in here the principles
it’s like classes like then you can put
it on and shine it towards you know from
a big picture view Facebook targeting so
it’s still a lot of the same principles
like doing all the different
combinations also where they’re coming
from what type of bad is it affects the
experience anything lines the winds
getting them to click yeah so its video
there is a little bit more to it I’d say
it’s definitely harder or you could say
easier because I don’t like to write
that much so I mean it’s more powerful I
know I’m biased but like video you’re
talking to the person where like
Facebook a lot of times it’s like an
image ad or text ad and it’s just you’re
relying on them to read it all I like
video just because you can say things
how you want speak to them really just
yeah give it’s a key skill to have yeah
communication regardless you have to do
it different forms live right one-to-one
keep better get good at it now I’m also
video as yeah we’ve gotten way better at
videos videos in general and
communication in general cuz we broke
down the process and really thought it
out how everything it sounds from what
to say to how to say it you know what if
you’re nervous
what if you don’t you know you’re not
confident how would you get those do you
need those everything do I need a script
do I need to be on camera do I have to
do this this all in here like there’s
not really much left out if there is
we’re willing to help and do whatever it
takes to help you grow your business so
yeah really is a win-win hopefully you
see that if not that’s not a big deal
either regardless I hope you got a lot
of value from this video and yeah I’d
end with power of YouTube ads and power
of self transformation what about you
I agree do something you haven’t done to
get you know result you haven’t gotten
before bingo one with that thanks for
being on this video Sarah you’re welcome
bye guys peace